12-08-344: Teresa Murdoch Request
Date August 17, 2012
Assignment Type Assessment
Assigned? Yes
Assigned to Mattie Dahl
Urgent? No
Completed? No

We have received a notice from our branch in Boston, Massachusetts, that an individual its field agents has been tracking is believed to have relocated to the United Kingdom.

Teresa Murdoch, age 27, was reported missing by her parents after her car was found on a road several miles outside of the city limits of Augusta, Maine, with the key still in the ignition. Local authorities treated the disappearance as a kidnapping until Ms. Murdoch reappeared one month in the same clothes she had vanished in. The doctors who evaluated her at the local hospital recommended she be transferred to a psychiatric facility based on the answers Ms. Murdoch provided them when questioned as to her whereabouts.

During her stay at the facility, a fire in Ms. Murdoch's room was attributed to a package of cigarettes and lighter smuggled into the hospital by another patient. Shortly after her release, Ms. Murdoch's family home burned to the ground in what went on record as an electrical fire, although the field operatives previously assigned to Ms. Murdoch's case believe her disappearance can be attributed to the Gloom and that the cause of both fires was Ms. Murdoch herself.

Ms. Murdoch and her parents are reported to currently be living in Lambeth, London.

Administration requests an evaluation of Ms. Murdoch's current situation to be performed by local members of the Watch's London branch.

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