Ash Cohen
Asher Malachi Cohen
Sean Maher
Sean Maher as Asher Malachi Cohen
Name Asher Malachi Cohen
Status Alive
Age 33
Occupation Bookstore Owner/Watch Archivist
Place of Origin London, England
Date of Birth March 9, 1979
Player HelloKali
Timezone Pacific
Notes Notes for Asher Malachi Cohen

A concert pianist well on his way to fame and fortune until the Gloom got him. After he escaped, he became a field agent with the Watch in Berlin, but now that he's transferred to London he's an archivist. For some reason he's on leave from field work for awhile. He's got a good head for facts, but don't call him Google. He doesn't like that.


Ash is the oldest son of a German mother and English father. He spent quite a bit of time in both countries as he was growing up, as well as Poland where some of his extended family live. He was a good student, if a little insufferable — he was that kid who always had to blurt out the answer no matter who the teacher called on. Despite being a know-it-all, he was personable and fairly well-liked. He had a gift for music that manifested itself at a young age. By the time he was sixteen, he was getting offers from some of the best conservatories in the world. He settled on the Royal College of Music in South Kensington, London.

He got married not long after finishing school. His wife had been an on-again off-again sweetheart from his teen years. Before long she was the mother of his daughter and son, and she stayed home with them when he was off touring. It put strain on their relationship, and he gave in to taking a few weeks off so they could spend time together.

It happened while they were touring Auschwitz. A number of people on Ash's mother's side of the family lost their lives there, including the great-uncle he was named after. Not a cheery vacation, but one's history is important. He took a wrong turn and lost his tour group for only a few seconds, but that's all it took. The Gloom snapped him up for no other reason than being in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Two weeks later it spit him out in some alleyway in Warsaw. Over the next year or so, due to a severe lack of coping, he lost the career and the wife. He still gets to see the kids whenever he can, though. By the time he found the Watch, he didn't have a lot to lose by joining them. He made a decent field agent, good at thinking on his feet.

Whatever happened to him in the Gloom, he came back knowing, like, everything. It was all neatly bundled up in his head and all he had to do was go digging for it. The only problem was the more he used it, the more loopy he got. Plagued by nightmares, sometimes not able to tell reality from horrible hallucinations. One night in 2010 he helped his team beat the Big Bad by yanking knowledge of its mortal weakness out of the ether. The good guys won the day, but it broke Ash. He ended up trapped inside his own head with fragments of memories of what happened to him in the Gloom.

After a year and a half in an institution, he's more or less himself again. He was transferred to London in hopes that being 'home' would do him good. He was put to work as an archivist. He wasn't ready to go back into the field. He might never be.


Ash's mood can turn on a dime. Catch him in a particularly lucid moment and he can be warm and witty. In the blink of an eye he can come over all petulant and bitter. Sometimes haunted, sometimes sarcastic and a bit of a jerk. Even in the best of moods, he puts up a front. Whatever happened in Berlin, he's not over it despite how he tries to let on that everything is fine.

A few known bad-mood triggers are: asking him to go digging for something you could easily Google, ''calling'' him Google, asking him anything about the future (it doesn't work that way), challenging him to a game of Trivial Pursuit, and many more just waiting to be discovered.

Paranormal Abilities

Omniscience: Ash is a walking encyclopedia with a dash of clairvoyance thrown in. If it has happened or is happening, there's a good chance Ash can go digging around in his brain and tell you about it. Sometimes he doesn't even have to go digging. Sometimes things just come to him.

Knowing something doesn't convey an understanding of it, but if he digs deeper he could bring up more context. It's all a matter of gathering enough information.

Unfortunately the deeper he has to dig, the more it chips away at his sanity. There are some big things where the knowing of them could snap his mind like a twig, and even the minor stuff can get to be too much if it stacks up. He needs downtime, and he needs to stay away from the big stuff unless there truly is no other way. The next time he loses his mind, it might not come back.

To top it off, the more he uses his ability, the more he wants to. The first thing that falls away is his sense of perspective. Once that happens, it can snowball quickly without some kind of intervention.

There are signs when he's starting to slip. If he's volunteering to dig up minor information for no good reason, if he insists he's fine and has it under control, if he starts spacing out or starting at mundane noises or movements, or if he shows signs of prolonged sleep deprivation.

On the upside, he will never ever lose his keys again.


Ash is still a fine musician, though he mostly plays for himself these days. He speaks five languages: English, German, Polish, Yiddish, and Hebrew. He's fairly well versed in Jewish History, and from his fame and fortune days he knows how to conduct himself in high society.

He also has the basic skill set of a decent field agent. His expertise was intel and espionage, so while he's not entirely useless in a fight, it's the cloak and dagger stuff he's really good at.

These days he studies and stores documents for the Watch. He owns a bookstore as a front, and while he's not always particularly friendly to customers, he is very informative about the books he carries. He just has a head for details it seems.

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