Ella Hamilton
Eleanore Marie Hamilton
Nora Tschirner
Nora Tschirner as Eleanore Marie Hamilton
Name Eleanore Marie Hamilton
Status Alive
Age 28
Occupation Librarian/Occultist
Place of Origin Exeter, Devon
Date of Birth November 1, 1984
Player Morgenstern
Timezone CET (Central European Time)
Notes Notes for Eleanore Marie Hamilton

Eleanore Hamilton is a talented researcher and librarian, with an expertise in things occult and historical. With her encyclopedic knowledge and photographic memory, combined with the powers of psychometry and dowsing, she's recruited to the Watch where she's putting all her combined skills to the best of use.


Ella grew up in Exeter, Devon, in a normal family home. She has two older brothers and a younger sister. She showed from an early age a remarkable aptitude for studies, and less aptitude in social life. She wasn't bullied in school but had few friends and often felt not part of the culture the rest of the kids lived in, chosing to watch documentaries on Friday evening rather than going out, or reading a book about Ancient Egypt when her school mates read comics or chatted online.

With a photographic memory for texts, and an interest in reading and books, her career choice was rather easy; she went to college to become a librarian and left the class with the highest grades possible. She quite quickly got a job as an assistant librarian at the Bodleian, but worked her way up the ranks and was in charge of historical and cultural research. Her 'hobby' as an occultist grew here, with all the available knowledge at her fingertips, and she felt happy - she fitted in there with the other academics and she loved helping students. She felt totally at home in the library and blossomed. At least, until that fated Saturday evening…

In a project to go through old things in the labyrinth basement of the Bodleian, Ella is there late one evening and enjoying her time alone with the old books and items, when she comes upon a door far back in a storage room. She opens the old dusty door and enters what at first seem to be yet another storage room. When the door slams shut behind her, she realises too late that she entered a nightmare. Although her memories are hazy of this event, she remembers horrific creatures that chased her down a maze of shelves filled with rotting books. At one point she's left alone in a corner, only to have the books themselves attack her, with teeth and tentacles and cutting her with their sheets of paper. Chased onwards in the maze-like storage room, she comes upon a gigantic area where she can't even see the ceiling, with millions of items upon shelves higher than she can see. Here, a three meter tall cloaked and skeletal figure allures her with his hypnotic voice, asking her to help him search for a necklace amongst the items. She's moving in a trance to do so and starts the neverending search amongst the items. She has no idea how long she spent there, searching, but every item touched sends a memory to her, many of them of horrors done to someone. Sometimes, the cloaked giant skeletal figure brings her food; he shows her to touch the plants he brings, or the animals - sometimes people - and she gets energy from them.

And then, one night she finds the door… and walks out. In the real world, no more than a night has passed.

Out of her mind and completely traumatized by the event, she's rambling to colleagues when they find her there the next day, sitting in a corner in the basement, talking to herself. Soon as they touch her, she screams, images flooding her mind. Every item touched is giving her the same problem. She's taken to a psychiatric ward and spends months there. The initial surge of her powers slow down during this time, and her mind comes back to her; and during it all she knows she's not actually mad or insane. With analytical determination, she stops talking about it all and acts normal enough for her to be released after six months. But she's lost her job, and has to pick up the pieces of her life.

It is then she is approached by the Watch, and given a job at a library in London, while working for them. Another purpose is born.


Ella has a very sweet demeanor while at the same time being rather socially awkward. She doesn't like big parties or fancy dress restaurants, or rather, she doesn't much care for them; she would rather spend her time at home with a book or a documentary, or work at the library. She has an endless source of knowledge about all sorts of things and often rambles out little points of trivia at the most random moments, making her more than a little quirky.

She's almost stupidly helpful and generous and goes to great lengths to help those that need her help, sometimes to her own detriment. Hence she is somewhat easy to take advantage of, but if she gets burned too much she will avoid the people that abuse her generosity and move on.

Ella has a sense of humor and a quite sharp wit, and amongst peers and trusted people she can crack a joke and laugh - it might just take awhile before she opens up that much to someone. However, in the environment of her work, she's rarely shy or awkward, as she is quite professional and enthused with what she does. Talk to her about things occult, or about research and she'll lighten up.

