Bonnie King
Bonnie Mae King
Katey Sagel
Katey Sagel as Bonnie Mae King
Name Bonnie Mae King
Status Alive
Age 58(Looks mid-20's when 'sated)
Occupation MC First Lady
Place of Origin London
Date of Birth October 11, 1945
Player KersS
Timezone EST
Notes Notes for Bonnie Mae King

The matriarch of the Devil's Court MC, a tough broad who has seen a lot of pain in her life, got taken into the Gloom with her daughter, became apart of a Legion type creature, only to escape sometime later with strange biological powers. The power(and need) to assimilate organic Others, taking on a trait or two of the type she absorbs, the ability to examine and know the biological details of organic life, and the ability to potentialize her mitochondria in order to release a blast of bio energy. Comes at a price, and many hungers. She needs to feed on genetic material from Others, and the bioelectric energy of humans to survive. Along with other complications.


There isn't much about Bonnie's life that is of consequence. It isn't how she got there, but what she got to. She had lived a long, rough life, since the day she was born, but she had always been a firecracker. She was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, and she was proud of that fact. She kicked it with the wrong crowds, stayed in dangerous relationships, and had little respect for authority.

She got together with the man that would be her husband at a young age, and through a lot of irresponsibility, wound up getting pregnant, so naturally marriage was the only option. They had a little girl, and the both of them had a place within the Devil's Court MC who were their only family.

Bonnie grew with her daughter, brought up within the gang, which wasn't so easy a lot of times, for a woman with a baby, but Bonnie was tough, she has always been tough, so she came with a strength that could not be matched, and she was able to pull through.

Some while ago, Bonnie, along with her daughter, fell into the Gloom. It was a misfortune she couldn't avoid, but she clung to her daughter no matter what. Something found them, however, some ancient being, and it took them, separated them, and made them one with itself. Bonnie knows not how long she spend being apart of this mass of bodies and souls, and what is even more mysterious is how she escaped.

Somehow, she was severed from the Legion, and managed to crawl her way back out of the Gloom. Forever changed, Touched like so many of the others before her. Even with her being different, Bonnie found place with her husband and the MC, her heart heavy with the loss of her daughter.

She really had no choice but to carry on. And she took to the adoption of others, as well as being a mother figure to most within the gang. Just before her husband took President after the passing of the previous.


Bonnie is the queen of Charming. A Machiavellian schemer and expert in psychological manipulation. Experience, loss and living in a man's world have made her what she is today. She is tough, and tempered to endure the most difficult of trials, and on the surface, she can come across as brash, a little mean, and fearless. She knows the way the world works within the MC. She doesn't rule the men by trying to dominate the men. She does it by letting them think they are in charge. All she's gotta do is make up their minds for them.

A displeased look and a stare with attitude goes a long way, because Bonnie can make you feel the guilt within her gaze. She is patient and the fact that she can keep a cool head before firing off into an explosion, makes her one lady that no one wants to piss off. Her eyes, they can see almost into someone's very soul, and that makes many people cringe. Because she does so with the weight of a mother.

Bonnie is very matronly, caring for her flock with all of the grace of a mother hen. She isn't afraid to smack the kids around to put them in order when she really needs to, but she is so emotionally manipulative, that she hardly needs to. But one this is for certain. No one. Messes with her family. Ever. To do so would not be good for the person doing the messing. The woman can have a heavy hand, or frying pan, or whatever else is handy.

She has things that she does not show, and she is good at keeping her own demons to herself. The woman is haunted, the fragments of personalities and memories that float within her from her past victims are a struggle that she has to put up with constantly. Not to mention her odd hunger and diet that keep her from enjoying some of the finer things in life.

Paranormal Abilities

Bonnie has very strange but very potent abilities, all with some pretty stiff drawbacks. Her powers center around a strange biology, alien in someways.

Genetic Analyzation: Bonnie is in tune with organic matter. So much that she can analyze the most complex of components of a being's genetic makeup. It takes her making physical contact or being touched by bodily fluids for her to 'scan' their physical state. She can receive the most intricate of details: their currently well-ness status, any genetic defects, genetic strengths, allergies, potential diseases(down to percentiles), an estemation of lifespan. She can even trace someone's lineage. If she analyzes someone, and then somewhere along the line, she analyzes someone else, and that person happens to be a direct relative to the other person, Bonnie will know the relation. The longer she holds onto the person or the more fluid she touches, the more information she gets. This could even be used to tell what kind of powers an individual has. But only abilities that have manifested within the individual. Works on any organic organism.

