J.D. Denton
J.D. Denton
James McAvoy
James McAvoy as J.D. Denton
Name J.D. Denton
Status Alive
Age 34
Occupation Detective Inspector
Place of Origin London, England
Date of Birth August 25, 1978
Player StandsFast
Timezone PST
Notes Notes for J.D. Denton

A Detective Inspector as yet unaware of the Gloom, but has perhaps seen, heard, and smelled the results of its Touch upon others. His suspicions and curiosity have brought him to some pretty close calls, but he's been lucky so far. And what's that they say… better lucky than good…


Denton grew up in the East End of London, within a portion that really shouldn't have been a place for anybody let alone a growing, thriving boy. Crime was as common as the poor immigrant majority that settled in those parts. It was a place where Denton - called J.D. at this point - bore witness to violence that would scare most people near to death; he found it fairly normal. But that was to be expected of the citizens inhabiting that area. By the time he'd turned 16, Denton was quite mature in mental spirit and almost iron of guts. He had to be, lest he added to the statistics further about teen violence.

Dysfunctional families lived there, but Denton wouldn't say his was one of them. His two half-siblings lived with his father and girlfriend just down the road. Meanwhile, his mother struggled but got on. She put Denton first, making her by definition a decent parent, and working full time serving at a chipper was a point of pride for them both. In contrast, his friends often had unemployed parents, or family in jail. Still, Denton had his friends amongst them. There were friends of every sort and color, and it set him apart from being exposed to the "simply English" side of things.

It was here though, where at night the same figures Denton saw talking, smoking, and generally being no good at all during the day would turn into terrible and frightening beings to avoid. Gang members often had nothing to fear and nothing to lose but pride; woe be it to the one who damaged that. Denton learned to stay out of their way - even though those same thugs would be polite and even courteous to a few rare members of the community, they were menacing and ruthless to those who dared test them.

Trying to be a good kid in a rough world is tough. Denton had his fair share of fights as well, from stupid kid fights and up the ranks to around when knives and guns started to show up. He wasn't heavy into the culture then, but once those he knew started to earn what they at times deserved, Denton pulled away as much as he could. He would wake up with forensics and officers setting up a perimeter and a tent outside the bedroom window. It meant it was time to escape the life.

Escape wasn't difficult either, although it meant Denton had to work. The good thing about London though, was anything could be gotten for the right price. Though the idea earned him some suspicious looks, Denton started taking more classes beyond the regular lessons of public schooling. Weighing his options, he struck out for the quickest way out and the seemingly unconventional; joining the Met, aka Metropolitan Police.

After he'd been wrung through the academy, though, the Met originally placed Denton back in his old haunts. Whether or not it was some karmic punishment trying to get back at him for going straight in a crooked community, remains a question. Constable Denton, however, gritted out the years spent chasing those who he could have joined just as easily. His work eventually caught him in the loop of the CID, as some more ambitious colleagues were wont to talk about the strange and rattling investigations that went on in their units. Denton was very soon no longer satisfied with his lot and pushed for the goal of something higher than a foot cop. Constable Denton became Detective Constable Denton, and he was put into the CID investigating all numbers and manners of criminal and suspected criminal activity.

There were things that couldn't be explained. There were things that could be explained too, and those eventually did come to light. But it was always the unexplained that twisted the curiosity and drive for logic in an illogical situation that put Denton in the middle of some cases that would not reveal their truths to him. Or anyone, for that matter. Not discouraged, however, Denton pressed and pressed until management had to pull him off a few cases and cold storage them until further evidence warmed their trails again.

Detective Constable also soon became Detective Inspector in recent times, and with it came delving into deeper, more terrible sides of humanity that the public didn't want to see. Denton, however, had seen so much before already. The cases he has drawn of late, though, have had some even darker tinges to them than usual at times - as if what lurks beyond the fair facade of London means so much as yet to be discovered.


Denton has a practical streak within his individualistic thought processes that he takes advantage of in his line of work. Intelligent, inquisitive, persevering: all these traits culminate into a strong sense of ethic and effort that makes his investigative self at times a boon, and at times a hazard to those who would rather he not delve too deeply.

Though reflective and introverted for the most part, Denton is aware of using charm and charisma to woo - be it informational or emotional purposes. He asks many questions, takes honest criticism and gives it, and overall is civil and patient in manner. Denton is quite open-minded despite his liking to categorize and put logic and reason in a situation.

Denton can be said to be obstinate, however, and does have a temper that flares brilliantly when he's run out of his civility and patience. Usually then, his deeper, darker ways and roots swing through and he can show the same violence he had been raised alongside with since childhood.

He is an easygoing individual who likes to observe and analyze situations from all points, determining the pros and cons before making any final decision. He works hard at what he does, and prefers a life of quality to one of frivolity.


Police Academy: He has gone through and passed a variety of training that allows him to be a policeman. Knowledge of the law, a sense of justice, and of course, paperwork.

Inspector's Gadgets: Besides the usual cuffs and baton, Denton also uses computers, cars, smartphones, and coffee makers quite passably - amidst other normal technology. He is trained in gun usage, though does not commonly carry unless there is a good reason. Instead, he makes do with various self-defense tech commonly found within law enforcement. He is a believer of the quote, "Guns for show, knives for a pro."

Criminal Investigation: Denton has not yet a specialty in the CID, but if he had to pick one it'd probably be missing persons and homicide. Though arriving after the crime has taken place is often his lot, he also is proactive in trying to prevent the unfortunate circumstances from happening. The cases he deals with are not for the faint of heart nor weak of stomach; his background has not jaded him necessarily, but allows him to function and investigate such criminal activities with little qualm.

Street Smarts: Being an East Ender, Denton grew up learning how to survive on the rougher side of the river. He recognizes less savory activity brewing, knows when to stay out of the way, and when to dish it out. This has helped in numerous cases he's worked, especially when it comes to dealing with people not as keen on helping the police.

Scrapper: Having been in his fair share of fights, and then trained in self-defense for his job, Denton is pretty decent in a scrap. He also enjoys a round or two in the boxing gyms, but isn't an avid attendee.

Small World: Besides native English, he's also pretty decent with standardized French. Academically he's studied Latin, German, Spanish, and dabbled in Chinese, Japanese, and Russian. He grew up in a multi-lingual neighborhood and recognizes a smattering of words in other languages, but more importantly is not uncomfortable around them. He's also a definitive user of Cockney Rhyming Slang, almost another language in and of itself.

Miscellany: Denton is a fairly well-rounded individual otherwise as far as hobbies that he hardly ever has time for. He likes classic rock, action movies, the funnies section of the paper, watches sports, and isn't too bad a cook (with a wicked fish & chips recipe, from his mum of course).

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