Eira Clasdottir
Eira Clasdottir
Kat Von D
Kat Von D as Eira Clasdottir
Name Eira Clasdottir
Status Alive
Age 27
Occupation Pastry cook
Place of Origin Reykjavik
Date of Birth October 31 1985
Player helenaAnd83
Timezone GMT+1
Notes Notes for Eira Clasdottir

Eira Clasdottir was born on Iceland as an only child to Clas Gustavsson and Freyja Eyvindsdottir. She grew up in Reykjavik until the age of 12 when the entire family moved back to Sweden, her father’s homeland. A few years after graduating from school, Eira decided to move abroad and set sail for London. For the past two and a half year, she’s been working at a small, obscure café where she does most of the baking and waits tables when extra help is needed in the front. She’s not in the know about the Gloom, but there were stories told to her as a child that has stuck with her through life and she does believe in the supernatural, when it comes to the ‘big’ questions like if there’s an afterlife and does ghost really exist? The concept of her is simple; a fun, sweet-natured woman just past her mid-twenties who semi believes in the paranormal. She is somewhat clumsy with a tendency to speak before thinking, which at times can get her in to peculiar situations. She is honest, open and a wee bit like an old lady (the spunky, fun kind) trapped in the body of a 27-year old woman. Only this old lady likes piercings and tattoos, as much as baking and doing cross-stitching.


Somehow this foggy city reminds me of my beloved Iceland. Sure, London is crowded and cramp, but there’s this mysterious feel to it all. Like anything is possible. Like there’s something just beyond my minds reach. I spent my first 12 years of life in Reykjavik, always following my grandmother around and listening to all the lore and stories she knew. Often we rode out into the wilderness, camping and listening to Mother Nature surrounding us. She taught me how to cook, bake, cross-stitch, knit, light a fire, hunt and fish. She taught me everything an independent young woman should know, including changing tires. I miss the old wrench.

Just after I turned 12, my grandmother died and my father got a job offer too good to pass in Stockholm, Sweden. So we moved. Can’t say I much enjoyed the city, but we had a wonderful refuge in our cabin out in the archipelago. I didn’t have a huge group friend in school, more due to my own choice really. I just didn’t enjoy drinking till I passed out and making out in some damp cellar with some boy who had no idea how to handle third base. I and my friends did stuff like baking, needlecrafting and other senior citizen-like activity. So when high school came around, I chose to become a pastry cook. My beloved mother swears that her extra pounds are due to my ‘cursed gift’, as she calls it, but I mostly remind her that I’ve never held a gun to her head and force-fed her. I worked all around Sweden after graduating, honing my skill as a pastry cook, but I soon got restless. After spending six months in Iceland, I decided to get my stuff and try a new country and ended up in London. So here I’ve lived for a little over 3 years now, loving every day of it.


When it comes to this Icelandic, odd little sweetheart, looks does deceive. Eira is honest, open, and clumsy and has the tendency to speak her mind without thinking it through first. It has landed her in odd situations, both odd in the fun kind of way as well as in the not so fun way. She feels strongly connected with her Icelandic roots, and she believes in putting out food for the gnomes and respecting the entities around her, to keep on good footing with them. After all, she does not want to be subject of their disapproval. She greets the people around her with open arms, though her trust does not come easy on that account. Benefit of doubt is her melody, but by no reason does that make her naïve. Her straightforward ways and honesty that quite often borders way beyond blunt does tend to put some people off, but she rarely means to be mean. She is an old soul in a young woman’s body, with a free spirited and a huge interest for tattoos and piercings.


Baking: she is wicked when it comes to pastries and desserts

Languages: speaks 3 languages fluently: Swedish, Icelandic and English.

Needlecrafting: Eira is talented when it comes to knitting, cross-stitching, crocheting and the like.

Hiking/Survival: she was brought up on Iceland, with a grandmother who loved being outdoors. It has rubbed off.

Addiction: sugar and tattoos, the two best things out there!

Honesty/straightforwardness: If there’s an elephant in the room, Eira will be the one bringing it up most likely.

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