Some quirks…

There's a tendency towards OCD behaviour, which she's always had - it's gotten worse since she had her experiences in the Gloom. All her items must be where they are supposed to be, and she gets twitchy if someone moves things around in her little office or on her desk.

Ella dislikes being touched. Friendly hugs are not exactly on the agenda, unless she knows the person very, very well.

If she enters a room she hasn't been in before, she'll slowly sidle along the 'edges' of it and look sharply around to see what items are in there. Somewhat weird, that.

Despite having a perfect memory for things she reads, unless she writes down someone's name and reads it, she has a terribly bad memory for people's faces and names. If she just met someone once, no matter how important a person they are and how simple their name is, she likely won't remember how he or she looked or their name the day after. She might very well remember everything they sad though if it was something interesting.

Ella wears glasses as she's nearsighted and don't see things well from a distance. Those glasses are really old but she refuses to change them. If they broke, she would have to however. This means she's ridiculously careful with her glasses.

Paranormal Abilities

Ella came out of the Gloom with the ability to get glimpses of an item's (and even people's) history; so called Psychometry. If touching something, she often gets images of what transpired around or with the object. If a person has experienced something extraordinary, she may also get glimpses of this. Though she can focus and actually call forth this power when she needs to, it's also an involuntary thing - she never knows if touching something will spark a flood of images, good or bad ones.

There are drawbacks to this, besides the obvious problem of being touched/touching someone. If a memory of an object/person is particularly bad, Ella enters a catatonic state that renders her inable to do anything except fall over and just lie there like a ragdoll until the flood of images is gone - which can be anything from half a minute to half an hour at the worst. However, if she is being attacked and survives the attack, she breaks out of the catatonic state and can flee.

Furthermore, Ella has the ability of Dowsing. If she concentrates on an object, she can see its whereabout and just know somehow where it is. This isn't done just like that however; she has to sit down and focus in a sort of trance which might take a long time, rendering her very tired and drained afterwards and gives her a bad headache and sends her into a long sleep. Having a picture of the item, or a person who has a history with the object to tell her about it makes this process much easier however and it might only take a few minutes. Whatever the case, the headache is always there and it is a really bad one - it always sends her to bed.

Additionally, Ella can drain physical energy from plants. Technically she could survive without eating if she just had plants around to touch, but the problem with this is that the plant rots and some truly nasty bugs from the Gloom come out of the rotten mass. And those bugs go into people's ears… and drive them crazy. So, she doesn't do this. The only time she would is if she was in a controlled environment and someone killed the bugs immediately.

And last but not least: Ella has the ability to drain energy from people. She does not realise this yet as she's loathe to touch people in general due to her other powers. However, should she realise this, and drain someone of energy (accidentally or deliberately), their thoughts darken considerably, and they might act strange, dangerously or become nasty and mean. Or even worse, depending on their minds prior to being touched in this way. One time being touched can spark a mean streak for a day, or throw someone into murder. But they will recover and go back to normal. Continued touches of this kind will slowly drive people into monsters, however.

Mirror image/Touched appearance: Ella looks gaunt and pale, near skeletal, with completely black eyes.


High intelligence: Ella is intelligent, her IQ is very high. This doesn't mean she's also smart, but she has a rather analytical logical mind and she's good at figuring out solutions to problems.

Academics: History, Research, Occult - she's an expert in all three fields.

Encyclopedic Knowledge: Since she has photographic memory for texts, and is a total bookworm, she also knows a little bit about almost any subject. She can dredge up from memory some piece of information that might come in handy when it's needed. This does not mean she is an expert on anything other than her fields of interest however; it just means she might remember that little clue that is helpful to lead research onwards.

Yoga: Ella started yoga training in the psychiatric ward and it has helped her immensely to deal with her problems from her time in the gloom. It's given her the ability to enter trances, to breathe to keep her calm, and it's also keeping her fit.

Running: Additionally, she's taken up jogging to clear her mind and to give her a better physique.

Computers: She does not know how to code, hack or encrypt. What she does know is to use them for research and she is very good at digging out information. She uses a myriad of programs in her work.

Organising (storage/items/work place/homes): Having a bit of OCD means you like having things organised. So, Ella has a knack for setting up things in an orderly fashion, be it a home, a work-place, a computer, a storage… You can be sure everything is marked, straight and orderly if she's been involved.

Languages: Spanish, French, Latin, Ancient Greek, Hieroglyphs… And Quenya.

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