Alister Gordon
Alister Gordon
Topher Grace
Topher Grace as Alister Gordon
Name Alister Gordon
Status Alive
Age 28
Occupation FBI Agent
Place of Origin New York
Date of Birth 6/13/28
Player MagnesV
Timezone EST
Notes Notes for Alister Gordon

An FBI agent time-displaced from the 1950s, Alister tries his best to avoid the Gloom and the Others, lest he trigger his hunger for them and begins to turn into That Thing.

His childhood was the Great Depression, his father was an Archie Bunker-esque FBI agent. Alister himself could be considered a progressive for his time, in that he wasn't a bigot and accepted that women should be allowed to work, and possibly encouraged with a pat on the butt. But he still very much lived in his father's shadow, disagreeing with him in fundamental ways, but still not wanting to be a disappointment.

Of course, right now all of those problems are far into the past. So now he has to cope with a world he was far from prepared to see, even without the Gloom.


Born in 1928, Alister's was raised through the Great Depression. His father was an FBI Agent, Benjamin Gordon, while his mother was a former silent film actress, Guinevere Gordon (Also known as Gwyneth Vandervoort, in her film career). He was one of the few who didn't suffer as severely as he could have while growing up in that period. His father usually had some colorful things to say about the immigrants stealing food from hard working American mouths. But Alister was too young to really understand any of it too well.

By his teenaged years, World War II was underway. Even though they were well-off, his father wanted to instill proper values and patriotism into him, so he sent him to work in one of the many weapons factories. This in addition to making him continue his education.

When he could get some sort of free time, he'd go to the less wealthy neighborhoods and hang out with immigrants and minorities, which was an important time of growth and confusion for him. He definitely respected his father and the things that he said, but he'd experienced very little truth in his father's claims about these people.

He was only 15 in 1943, and ended up one of the many teenagers to get accidentally drafted. When asked what year he was born, he damned well offered a year that matched up with being 18. There was no way he'd miss a chance to serve his country and make his father proud. And also show those nazis a thing or two about screwing with America's allies!

After his training, he was sent to France in time for some of the final battles before Germany's retreat from the territories they'd taken over. While for him, his time in the war was short and sweet, he still felt as if he he performed a great service to his country.

After the war, his father sure as hell didn't punish him for lying, hell, it didn't even seem to be an issue, as it wasn't for many of the lucky young soldiers who didn't get caught at the time. He continued his education, soon going to college for a bachelor's in Investigation. During his college years he of course fast talked a lot of women, but got his act together when his father threatened to financially cut him off if his grades slipped anymore.

He did eventually meet a woman he'd have liked to settle down with, Mary McClane, but no matter how much he tried to woe her, he suffered quite a bit of rejection. Despite usually using his military background as a pickup, his womanizing reputation didn't do him any favors when it came to this hard working woman.

After college, she went on to be a nurse, not working too far from where he lived. He eventually talked her into going on dates, and after only two years, proposed to her.

As he entered the FBI's academy at 23, their only child was born. A little girl named Guinevere, after his mother. But by the time he actually managed to join the FBI, things got a bit rocky. He spent a lot of time away from home, similar to his father. But unlike his father, Alister began to take special overseas assignments, which could have him gone for months at a time.

Finally, his wife filed for divorce, and while under the circumstances she managed to get full custody, especially since Alister didn't want to drag either of them through that, he made sure they were both very well taken care of. He visited as much as he could, but after about four years, Mary re-married. Most of his friends were living the American dream for the time, but he was finding it slowly escaping his grasp.

At 28, a particularly bad time for him, he was called out for another mission. He had to investigate the disappearance a few agents in the Pacific Ocean, where the signal from their boat vanished. 47°9′S 126°43′W were the coordinates.

He went out there with a team, of course. They found the boat, but when they boarded it, they found all of the electronics burnt out. That's when all of them simply lost consciousness.

When he woke up, if one could call it that, all he could feel were endless masses of flesh, experiencing things in his mind that he could barely comprehend. To open his eyes was to experience horrible mental shock and unconsciousness. To uncover his ears was to hear sounds incomprehensibly horrifying, worse than any words in the human language, worse than any eerie sound that humans could possibly create. The overload of taste created an overwhelming numbness, a numbing feeling being the only way to describe just how intensely overwhelming all tastes could be.

