Christian Hammons
Christian James Hammons
Charlie Hunnam
Charlie Hunnam as Christian James Hammons
Name Christian James Hammons
Status Alive
Age 29
Occupation Mechanic/MC Vice President
Place of Origin London
Date of Birth December 5, 1983
Player ChristianHammons
Timezone EST
Notes Notes for Christian James Hammons

“True Brotherhood is the key to our survival and to our way
of life. What matters is the strength of your heart and
the love of your brothers.” ~ Psycho-pmb ‘04

A Prince, born into the MC lifestyle, all Christian has ever known is being groomed to one day pick up the gavel and sit at the head of the table. The Devil's Court MC is the only life he knows.

*The Watch - While Christian isn't officially a member, the Devil's Court MC has been working with The Watch for decades now. The DCMC has their ear to the ground in the seedy underworld of prostitution, illegal firearms, and illegal narcotics. They aren't afraid to get their hands dirty in more ways than one in order to help keep the mortal world safe from the things that go bump in the night.


Some men are born to be Kings, even when they would rather just be men.

Christian was born to James Thomas and Melissa Anne Hammons on a dark cold day in December and in the usual way. Or so that's what everyone chooses to believe. The fact is, Christian James Hammons was born not five minutes after James and Melissa stumbled out of the Gloom after having been missing for the better part of two decades.

They vanished together, they came back together with little memory of their time away, it was easy for them to assume little Christian was James' child. It was even easy to assume that he was different from the beginning because of where he'd been conceived. Maybe this is the truth of it? Maybe Melissa wasn't seduced by Something Else over there? Maybe Christian isn't a freak half-breed. It's certainly much easier to believe that.

Whatever the truth of the matter, James and Melissa loved the little boy that came into their lives the day they escaped. He was their son regardless. The life they led was different, but there was no less love to be found because of it. They raised little Christian amid the brotherhood and loyalty of the Devil's Court Motorcycle Club, an international club founded by Christian's father and like minded friends somewhere in the mid 1950s, several decades before James and Melissa went missing.

The MC itself is well known and not always for the right reasons, but what's not readily known by the masses is that the Devil's Court works quietly, behind the scenes, and in conjunction with the Watch to help keep mankind safe from the things that lurk in he shadows and the Gloom. It was this that eventually ended in the death of James and Melissa when Christian was just twelve years old, but the little Prince had enough family to see to his raising after. His father's Vice President stepped in to look after the young man, to continue his grooming toward the 'throne' and his education in the things that mattered. Public schooling was not part of that education.

His lack of public school education, however, didn't stop him from having a high-school sweet heart. Gwyneth Johanna Henderson was her name and the pair of them were inseparable for awhile, despite protests from both 'families'. These things never last though and eventually they parted ways… for a time.

By eighteen he was a fully patched member of the Devil's Court. By twenty-two he was Vice President himself. By twenty-four he was married and last year he became a father and a widower when his estranged wife died under suspicious circumstances. She was found in time to save the baby and in time to bring Gwyn back into his life. She saved his son, they found one another again, and for the first time in his life, Christian is uncertain of his future. Is Club life what he wants for his family? Even if it isn't, how can he ever turn his back on it?


On the surface, Christian is fearless. He has little choice but to be. The lifestyle he's been raised in leaves little room for cowardice. At just short of thirty years old, he can't even count the amount of times he's had a gun pointed at his head or a knife pulled and put to his throat and this isn't even counting his run-ins with the beasts and monsters that go bump in the night, the things under the beds, in the closets, in their heads - The Others.

He's outgoing, even easy going, most of the time. He's quick to anger if someone finds the right buttons though. He's loyal to a fault until he's crossed, then he can hold one mighty grudge. His club means everything to him.

Underneath it all, there's a frightened boy. An uncertain Prince, a young man that isn't sure what the future holds for himself or for those around him. He's terrified the day will come that he sits as King at the head of the table. It's not a day he looks forward to.

Paranormal Abilities

Hyperkinetic Reflexes - Christian has a near perfect coordination between his mind and his body. This results in perfect balance, uncanny aim, and over all just amazing motor skills. He's not really any faster because of this, but he might seem to be when he's running across the edge of a rooftop as quickly as he might on the ground. Given the right circumstances and combination of things such as footholds and hand holds or two buildings spaced closely enough together for him to wall run and leap between them, he can actually scale buildings and other structures do to his intuitive and instant understanding of where to put his feet or hands next. This is only one example of the things he can accomplish. Bounce a coin off that pencil sharpener, over that lamp, off that picture frame, off the side of that paper tray and straight into that coffee cup? Yeah, he can do that.

Shimmer - This is what Christian calls his ability to pass into the Gloom from anywhere. It gets its name from the way people have described how he seems to shimmer and then blink out of existence right before it happens. He can shimmer here and show back up there - yes even right behind you, sucker. But he can only do this himself, he can't take anyone to the Other side with him. He also has zero control over what might follow him back out.

Summoning - Christian can summon lesser Others. He has no control over them once he does the summoning outside of control obtained via intimidation or other non-supernatural means.

