12-09-008: Brixton Vampires
Date 4 September 2012
Assignment Type Investigation
Assigned? Yes
Assigned to Jack Mitchell, Mattie Dahl, Huruma
Urgent? Yes
Completed? No

On the morning of September 4, Watch operatives Jill Vanvalkenburg, Jason Krause, and Arthur Stonge were sent to dispatch a nest of vampires that had recently taken up residence in Brixton. When the unit failed to report in, operatives Jack Mitchell, Mattie Dahl and Huruma descended on the scene to investigate the cause of the radio silence.

The unit discovered the building where the nest was located cordoned off by the local authorities, although Edith Sonnenschein succeeded in granting the team access to the basement apartment where the Watch believed the nest to be located. There, the team discovered the bodies of Vanvalkenburg, Krause and Stonge. We are awaiting the official autopsy reports, but initial examination of the corpses suggest the operatives were killed at close range by assault weapons.

A rifle and a severed hand - presumably belonging to one of the vampires - was recovered at the scene and remains in Watch custody at the London Branch's headquarters in the East End.

Vanvalkenburg, the operative in charge of the sting, had been alerted to the possibility of vampiric-related activity by a local coroner familiar with the Watch after several prostitutes arrived at his morgue with puncture marks on the inside of their thighs. The cause of death in each of these cases was cardiac arrest caused by an overdose of cocaine.

The authorities will share information about the murder weapon recovered from the scene as soon as it becomes available.

Mitchell, Dahl and Huruma are tasked with investigating the incident. The Watch would like to determine how the vampires came into possession of the firearms used to kill our operatives, but any information about the nest and Gloom-related activity in Brixton is of interest to the organization.

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