Edith Sonnenschein
Edith Sonnenschein
Noomi Rapace
Noomi Rapace as Edith Sonnenschein
Name Edith Sonnenschein
Status Alive
Age 33
Occupation Lead Supervisor
Place of Origin London, England
Date of Birth February 16, 1979
Player Gloom-Admin
Timezone PST
Notes Notes for Edith Sonnenschein

Edith has the distinction of being one of the Watch's lead supervisors; she makes it her business to know what's going on in the local paranormal community at all times, a job that's heavily assisted by the abilities imparted to her during a long stint spent in the Gloom when she was still a child.


The few memories Edith holds of her childhood are unhappy ones. When she was still very small, her father left her mother over an addiction to alcohol and prescription painkillers pilfered from her mother's job as a nurse at a local hospital, abandoning Edith and her older brother to fend for themselves. She was lucky, however, in that her brother was attentive as he could be for a boy his age, and managed to keep Edith fed and cared for when their mother couldn't function as a parent, which - as the years went on - was more often than not.

At school, both children were bullied by their peers over their situation; their mother did not make very much money at her job, and although the Sonnenschein children weren't living in complete squalor, the facts were reflected in their shabby clothes and the bruises and welts their mother left on their bodies. An investigation completed by the Children's Social Services found insufficient evidence of abuse, as neither Edith nor her brother were willing to make statements against their mother out a misplaced sense of familial loyalty.

When Edith's brother entered his teens, his dedication to his younger sister began to wane; more preoccupied with earning the acceptance of his peers than shouldering the burden of his mother's shirked responsibilities, he spent less and less time at home, sometimes disappearing for days at a time, only to be brought home by the police and threatened with charges of petty theft and trespassing. He did not think anything of it when Edith told him that she'd befriended the local birds, even when ravens started hanging around her windowsill, or when the same creatures waited for her outside their school.

Edith confided her deepest fears and desires in her new friends, who were more than willing to lend the eleven-year-old girl a sympathetic ear. They told Edith they would protect her and did not break their promise the next time she was harassed by the other girls in her class on her way home from school. Edith's tormentors were treated at the hospital for severe lacerations inflicted by the flock of large, angry birds - the incident even made the paper, attracting the Watch's attention, but by the time it gathered enough information to open an investigation, Edith had already disappeared.

The attack on her schoolmates terrified Edith so thoroughly that she demanded her new friends leave her alone, but the ravens - who were not ravens at all - had put too much time and effort into manipulating the child to respect her wishes. None of the authorities who questioned Edith's mother believed her story when she told them her daughter had been dragged out her bedroom window, kicking and screaming, by a flock of monstrous creatures that resembled giant black birds; it was more likely, they decided, that she'd been abducted from the home during a burglary gone wrong, or by someone local who she or her family knew.

The Others that had taken Edith into the Gloom committed to making her more like them. By the time she found her way out again, six years later, she possessed only a vague recollection of her life before she'd been adopted by her new family, though she knew enough for the police to positively identify her. Unable to reunite her with her mother, who had passed away shortly after her disappearance, Children's Social Services placed her in a group home, where she set about acquiring the skills needed to function again in society. It did not take the Watch long to learn that Edith had been found, or to send one of its field agents to assess the girl's abilities and temperament.

The agent in charge of the investigation recommended that Edith be groomed for membership, not only because her abilities would be useful to the organization, but because they believed she was too dangerous to be left alone. Upon turning eighteen and meeting the necessary requirements, Edith was provided with money to pursue a tertiary education on the condition that she train with the Watch.

More than a decade later, Edith has climbed the organization's ranks and currently acts as one of its lead supervisors, although a large portion of her time is spent helping the newly Touched understand and control their abilities and supplements her stipend by teaching music to children.


Most people perceive Edith to be cold with a mouth that couldn't melt butter, even if she makes an effort not to be particularly unkind. Her fierce but quiet breed of intelligence is responsible for the speed at which she was able to rise to her current position in the Watch, and it's here that she seems to content to stay. Steadfastness, pragmatism, and the ability to remain graceful under pressure are qualities she values in other people, partly because she possesses them herself, and also because she believes that they're a requirement for anyone who wants to contribute seriously to the organization.

The raven-like Others that abducted her into the Gloom have a preoccupation with Knowing, and Edith is no different. She is innately curious, sometimes to the point of recklessness, and will pursue things until she feels like she understands them. This includes other people, whether they appreciate her interest or not.

Paranormal Abilities

Edith's primary ability is control over corvids. She can communicate with them on a very basic level, command them to do her bidding, and see through their eyes at a distance. Traditionally, these birds are associated with death, omens and the dark side of the psyche; Edith can also look into someone's eyes and know whether they have lost someone, or whether fate has something unpleasant in store for them. Her Others taught her how to cloak herself in shadow at night and conceal herself from the naked eye, though she is much more likely to take the form of a raven or magpie to get from one place to another.

In trying to make her more like them, the Others also gave Edith the ability to transform into something that resembles their true shape. It is this monster that Edith sees whenever she looks in a mirror or is looked at closely enough by someone else who has been Touched, albeit behind a pristine porcelain mask shaped like a woman's face. Very few members of the Watch know about Edith's transformative capabilities; she has worked for more than a decade to suppress the creature inside, and often goes years at a time without changing, which is just as well because she has no control when transformed and cannot make the distinction between friend and foe.


Edith is well-read and speaks both English and Swedish fluently. As a child, she took violin lessons - her appreciation for music has carried over into her adult life, something that she tries to impart on her students. She teaches violin and the piano.

Her training with the Watch involved developing an understanding of basic investigation techniques and the paranormal world as a whole, but also demanded she become proficient with firearms in spite of the fact that she doesn't necessarily need them to defend herself.

She enjoys poetry and literature, and is also a competent fencer.

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