Decker Kincaid
Decker Micah Kincaid
Matt Schulze
Matt Schulze as Decker Micah Kincaid
Name Decker Micah Kincaid
Status Alive
Age 62 (Apparent Age: 22)
Occupation Street Artist / Street Performer
Place of Origin Elk Ridge, Indiana
Date of Birth June 17, 1950
Player suicidechilde
Timezone Arizona
Notes Notes for Decker Micah Kincaid

Once a living statue in the Gloom for forty years, Decker is now a street artist who uses his abilities gained from the Gloom to make money as a street performer at Piccadilly Circus, mostly swallowing razorblades for tips. He is plagued with nightmares from his time in the Gloom, remembering everything from his time there. He now lives day-to-day, doing what he has to in order to survive and make it to the next day.


Decker Micah Kincaid was born in Elk Ridge, Indiana on June 17th, 1950 to Kimberly and Robert Kincaid on their family farm. He had a fairly normal childhood, helping out around the farm as soon as he was old enough to carry the responsibilities. As he got older, he got into sports and, thanks to his mother, painting. He apparently had inherited her talent as he had a great eye for the craft and really seemed to enjoy painting. His life was pretty uneventful until his father passed away when he was seventeen and had to step up to take care of the farm and his mother. He thought it was the hardest point of his life, but he didn't know that things would get worse.

When he turned twenty, he was heading into town to sell some of the corn that they had grown. It was getting late in the evening by the time that he got close to town when suddenly there was a dark figure in the middle of the road. Decker swerved the truck to avoid hitting the person in the road. The truck slammed into the trunk of the tree and Decker's head slammed into the steering wheel, knocking himself unconscious.

When he came to, he was in a place that seemed to come straight from a nightmare. Horrible creatures of all shapes and types surrounded the cage that he was held in. He was terrified at what he saw. A tall, deformed creature came to unlock the cage as soon as it noticed he was awake again. He was taken to a large chamber where he was placed before a truly gruesome figure. The figure stood from where it sat and approached him with a hunger in its eyes and drool dripping from its razor sharp teeth. Decker immediate fought against the creature that held him, managing to free himself from its grasp before he attacked the creature coming towards him. He managed to kill it before he was knocked unconscious again. This time when he awoke, he was still in the same chamber, but he was unable to move. He was transformed into a living statue, fully aware of his surroundings, but unable to move or speak.

He was trapped there, having to witness countless others being dragged to the chamber he was trapped in only to be devoured. He never had felt more helpless in his life. Time seemed to blur together and Decker lost all track of how long he was there for. The sights that he had to bare witness to was things that he would never forget. He thought he would have to spend the rest of his life there, witnessing such horrors and he had just about given up hope. He had to watch as some people gave into their fate while others maintained their will to fight, but it was all in vain. No one ever got out of that chamber alive. There was also times when he'd some dissent among the creatures that filled the room.

It was during one of these such dissents that Decker finally got his chance at freedom. The conflict between two of these creatures escalated into a full out brawl in which the entire chamber began fighting each other. It was during this brawl that whatever it was that was keeping Decker as the statue lifted and he was free. He collapsed on the pedestal that he was standing on, unseen by the creatures killing each other. He knew he had to act and get away before they noticed he was freed. He took the opportunity to stagger out of the chamber and escaped into the vastness of the Gloom. He had to search for a way out, not knowing where he or the exit was. He was on the run from the creatures for what felt like decades, doing what he had to in order to avoid going back. He was sure if he was captured, he would be killed.

After some time, he finally found a way out. A portal to the real world. He emerged from the Gloom far from home, ending up in an alley behind a small bodega in London. When he stumbled out of the alley, he found things that he has never seen before. Odd looking cars, weird music and people wearing clothing that were unlike anything he was use to. He wandered the streets, taking in all the things that he saw around him. Then he discovered the year: 2010. Forty years after he was first taken. He immediately tried to discover what happened to his mother and the farm, wanting to let her know that he was okay. When he finally got information, it was not what he had hoped for. His mother had died two years after he disappeared and the family farm was sold to the city.

