12-10-119: Birkbeck Deaths
Date 10-27-2012
Assignment Type Investigation
Assigned? No
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On Oct. 20th, Dr. Chelsea Winters, a professor at Birkbeck, University of London, was found in her home, dead. Cause of death initially assessed by Scotland Yard as blood loss from wounds made by the razor found in her hand. Initial determination: suicide, although investigation of home and office found no evidence of a suicide note, and interviews with family and friends revealed no immediate impetus to self-harm, and no history of psychological disorder. On Oct. 25th, Nathan Swinton, a graduate student at Birkbeck, University of London, was found in an alleyway, dead of the same manner of wounds as the professor. A pocket knife was found in his hand, the style of knife consistent with many of the wounds on his body.

At this point, Scotland Yard still has official jurisdiction over the incidents, and is conducting its own investigation. However, as they lack the Watch's area of expertise, the assigned Inspectors may miss vital clues that would indicate Gloom involvement. Watch agents are to conduct their own investigation, looking for signs of hostile Others, and - if relevant - neutralize the Others and protect any potential, future victims. As far as possible, the Watch is not to interfere with the Yard's investigation, as there is currently no confirmation of Gloom involvement.

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