Alfie Jones
Alfie Jones
Ben Foster
Ben Foster as Alfie Jones
Name Alfie Jones
Status Alive
Age 25
Occupation DCMC Biker
Place of Origin London
Date of Birth 8 August, 1988
Player Alfie_Jones
Timezone PST
Notes Notes for Alfie Jones

Alfie Jones is a big, unruly biker type, and a patched member of the Devil's Court MC.


Alfred Lloyd Jones was born August 8, 1988, into a working-class family in East London. He was his parent's second child, his older sister Olivia being 10 already by the time he was born. Three years later the recession of the early-90s hit, and his father was let go from work, never to find employment again. The family was forced into council housing. His father took to drinking, and never stopped. His mother become increasingly bitter as she struggled to keep the family going, spending less and less time caring for the children.

Olivia was bright, did well in school, and escaped as quickly as she could, leaving home when Alfie was 8.

Though his neighborhood and schools were the rougher sort, Alfie was always big for his age, and strong as well. Though he got into his share of fights, most of the kids quickly learned to leave him alone. He was an apathetic student at best, and left school after the last compulsory year, at age 16.

For two years he lived at home, taking the odd part-time job, but spending most of his time (and money) drinking with friends and watching football. He drifted into a rougher crowd, became involved in some petty crime, and more than his share of drunken brawls. A string of minor arrests for Drunk and Disorderly and Affray followed.

Alfie's father died shortly before he turned 18. Both his sister and mother moved on with their lives in short order, but the event caused Alfie to re-evaluate his own. He decided he didn't want to end up dying as an old drunk himself. Taking one of the few opportunities open to him, Alfie joined the Regular Army as soon as he turned 18. His desire to join the Infantry, and volunteer for deployment to Afghanistan, convinced the recruiters to overlook his checkered past. His size and physique landed him in the company Support Platoon, hauling the heavy weapons and ammunition.

Alfie spent one six-month deployment in Afganistan, seeing only sporadic action and returning unscathed in late 2007. He went back to his old neighborhood on leave, and was knifed during yet another drunk brawl over a football game. The guy with the knife got the worst of it, however, as a furious Alfrie broke his neck. He was arrested, convicted for Voluntary Manslaughter, and sent to prison. Army life was over.

Alfie spent three years in prison, and it was here that he fell in with two members of the Devil's Court Motorcycle Club. With their backing, he joined the DCMC shortly after his release in 2010. He became a fully patched member quite quickly, after he helped to kill a local ghoul.


Alfie copes with life by not taking anything too seriously. Life is just one bad break after another, so you may as well make a joke out of it. Getting into a fist fight is usually just a good laugh for him.

Perhaps related to this, Alfie can also be an amazingly incurious person. Learning about the Gloom and supernatural monsters was bizarre, but did little to change how he looks at life. His world is the exact same, only now there are monsters beneath it that have to be dealt with. Man eating ghoul? Right. How do you kill it?


  • Tough: Party due to his physical strength and size, and partly due to his personality and background, Alfie can absorb a lot more physical punishment than most people.
  • Brawler: He's spent plenty of time getting into scrapes, and can fight quite well even though he has no real training. Being big, tough, and strong helps a lot too.
  • Military training: While no super commando, Alfie does have training and experience in the use and care of firearms and some heavy weapons (hand grenades, machine guns, Javelin ATGM) from his brief stint in the Army.
  • Biker: He's a competent motorcycle rider.

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