He has nothing left, so he decided to stay in London. He lived on the streets for a while, discovering the abilities that the Gloom had bestowed upon him. When he tired to kill himself by a drug overdose, he found that it had no effect. He tried everything he could think of. Bleach, poisonous spiders and snakes. Nothing worked. Eventually, he finally found his place in the world. He started painting on buildings again with spray paint, working at Piccadilly Circus as a street performer. He even eventually got himself some tattoos. He still has nightmares about the time he spent in the Gloom and has found that he needs to spend a day or two as a statue, feeling the urge to change build up within him until he finally gives in or it is forced upon him.


Decker is a man out of his time. He is still learning about the world around him and is still paranoid about the Gloom coming after him even though it has been two years since he had escaped. He is slowly adjusting and getting use to the new world around him. He has found a thrill in performing for people and has even found a few friends over the past few years. Though he knows he can use his size and abilities if he needs to.

Paranormal Abilities

Stone Skin
Decker is able to change his skin into living stone at will. He is able to change his entire body or specific body parts. When changed, his skin appears to be made of a dark obsidian marble which is able to withstand a great amount of damage. When in his stone form, he is able to withstand a 3 megaton blast. He is able to stay within this form as long as he concentrates on maintaining it. Once he stops concentrating, he reverts back to his normal form and is as susceptible to damage and attacks as the average person. When he changes his complete body, his body weight increases by 300 pounds.

Poison Resistance
Thanks to the extraordinary amount of of time Decker had spent in the Gloom and his time as a statue, Decker is immune and is able to resist any and all toxins and poisons. Any such toxins that he ingests or is injected into him is rendered inert and is harmlessly absorbed by his body. This ability is always on and requires no effort on Decker's part to maintain.

Iron Stomach
Another side effect of his time in the Gloom and his time as a statue, Decker is able to ingest anything without any harm being done to himself. Be it rocks, bleach, glass or anything else. Anything that enters his stomach he will digest as if it were a piece of normal food.

Decker suffers from nightmares nearly every night and rarely gets a good night's sleep. The majority of the nights he wakes up in a cold sweat, trying to catch his breath. The only real time he gets some rest is when he reverts to his statue state. Once or twice a week, Decker must spend from sunset to sunrise as a full statue. When he's in this state, he is unaware of the world around him, unable to move or unable to revert back to his normal form until the following sunrise. If he does not do this voluntarily, he will gradually start to slow down and his skin will start to change into its stone state until he fully becomes a statue. He is unable to reverse this effect without going into the statue state himself and waiting until the next sunrise. For each day that he doesn't turn into the statue, he must spend an extra day in this statue state.

When Decker looks in the mirror, he sees himself as the statue he once was. The dark black marble that he use to be which now moves as freely as normal flesh. Every inch of his body appears to be this same stone which even covers his eyes, the carved circles of his eyes which represent his pupils and irises are able to freely move within the sockets.


Decker is an artist who started with paint and canvas, but since he had escaped the Gloom, he has moved to spray paint and the side of buildings. He is very good at what he does, but the majority of his art now-a-days tend to reflect his nightmares.

Decker is very athletic and likes to keep himself in shape. He never knows when the Others will come after him again for escaping and wants to be ready to defend himself and prevent them from dragging him back.

The time that Decker had spent in the Gloom and his life spent living on the streets of London has taught him how to defend himself if the situation arises. He has started taking self defense classes in order to protect himself better if the Gloom should come after him.

Decker has learned how to haggle when selling his crops and meat from the farm to get the best deal that he can. He has a sense about people and knows how to speak to people in a way that gets them on his side.

Horseback Riding
Growing up on the farm, Decker knows how to care for, transport, saddle and ride a horse. He has been riding horses since he was a child.

Decker grew up on a farm in the rural area of Indiana. He knows how to take care of a farm and the animals usually found on one. He can care for crops, slaughter animals for food and other such tasks. He knows when to rotate crops, when to plant and when to harvest.

Street Performing
Decker has learned how to draw in a crowd on the streets and to put on a good show that will entertain the audience and make them want to tip him. He specializes in things such as sword swallowing, swallowing razorblades and retrieving them on a piece of thread and swallowing other such things.

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