The smells simply filled his lungs to the point that they ceased any normal function. What he breathed, if he breathed, he wouldn't have been able to tell. All that was truly left was the feeling against his skin. Most think of sight and sounds leading one to madness, but to feel things that man was not meant to feel, things that words like "pain" and "pleasure" cannot adequately describe, these are arguably far worse than any sights or sounds that one could ever experience.

How he escaped this portion of the Gloom, if that's even how one would describe it, one couldn't say. Did he escape, was he released? No one could know. But he was definitely changed. He ceased experiencing those horrible things. He ceased experiencing everything, really. He found himself wandering into the more general areas of the Gloom, leaving a place where even the most horrible of humanoid Others don't dare tread.

He no longer had a face. If he had thoughts, the telepathy of certain Others couldn't tell them. He'd sometimes mimick the scent of a human to lure man-eating Others in, the scent of blood or flesh for some, and he'd sprout his back tendrils once they were close enough to capture and eat.

Intelligent Others didn't know what to make of him or where he'd come from. He never spoke, they just stayed away from him as much as they could. So, possibly through some higher form of instinct, or maybe even from his human personality that also served to form aspects of his current instinct, he began trying to escape the Gloom.

He'd find weak points, escaping for weeks at a time, but always ending up pulled back in while pursuing prey. He continued to evolve each time he escaped, and also captured on camera on quite a few occasions. First unintentionally, but later, quite on purpose.

It was in 2006 when his hunting instincts and tactics reached their most refined. Escaping the Gloom and finding the habitat of Others. They'd avoid him, but they wouldn't avoid their prey. He began to stalk film students, instinctively, or on some higher thought level predicting their emotional responses to his presence. Their emotional turmoil made their easy prey for vampires and other, well, Others. This, in turn, made Others easy prey for Him.

Alister's emotions, on an instinctual level, never allowed him to let these students be killed. Of course, in this state, he couldn't bring himself to care about their emotional state beyond allowing them to attract food. It went on this way for the next six years, going in and out of the Gloom, until enough of these film students and others begin to trade evidence on the internet, and certain members of the Watch began to use this evidence to figure out that using audio or visual electrical equipment near the Gloom will attract and allow him to escape.

Intelligent Others have gradually become privy to his tactics as well, making them more difficult to capture. He's been eating less, and this monster that he's become is getting weaker due to hunger. Perhaps he can finally regain his humanity when he escapes once again.

(Left as a slight cliffhanger, because I intend for him to escape + change back in my first scene!)


While the Gloom had a deep physiological and psychological effect on him, both of these things primarily manifested in the form of his alternate form. Kind of like a mental repression in the form of a monster. It all gradually comes back to him the closer he gets to the Gloom and Others, which begins to take a toll on his psychological state, until it becomes almost impossible to handle.

Alister is your all-American 1950s guy when he isn't plagued by Gloom memories. He respects his elders, treats women like any gentleman should (for the most part, kind of, maybe), and is someone who most definitely believes in hard work and helping out your fellow man. He believes in his country and is a patriot, but constantly experiences confusion and utter disbelief when it comes to some things in this modern society. At times it's overwhelming, others disappointing, and sometimes it seems like a paradise. He's yet to figure out what he thinks of it, overall. He tries to embody what an American man should be in his time, despite his issues.

His divorce still stings, to him it was only a few years ago. He started to get over it until his wife re-married. But this only makes him strive harder to be a better person, to be the man he wants to be and not make the same mistakes.

As for that Thing that he turns into. That thing is him, but… changed. He experiences the height of his psychological awareness of what happened to him in the Gloom when he's about to eat an Other. And once he eats them, his entire personality is dulled and wrapped up into the instinct of a monster. This Thing that he becomes thinks on an incomprehensible level.

It's instinct, but a high-functioning level of instinct. Intuitive fourth-dimensional intelligence is the best description to emphasize how complicated and incomprehensible it is. But at its base, it wants to eat, and what it wants to eat is Others. But since Alister's personality is dulled, yet wrapped within its instinct, it cannot do anything that is severely morally against what he would do. On some occasions, it may be driven by instinct to do something that he would do, such as help someone whose life is in danger. Beyond that, while it may intimidate, it's largely non-aggressive to people who aren't Others, unless in self-defense. Or, more accurately, it's passive-aggressive.

Paranormal Abilities

Alister's abilities activate in steps, as follows:

1. When he isn't near the Gloom or Others, he lacks all memory of actually being there. He only remembers investigating the boat.

2. When he's in the general proximity of the Gloom, or an Other, about 200 feet, he begins to get a hunger, and his stomach begins to growl. He may full the slight compulsion to get closer. He'll start to feel as if memories are scratching at the walls of his psyche.

