12-09-197 : Missing Train
Date 18th September, 2012
Assignment Type Assessment
Assigned? Yes
Assigned to Mattie
Urgent? Yes
Completed? No

A query has been sent up from TFL (Transport for London) regarding the Underground.

A testing run on the potential reopening of a set of tunnels off the Central line was performed last week, with one operator on board to ensure smooth running. The train appears to have completely disappeared. Reports of odd feelings, confusion and nausea from TFL workers investigating led to contacts passing this along to the Watch.

Watch history investigation has dug up some information on Wood Lane station. The above ground section has been demolished, almost twenty years ago, and only the station below is still there. It was constructed for the Franco-British Exhibition of 1908 and the Summer Olympics and closed in 1947.

The official story for the closure varied from the truth, which was that it was a site for transporting a large group of children out, evacuating from the War. This train also vanished. This ultimately resulted in the closing of the station although the reasoning given to the public was adjusted ("The location of the station was confined and its configuration was awkward, requiring alterations on a number of occasions to meet operational requirements.") The whole platform was sealed for a while, as was the line it was on. The old station was even used in the 1964 Dr Who Episode, the Dalek Invasion of Earth.

It's reportedly a mess down there, having been inhabited by squatters and the dregs of society. Something is off though. The project for the line is currently on hold; the station isn't being reopened. A new platform has been established for Wood Lane on other lines, but the tunnels themselves are slated for use.


Watch contacts have gained access for a team to visit the station and surrounding lines. A service train has been procured so the team can follow the route of the missing vehicle and try to discern what has happened. It's suspected that the train went missing in the vicinity of the station.

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