Visions - Short bursts, prophetic in nature, but they are rarely straight forward; intense warnings that someone is in trouble. They're terrifying glimpses into what the Gloom has in store for an individual. These visions are painful, make Christian's head feel like it's exploding, and always show someone that's going to be lost to the Gloom or someone that's being attacked by Others up here in the 'real' world. Sometimes he gets lucky, sometimes he gets a hint in time to save someone from the fate of being sucked under and from time to time he can even figure it out in time to help.

  • Other physiology - Christian wasn't changed. He was born the way he is. His genetic make-up is most definitely not entirely human, something that would show up in tests. The difference is more than what is normally found in most Touched.'

** Normal, human medicine doesn't seem to have any effect on Christian. He can't just pop a Tylenol for a headache or a fever. In fact, some human medications have proven harmful in the past, one such being aspirin. A single aspirin thins his blood dangerously for hours. His first set of childhood vaccinations nearly killed him. There could be more to this list; things that haven't been found yet. Normal toxins and poisons may not work and some things have an opposite effect. He smokes because nicotine settles his nerves, for example. He also gets high when he eats citrus fruits. Give that boy an orange and he's toasted! All of this makes treating him when he's injured or sick a difficult and sometimes impossible task. To make matters worse, magical, gloom derived healing abilities only work half as well on Christian as they do on humans and other Touched. They only work on his human half.

** Photosensitivity - Christian's eyes are extremely sensitive to light. He always wears sunglasses and could effectively be blinded if they're knocked off during the day or in a brightly lit room. In the dark, his eyes will often reflect light much like an animal's would. The reverse of this is that he sees extraordinarily well at night.

** Between Two Worlds - Because of his mixed blood, Christian has to spend some time in the Gloom or he becomes sick, weakened, his motor skills begin to suffer, he loses weight. The amount of time needed seems to be growing the older he becomes. As a child the simple 'playing' he did with popping in and out quickly from time to time was enough. These days it seems he needs a good sixteen hours a week. Don't be fooled by his halfblood status, the Gloom is still a dangerous place for him to be and he feels its pull more strongly than most. How long before he's lost to that side of himself completely?

** Most of his dietary needs can be played off as just quirky. Some people just like their steak barely kissed by the grill, right? Other things are little more odd than that. Christian has high dietary requirement of salt. He puts it on everything, in everything, even his beverages. He tries to be discreet about it, but those that spend a lot of time around him will certainly notice. If he doesn't get enough salt, his body will begin to dehydrate, visibly; his muscle tissue will start to vanish, his skin loses elasticity.

** Vulnerability - Christian is more vulnerable to mental intrusion by powerful others with abilities such as telepathy, but he's less vulnerable to actually being controlled by them. Seeing the thoughts inside his similar brain is easy enough, but controlling a mind that's stronger than the average Touched or human is difficult.

** True Sight - This is equal parts blessing and curse. Because of his mixed blood, Christian always sees the truth of what things are. From Mirrors to Ghosts, the world he sees is the one that's normally masked to human eyes. It's the nightmare he fights to keep hidden from them. He can't turn this off. Helpful to know your enemy at first sight, a bit maddening to see the truth everywhere.

Christian's Mirror image is a small, compact, whipcord thin being made of the inky blackness of spilled oil mixing with water, a dark swirling humanoid form of ever shifting blackness and muted colors that seem to ebb and flow with a mesmerizing grace.


Parkour - It only stands to reason, given his abilities, that Christian would make an excellent Traceur. Running, jumping, bouncing off walls, he's good at it.

Drive - (Motorcycle) Christian grew up in the Devil's Court MC. He had his first 150 before he was even close to legal; his feet barely hit the ground when he came to a stop. Outrunning the law and enemies became commonplace once he was officially old enough to be patched into the club. He's almost as good with four wheels under him as he is with two.

Violence - Guns, knives, bare fist brawling, dirty fighting; all of these things have been a part of Christian's life from a very early age. No matter what form the violence takes, he can typically more than hold his own in it.

Streetwise - Illegal guns, drugs, girls, the Devil's Court has their hands into all the pies. Stands to reason Christian knows the people that know the things and were to find the stuff.

Occult - The Court has been affiliated with The Watch almost since its inception in the early 1950s. They may be outlaws, but when it comes to protecting the mortal world from the things that lurk in the shadows and the Gloom, they've always been a part of it. They raise their kids to be part of it. They will probably be a part of it until the MC is gone.

Mechanic - If it has a motor, chances are he can fix it or at least rig it to run long enough.

B&E - From ye old credit card in the door jam to lock picks, Christian is skilled at getting through most basic door locks. This doesn't extend to high tech electronic type locks.

Subterfuge - We're just a group of men who love riding motorcycles, officer. A good poker face is a necessity in his world.

Music - Christian can sing and play the guitar enough to be entertaining. Hendrix he isn't, but he could hold his own on stage with the local Bar band.

Swimming - He cannot do this. He never learned. Christian is, therefore, terrified of drowning.

Functionally illiterate - Christian is articulate, he can speak with the best of them, but when it comes to reading and writing he's rather limited in his ability. He can sign his name and fake his way through certain things, but his reading skills aren't advanced much beyond One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish. This is something he tries to keep hidden.

Severely dyslexic - Maybe this is why he can't read above a Dr. Suess level! It's not something that was ever really caught considering his lack of formal education. To this day he still doesn't realize this is why he has so much trouble reading.

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