Ashley Overton
Ashley Edgar Overton
Kyle Chandler
Kyle Chandler as Ashley Edgar Overton
Name Ashley Edgar Overton
Status Alive
Age 37
Occupation Freelance engineering consultant
Place of Origin London
Date of Birth April 1, 1975
Player ashleyo
Timezone eastern
Notes Notes for Ashley Edgar Overton

It's said that it's better to light a candle than curse the darkness. I really do believe that.

Of course, for particularly stubborn darkness, a flamethrower does the job just as well. Luckily, I happen to have a promising prototype right here.


Perhaps Ashley's birthday is no coincidence - to his thoroughly average, middle-class parents, it must have seemed like the world's biggest prank. They'd expected a boy much like themselves, and instead gotten this strange child who started reading his own bedtime stories at the age of two, and taking apart the household appliances at the age of six.

Being able to put them back together came a bit later, unfortunately.

Despite the disruption, Ellen and Samuel Overton did the best they could for their bright, if often thoughtless, son - stretching the household budget to pay for extracurriculars and good schools with people above their station, and Ashley thrived in challenging environments. He particularly loved physics and engineering, pushing the boundaries of the physical world. An excellent career as a research engineer was almost assured.

Until his graduate studies at Cambridge, when he was placed in a 'haunted' lab that none of the other students wanted. Ashley didn't care - obviously, ghosts don't exist. And when unseen hands picked up a clay prototype and hurled it against a wall right in front of his eyes…well, that was the start of a whole new world for Ashley. Instead of freaking out like a sensible person, he began spending all hours in the lab: observing, measuring, testing, and provoking the outbursts. The resultant article, "Observations on Kinetic Effects of Unique Energies in Natural Environments" was meticulously researched, scrupulously accurate…and entirely unpublishable. Not that he didn't TRY. Somewhere in the reviewer pools of the twelve journals he submitted to (and was rejected from) was a Watch observer, and soon Ashley got a visit from an agent of the Watch, who offered to let him in on the world beneath the world, provided he worked for them.

Ashley didn't even hesitate. Publishing wasn't important. Unraveling the secrets of the universe was important. And as he got to see the Watch in action…and more importantly, what they fought and who they protected, he gained a purpose to his boundless curiosity. Now, he's spent the last ten years jumping from one Watch HQ to another, all around the world, gathering data, experimenting, and helping design fun toys for fellow agents to try and beat back the Gloom. He's come back to London for the first time since he received his degree.


People's first impressions of Ashley usually differ based whether he's on the job or not. When he's working, he's intensely focused, and tends to react badly to interruptions. His memory for theoretical data and experimental records is near-perfect, and he has little patience with anyone who displays less skill in whatever it is they're supposed to be doing. He can be curt, cold, and even cruel to people who get between himself and the results he's looking for. Oddly enough, he works alone a lot - assistants don't last long.

Meet him off the clock, though, and a completely different side is in evidence. Since he's usually /thinking/ about work even when he's not there, the rest of his attention suffers. He's chronically absent-minded about things like dates, birthdays, phone numbers, addresses (even his own), and appointments. When he does show up, it's with a distracted and pleasantly befuddled sort of air, like he's perpetually surprised that he managed to show up at all. Outside of work, he's generally willing to go with the flow because he doesn't care, but it often comes off as if he's an easy-going and benevolent sort of fellow.

Despite his obsessive tendencies, he does have hobbies - cooking experimental dishes that occasionally explode, theatre, and music. His lab, while a place for serious business, is not exactly 'quiet'. It's usually blasting anything from showtunes to acid rock, and one of the few things that can tempt him from the lab is a good concert or show.


  • Polymath: While Ashley has MPhils in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering, his chosen obsession has required him to delve into areas of chemistry, biology, and even (to his dismay) the 'soft' sciences of history, anthropology, and folklore. He's competent in theoretical discussions of any of the above, although his practical skills are behind that of a true expert. He continues to take taught courses in various fields, mostly out of curiosity.
  • Languages: Thanks to spending the last ten years in a dozen postings around the world, Ashley is fluent in German, French, and Korean. He knows enough to hold a simple conversation in Mandarin, Swahili, and Portuguese.
  • Fix-It Felix: If it's mechanical, Ashley can probably fix it. Or build a new one. Or take it apart in record time. In fact, if left to cool his heels for too long around a fun new machine he hasn't seen before, he will probably be found around its dissected corpse. Luckily, he can usually put it back together again.
  • Technically Firearms Competent: Ten years in the Watch was enough to ensure that Ashley got basic firearms training. He's a decent shot…at a shooting range. He's never had to actually shoot a living thing, and his field performance would be significantly less accurate.
  • Gunsmith: He can build, repair, and modify weapons! He can also create and modify ammo of various sorts, given all the right tools and supplies.

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