Assimilation: Bonnie has the ability to absorb and assimilate Others into her own genetic makeup. She must first capture a host, by touching. Once a host is captured, Bonnie penetrates or fuses to the epidermal layers of victim, she quickly introduces masses of her own cells to begin the process of assimilation.

Bonnie can then generate integrated traits of the absorbed host. Sometimes certain characteristics and individual quirks of the host are copied, including physiological flaws or health conditions, such as a weakened heart or an allergy. She can also gain memories, knowledge, talents, personality of the host, but since these are of Others, it is not always a good idea. there is a risk of a personality overwhelming her and taking control of her body.

She could infinitely keep the traits she absorbs, but there is a problem. She starts to lose herself to it eventually. She can't tolerate the unnaturalness for too long, and it starts to go wrong and reject her hold on it, like a cramping muscle, and she starts feeling effects of trauma, The longer she goes holding onto the ability, the more she suffers. This can be relieved by her 'eating' again. This ability seems restricted to organic Others, living or dead, not humans or Touched or even animals.

Scars: It has also been shown that even though the memories she has absorbed eventually fade with time like anything else, remnants, or 'echoes', of the personalities of victims whose memories she has absorbed remain buried in her subconscious indefinitely, and while there is little to no risk of those personalities overwhelming her, they can occasionally make their presences known. She calls these scars, or whispers, and they can be very haunting things indeed. Her mind is a fragment of all of the entities she has previously absorbed, making her a very troubled headspace.

Bioblast: Bonnie can control her cells, and she can do things with them that can't be done normally. When she gets enough of agitated to inhuman proportions, she can fire off a destructive bolt of elderich force, an effective shot of concentrated magical energy. The range of this blast is about 30 feet, give or take, and is usually discharged from her hands, but could also be done from her eyes. Her power is also able to cook unprotected flesh with severe burns, melt lower grade metals.

Dietary Needs: Bonnie does not eat or drink like normal people. She can, but it provides her no sustenance. And even then, she has to be careful about what she eats or drinks, because some things he body cannot tolerate, and her body will either reject it or have a volatile reaction. The only way for her to obtain the sustenance required from her to live, she needs to A) assimilate Others(as above) and B) Feed off of the bioelectricity of human beings. She does this through touch, siphoning off the potential energy, often resulting in the person feeling weak or tired, or just lazy. It isn't fatal, and the energy will replenish naturally, but Bonnie must feed in this way in order to exist. When taking from the person, it can be felt by a tickling, draining feeling, which often squicks people out.

Bonnie's mirror image usually depends on what she has currently active as far as her absorbed traits, she can look rather normal, but there is this miasma around her, a legion thin, ghostly figures standing behind her, connected to her by what seems like lines of pulsing ectoplasm. The number of figures increases each time she consumes. Occasionally, one of these figures will come up, wrap its arms around her and whisper in her ear, representing the echoes of those she has devoured.


Biology: Bonnie knows her stuff. With the power to see and trace genetic lines and make-up, she has to know what she is looking at. She might not have the schooling or the degree, but she knows what things are and of course how they work.

Dirty Fighting: Living around a bunch of rough men, a girl has to know how to take care of herself. Bonnie fights dirty, and not in the way of clawing and pulling here. The woman can throw a punch. She can also pick up a skillet and wear someone out with it. A beer bottle broken on the bar, or even a good old knife fight. And don't forget the usefulness of a well thrown chair. She doesn't pull punches, and while not a uniformed fighter, the woman can being the pain,

Psychological Manipulation: The woman has a Machiavellian mind. She knows the human mind pretty well. She has so many fragments of memories and personalities floating in her head that she is bound to be able to piece together how others are feeling and use it to her advantage. The woman can take what is a person's weakest point, and she can twist it and mold it into something great, or she can take their strength and grind it into dust. She can play dirty pool, with intimidation and cleverness as her weapons.

Cooking: She may not cook the most elegant of meals, but the woman knows her way around a stove. She has to cook for many hungry men after all.

Streetwise: Bonnie is a woman of the streets. Not in the prostitute sense, but in the way to which she knows how rough they are, and gets by on the seedier points of living. She might know a prostitute or two, some ex-cons and drug pushes and whatever else might be living a lower life.

Occult: Oh yeah. She's Touched. Of course she knows about it. Plus, she feeds off of Others, so it helps to know what your prey is. Not only that, monster hunting is just plain badass.

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