12-09-065: Islington Sewer Creature
Date September 12, 2012
Assignment Type Other
Assigned? Yes
Assigned to Cedric
Urgent? Yes
Completed? Yes

Something strange has been found in the sewers of Islington. A set of agents have been on the case, but when it comes down to it, people have got to go down into the sewers to see what the creature is.

Cedric Moseley has been working on gathering information. The people assigned to the case may or may not be the ones to enter the sewer, but they are the people who know the most about what's been going on. It is fairly urgent as the creature in the sewer has been causing insanity and paranoia in the people who live above the sewer.

Last Update: 6/11/2012 by Cedric Moseley

Assignment completed.

Sewer creature is some fifteen years old, last noted in 1998. (Notations from 1998 attached, along with the original database entry number and a drawing of the creature with handwritten notes.) It is stronger now than it was then, fed by an unknown source. Have more possible information, see end of note.

I have been on medical leave and unable to personally address this incident, so asked Agent Ambrose to take a team down into the sewers to handle this. The team that handled this brought back an artifact, supposedly from the creature's mouth.

Team had help from Eleanor Hargrove, the manager of that block of flats. Hargrove is Touched; powers relate to drying things out. Seems sane. Address is (address notated) ; I leave it to the Watch whether to evaluate.

While this assignment is completed, I believe it to be linked to a larger and very dangerous issue. See end of note.

Research Notes: Hargrove retired from a very successful company about four years ago to take over management of this block of flats. Two months before this assignment, a large offer was made to buy these flats from her by Concave Property Developments. She turned it down. Concave is a subsidiary of Lamia Industries, Inc. I have reason to believe that she knows something of the nature of Lamia Industries and might be able to help us learn more.

Lamia wants this particular block of flats for a reason. Reason may be related to incident 12-11-018. Suspect that this creature may be the child of Jormungandr referred to in the prophecy from noted incident.

Update: 2/11/2013

Multiple updates in the database. Lamia Industries CEO Declan MacNamara is leashing multiple creatures using artifacts. These creatures draw energy from the Touched - weakens, sickens, can kill, leaving a husk behind. Believed to be targeting Touched who do not associate with the community - likely because they won't be noticed or missed.

Have a means of breaking these artifacts - broke another one tonight, four more. The last one is in Stillwater Art Gallery in New Covent Garden; this is the gate itself. He'll know when I break this one, so waiting till last for this.

MacNamara is dangerous but doesn't seem to realize anyone is after him; let's keep it that way as long as possible.

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