David Darkholme
David Franklin Darkholme
David Beckham
David Beckham as David Franklin Darkholme
Name David Franklin Darkholme
Status Alive
Age 27
Occupation Rare Bookstore Owner
Place of Origin Blyth, England
Date of Birth March 17, 1985
Player suicidechilde
Timezone Arizona
Notes Notes for David Franklin Darkholme

This young man has proven himself to be a driven agent for the Watch since his live was shattered by the Others. Driven by revenge, he is focused and will do anything in his power to get the job done and to make sure that no one else under his watch return home safely.


David Franklin Darkholme was born on March 17th, 1985 in Blyth, a small town and civil parish in southeast Northumberland, England to Adelynn and Thomas Darkholme. He was the only child and was his parent's pride and joy. His parents owned a rare bookstore in the town and had a fairly normal childhood, spending most of his free time in his parents bookstore, reading any book that caught his fancy. He still had an active childhood, playing sports and various other activities with his friends. He was an intelligent kid, getting pretty decent grades in school. His mother had taught him to speak French at a young age to help him with their frequent trips to the country to find books for the store and to visit her parents during the summer months.

Like anyone else, his teen years were rocked with difficulty and heartbreaks. The girls came and went and he occupied himself with European football (Soccer). It was because of this that he caught the eye of a young woman named Rachel. The two immediately hit it off and were inseparable. She played the violin and he would love to hear her play. She'd come to every one of his games and practices and he'd attend all of her performances. He truly loved her and even decided that he was going to marry her after they graduated and would attend University together. They spent four years together in High School before they graduated and went off to Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge, David with a soccer scholarship and Rachel with one in Music and shared a flat just off campus.

A month after the start of their first year at school, David took Rachel out to dinner and then to an orchestra performance where he proposed to her which she said yes. After the way home, they decided to take a stroll through Cherry Hinton Hall park where the Gloom waited for them. They were alone in the park where they decided to enjoy the stars and each others company. They found a quiet place amongst the grass where they cuddled and looked up at the night sky. Not long after, a shadowy figure appeared to stand above their heads. David doesn't know what happened next. He awoke in the hospital two weeks later and was given the news that Rachel was dead though they couldn't find her body. As hard as he tries, he can't recall anything about that night after seeing the figure and it still haunts him.

After he was released from the hospital, he left school and moved back home to work at his parent's bookstore. He worked there for six months until his parents were killed in an automobile accident. The police said that they drove off the road and there was no other signs of any other vehicles that were involved. The day after he received the news, he was approached by members of the Watch who took him in.

He was given some time to grieve for the loss of his parents before he finally began his training. They slowly began to teach him about the Others and the Gloom, slowly letting him in on the secrets. They were unable to tell him about what happened with him and Rachel, but she was most likely dragged into the Gloom and that the Others were likely suspected in his parent's deaths. He wanted to fight back against those that took her and they began to train him to be a field agent. They trained him in the use of various firearms as well as hand-to-hand and melee combat. He was also given training in the use of the abilities given to him by the Gloom.

After his training was completed, he moved his parent's bookstore to London where he was placed and uses it as his cover. Seven years later, he has continued to fight against the Others on the front lines and has become one of the senior field agents in the Watch. He also helps train the new recruits in combat and self-defense techniques that can help save their lives, mostly dealing with the new field agents.


David is a man who seems to be rather calm in just about any situation despite his drive for revenge. When other people are panicking and fleeing for their lives, he is casually walking away from the scene. With the things that he's seen, nothing really bothers him much anymore. He is the kind of person who will go out of his way to help complete strangers, whether it's someone stuck on the side of the road or helping a little old lady carry her grocery bags to her car. He prefers the quiet life, though the Gloom allows for relatively little time for relaxation.

Paranormal Abilities

David is able to manipulate the shadows around him. He is able to grab a shadow and wrap it around him and those next to him in the shadow as if it were a blanket and obscure anyone within it from view. Anyone concealed by the shadow will be unheard by anyone outside of the shadow and any movement will be concealed as well. Anyone looking at the shadow from the outside will see it as if it normally is. He is able to jump into any shadows that lay on the ground as if jumping into a hole to hide. This only works on shadows that are large enough to cover himself and those with him. Anything smaller can still be manipulated, but will not completely conceal them. He is unable to alter the size of the shadows.

He is also able to create simple, non-moving weapons such as knives, maces and swords from the shadows which cut normally as their real counterparts, but causes double damage to creatures from the Gloom. When he's done, he can simply make these weapons return to their normal shadowy forms.

Because of the powers that were bestowed upon him by the Gloom, he has an unexplainable urge to spill a generous amount of his own blood in a sort of sacrifice to the Gloom each day. This is usually done in the basement of his bookstore every morning. Should he fail to do so, he will be plagued by horrible visions and haunting sounds until he finally bleeds and will have to spill twice as much blood the next day.

When he looks into the mirror, he sees the shadows creeping in towards his face which never seem to reach it as it dissipates away like mist disappearing into the air. This shadow extends all over his body, never seeming to be able to completely cover it, ending at his ribs, wrists and ankles. It's never one solid piece, instead appears randomly over his body and often appears in different places.


Book Knowledge: David has a rather extensive knowledge about various books in a large range of subjects. His specialties are more for the obscure, antique and rare books that he sells in his store. He knows where to find any book in his shop and if he doesn't carry the book, he knows the people who might have it.

Driving: David is able to drive a standard and automatic transmission vehicles, no larger than a SUV. He isn't trained for special high speed maneuvers or anything. He is about as good of a driver as your average daily driver.

Firearms: David has some training with the use of various firearms, but his main specialty is with handguns. He is able to shoot, reload, clear a jam, clean as well as disassemble and reassemble a weapon.

French: David was taught French at a young age by his mother as they often traveled to the country to find books for the shop and to visit her parents during the summer months when he's not in school.

Melee: David has been trained in the use of hand-held melee objects. He is able to use knives, clubs and any other improvised weapons that he can find nearby. He is able to use these items with enough skill to not hurt himself in the process. This also comes in handy with the shadow weapons he creates.

Planning: Over the years, David has become knowledgeable in planning tactics and missions. He has a way of looking at a situation and gauge the possible risks and escape routes.

Soccer: David knows how to play and follows European football (Soccer). He's been playing since he was a child and is very good at it. During his free time, he'll sometimes be found on the field playing a pickup game with some other folks.

Unarmed Combat: David was trained in unarmed self-defense. This is the technique used by the British Army and not a martial arts. It is mostly comprised of take downs and strikes aimed at putting some space between himself and his attacker.

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