12-08-459: Palace Murder
Date 30 August 2012
Assignment Type Investigation
Assigned? Yes
Assigned to N/A
Urgent? Yes
Completed? No

On August 29, 2012, the remains of Penelope Dane were discovered in the spa area of the Palace Fitzrovia, a upscale hotel in the district for which it is named. Police recovered Dane's left foot, right arm, head, and the contents of her torso, which were strewn around the hotel's pool and sauna.

Dane, 26, had been visiting her boyfriend - Fu-Chung Lee, 31 - at the time of the murder. The hotel's security cameras captured footage of the pair leaving their room at 9:23 PM. Shortly before 11:00 PM, hotel staff reported hearing screams coming from the spa and dispatched two security officers to investigate. The officers came upon a blooded Lee and Dane's dismembered remains.

Dane was positively identified using dental records and Lee taken into police custody. The coroner's report described finding bite marks on Dane's foot and arm, along with evidence that her flesh was possibly consumed; however, the report also stated that the marks do not match to profile of human teeth.

No murder weapon was found at the scene and authorities are baffled as to how the crime was committed and where Lee may have discarded the rest of her remains. A full sweep of the hotel yielded no further clues.

Lee, an American citizen, is being held without bond. The Watch has sufficient reason to believe that Lee is innocent of any crime; as of the time of this report, he has made no statements to the authorities.

The Watch operative in charge of leading this investigation is to use the organization's police contacts to free Lee from their custody and bring him to one of our safehouses for a formal interview and psychological assessment.

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