3. Once he's closer, around 100 feet, his senses sharpen dramatically. He can smell things touched by the Gloom, hear abnormal bodily functions that don't necessarily match a human's (though things like pace makers can confuse this a bit). His eyes sharpen to the point of trying to pick out certain non-human details, like eye colors that don't happen naturally (which can be confused by contacts), particularly pale skin tones (albinos beware), or odd movements. He basically gains predatory senses to aid in detecting Others. Memories of the Gloom start to flash briefly, but only in brief frames.

4. As close as 50 feet, his organs start to fail and shift over to more supernatural functions. His blood starts slowing to a virtual stop. He ceases having a scent, and basically becomes virtually impossible to detect with non-sight senses, as even his footsteps begin to stop making sounds at this point. By now, his memories start to play a few seconds at a time, though still in flashes. And his hunger has become overwhelmingly strong.

5. When he gets right in front of one, about 20 feet, Six tendrils sprout from his back, up to ten sometimes. They can take the form of hands or extra feet, and are capable of extending and grabbing things, or lifting him up as extra appendages. They're much stronger than his natural limbs, capable of easily lifting a large man. At this point, his stomach starts to painfully feel as if it's going to tear open, as his stomach has begun to form a massive extra-dimensional mouth capable of swallowing a humanoid.

6. If he succeeds in devouring an Other, he becomes that Thing. His limbs extend and stretch, making him at least 8 feet tall. The strength of his normal limbs is greatly enhanced, able to lift as much as his tendrils, which is a few hundred pounds without strain. He no longer moves in any natural way. He stays mostly still, and only moves when necessary, or with some sort of purpose. His tendrils move more frequently than the rest of his body. Rather than walking, he appears to teleport, which is his primary means of stalking targets or bait. But what he actually does is briefly enter and exit the Gloom, in order to quickly cover distance in the real world. While in the Gloom, he loses the capability to do this. And if he doesn't immediately leave during one of these "teleports", he gets stuck in the Gloom again.

No matter what Alister was wearing, it's as if he simply grows a black suit with a white shirt and a red or black tie. This is to make him more attractive to his prey, to make them confuse him for a normal human and attack him. He gains the ability to give off different scents. A "human" scent, the scent of an open wound, different things that attract different Others. His primary prey is flesh eaters and blood drinkers, anything that feeds on humans. He can eat different ones, but they're more difficult to catch.

He becomes instinctively empathic with entities that have no protection against such, to discern their emotional state and better know how to hunt or use them.

Electronics react strangely when he's around. They can short circuit, audio and video distorts, and these sorts of signals actually seem to attract him, as they're his primary means of escaping the Gloom. This is not an effect that he has any control over.

When one tries to probe his mind in this state, they won't actually get thoughts. They'll get the vague sense that there's a person in there, a fully thinking person who currently can't really think, like extreme psychological repression. But the longer one probes his mind, the more their own mental state suffers. Deep and horrible memories getting dragged up, repressed and long-forgotten scars dug out of no where. This is another effect that he cannot control, it's simply what happens while in his head. An empath would read nothing. No emotional what-so-ever. There is a person there, definitely, and he feels even less than a sociopath, it is emotional white noise.

Which leads to the drawback of being in this form. Alister, as a person, is completely consumed. He has no control beyond his influence within that Thing's instincts. He can't think or feel until he's changed back. And the only way to change back is to keep it from having a meal for about 24 hours (if it's only eaten one or two Others recently), or up to a week if it's completely binged, then try to reason with it, as the actual monster is greatly weakened, and Alister can once again get a mental foot-hold and change back.

It's a huge ordeal, which is why resisting the urge to eat an Other is extremely important.

When he looks into the mirror, he sees a featureless pale head.


Investigation: He went to school for four years for it, and has plenty of experience from his years in the FBI!

FBI Skills: Firearms, combat training, espionage, intelligence, wire-tapping, all that good secret agent stuff! He has quite a few years of experience at this. Of course, all of this was with 1940s-1950s technology.

Military Skills: Outside of the extra training with firearms before he joined the FBI, he can toss a grenade, has some basic survival skills, and can punch a nazi's teeth down his throat.

Engineering: From his teenaged years working at a factory, he's not bad at tinkering with analog electronics. He doesn't understand a thing about digital though.

1950s Manly Stuff: Fixing an old car, shaving with a straight razor, stern manly stares? He can do all of that stuff.

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