Daniel Regal
Daniel Vincent Regal
Vincent Price
Vincent Price as Daniel Vincent Regal
Name Daniel Vincent Regal
Status Alive
Age 43
Occupation Mortician
Place of Origin Camden, London
Date of Birth 16 June 1969
Player Dante262
Timezone PST
Notes Notes for Daniel Vincent Regal

A surgeon by training, and a mortician by trade, Daniel Regal came across the corpse of an Other in a pasture after following the screams of dying cattle. Fascinated by the strange being, he took the corpse back to his home and spent the whole night carefully dissecting it.

Intrigued by this bizarre new creature, Daniel set out in search of more monsters, to try and get to the bottom of this odd phenomenon. His searching earned him the attention of the Watch, who has taken Daniel in and given him a salary for what he'd be doing for free.


Born in the midst of London, Daniel Regal followed his father's trade into medical school. Graduating in the middle of his class, he took up residency at the same hospital as his father as a surgeon. However, a falling out between father and son convinced Daniel to leave the hospital on bad terms with the administration.

Without any good recommendations, he was forced to take up a job as a mortician… which turned out to fit him very, very well. Peace. Quiet. No nurse or anesthesiologist required. Much less screaming. The work rekindled his love of the human body, and let him puzzle endlessly over how every piece went together.

On a vacation into a cottage in a more rural part of England, Daniel woke up to a frightful sound of a cow being dismembered, and an even more terrifying sound that he couldn't place. What he found out there, changed the course of his life…


Outwardly, Daniel is a very well-kept man. He smiles, he laughs, he compliments, he jokes. In fact, the first oddity someone will notice about him is that he jokes even in the most morbid of circumstances.

Underneath, Daniel is a horribly morbid man. He has a fascination with pain, death, and gore that is often shared with sociopaths, but his reserved and mild personality has just made him into a very effective surgeon.

He enjoys quiet evenings, oldies, and good wine with good conversation. He's been known to smoke a cigar, but is by no means a connoisseur. He loved cricket with a passion when he was younger (and even still has the cards in a box somewhere), but now he's lost track of all the athletes, and just watches it to relax.

He has never married, though he has a few flings in med school. His hectic life as a surgeon, followed by his creepy life as a mortician, didn't give him much time/allure for women.


Surgery: Daniel has skills in taking people apart and putting them back together, backed by the best school in England and over a decade of professional experience.

Unflappable: His morbid personality gives him a very steady hand and mind when handling someone's innards. If he had been born a few decades earlier, he would have made a wonderful combat medic.

Chemistry: After minoring in chemistry in college, Daniel's skills went unused until he took up work as a mortician. Right now, he's experienced mostly in dealing with formaldehydes and other preservatives, but it wouldn't take much to unrust his expertise.

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