12-08-482: Missing Homeless
Date 27 August 2012
Assignment Type Investigation
Assigned? Yes
Assigned to Jack Mitchell
Urgent? Yes
Completed? Yes

A source in the Police Department has informed us that there have been at least three members of the city's homeless population that have gone missing in the past two months, the last two within the last two weeks. Because the police does not have proper names, residences or places of business for these people, the search has been limited and a low priority for the force.

The three people were reported missing numerous times by a homeless man named "Paddy" who can often be found in Paddington Station. Some of his stories suggest the three missing men may have been Touched.

The missing men were known by the names of "Red," approximately 50 years old, missing for two months; Chris, approximately age 20, and his brother, only known as "Li'l Man," a teenager.

It is suspected that the Gloom may have taken these men and may continue to be a threat to the homeless population and the city at large. The goal of this investigation is to determine the whereabouts of these men and the source of whatever is harming them.

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