Anderson Bell
Anderson Bell
Benedict Cumberbatch
Benedict Cumberbatch as Anderson Bell
Name Anderson Bell
Status Alive
Age 33
Occupation Private Investigator
Place of Origin Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
Date of Birth January 18, 1979
Player misteranderson
Timezone EST
Notes Notes for Anderson Bell

"I am painfully situated, Utterson; my position is a very strange--a very strange one. It is one of those affairs that cannot be mended by talking."

-- Robert Louis Stevenson The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Some people come out of the Gloom more divided than others. Some people just come out in pieces. Anderson Bell was luckier in most that he only came out in two pieces. It's just a shame that only of them can be control at a time and they both live in the same body.


Anderson Griffin Bell was born in Edinburgh to an English mother and Scottish father. He had a very normal, well-adjusted childhood. His father died of a heart attack when he was wee and his mother moved them back to London, her hometown. He continued to have a happy childhood there, touched by the loss of his father sure, but largely happy all the same. He had a great mother. Good schools. Good grades. Attended uni and wound up a policeman.

He went to work at the London Metropolitan Police after university at Cambridge, where he majored in criminology. He was good at his job, followed the rules, and didn't cause trouble. He was promoted very easily and was an Inspector in the Homicide and Serious Crimes unit when his last case fell onto his desk. It was a homicide. Seemed to be a very simple case of a woman poisoning her husband. But when he went to speak with her alleged boyfriend, he ran. Like a good police inspector would, Anderson chased him…right into the Gloom.

He doesn't remember anything past the start of the foot chase and heading down an alley. It's all muddled images and vague impressions, like a really bad nightmare that's starting to fade with the coming dawn. It hasn't faded away, just enough to not be solid in his head. It lingers with just enough sureness to be terrifying. Whatever happened to him there, it was enough to cause a complete break in his personality, a fracture that followed him back and lingers like a bad odor.

After his return, he was demented. He had to leave the police because he couldn't cope. He floundered for some time losing control over half of his personality, the fracture growing worse and worse as he tried to process. Finally, he was found by the Watch and he learned to completely break the two apart and hold them at arm's length from one another by sheer force of will. He learned to live a controlled existence and find ways to be useful. He learned to sweep his monster under the rug and only bring him out as needed. After three years, he's opened a PI firm and is working with the watch as an investigator and muscle. But he never works alone. Ever.


Anderson is a bit prim and prudish. He's very reserved and mostly quiet. He's also very intelligent and observant. He tends to come off as being rather cold. Take every stereotype you have of the extremely introverted and repressed British gentleman and you pretty much have it. At least when he isn't letting the monster come out to play. When the monster comes out? He is the ID run rampant. He says what he thinks. He laughs loudly. He is violent and lascivious. He's crude in his humor. If it could embarrass him normally? He's doing it.

Paranormal Abilities

The Monster: He can unleash the monster at will or it can overtake him when he is emotionally stressed or physically threatened. The Hulk to his Bruce Banner. The Hyde to his Jekyll. Once he's in control, the only way to bring Anderson back? Knock him out. Stun guns with a lot of power work wonders.

Monster's Prowess: When the Monster is unleashed, he has superior physical abilities to Anderson's. He is faster, stronger, and can withstand more damage.

Monster's Senses: The monster is a predator and can track his prey ruthlessly and relentlessly. He has the tracking abilities of a wolf or any other tenacious predator.

Monster's Whims: Whenever the Monster is unleashed, Anderson is at its mercy. He has no control whatsoever when the Monster takes over. Whatever it does with his body? He will have to answer for it, clean up, and try to hide. What can he say to someone, that a monster made him do it?

Monster's Chain: His willpower is the Monster's chain and the chain goes both ways, making the single body they share a prison where they duel for ultimate control. Both want to be in command, neither can get rid of the other one forever. This is why Anderson never works alone. There is always another agent with him, ready to knock him out if that's the day he loses.

To those who see past his humanity and when he looks in the mirror, the duality between himself and the Monster is obvious. In the light, Anderson's face is there very clearly and plainly. But in the shadows, he's scruffier, his eyes are silver like a wolf's, his hair is thicker and shaggier, his teeth are longer, his eyes glow slightly, and his nails are long and sharp. Looking at him is to see both halves at once. Because regardless of who is in control, they are both always there. When the Monster is in control, the opposite is true. The lit parts of him are the Monster's features and the parts in shadow are Anderson himself.


Detective: First and foremost, Anderson is a detective. He is observant. He is good at reading crime scenes and other scenarios and he's good at reading people and getting them to talk to him.

Controlled: He is insanely good at hiding his feelings and his thoughts and as such is a marvelous liar.

Emotions: This is his kryptonite and he avoids having to actually FEEL anything if he can at all. Why? It might let the monster out. This makes friendships and lovers all but impossible. Instead, he stays mostly alone and has acquaintances.

Obsession: He becomes obsessed by his cases and he is still looking for that runaway boyfriend from so long ago.

Painting: He secretly paints Jackson Pollack type paintings when he needs to calm down. Flinging paint helps, it would seem, as the chaos of it appeases his inner monster enough to quiet it down.

Cooking: He can't. Terrible at it. He doesn't even try anymore. He just orders take out.

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