Emma Wu
Emma Wu
Jamie Chung
Jamie Chung as Emma Wu
Name Emma Wu
Status Alive
Age 24
Occupation Desk Clerk
Place of Origin Unknown
Date of Birth 1988
Player Emmafish
Timezone PST
Notes Notes for Emma Wu

A girl with a dark background, Emma is a task-oriented chipper little thing. With an attachment to her home, and a penchant to orderliness, it's no wonder she can animate her living space in the way a haunting spirit might.


Where Emma came from and who she is, she does not know. At the age of eight, she was found shivering under a park bridge in the rain, the tag on her backpacking only bearing the name 'Emma Wu'. Nobody by the last name of Wu had actually reported a missing child, and noone ever came to claim her. It did become obvious early on, though, that she was a disturbed child. Until relatively recently, though, she'd been institutionalized for almost her entire life.

Her illness started out as extreme reticence and even violent reactions to people who 'violated' her personal space. When she wasn't snapping at others or muttering to herself, she would engage in deeper and deeper moments of catatonia. She was classified as a schizophrenic who was far, far too gone to recover, and everybody generally agreed that as time went on, she would continue to retreat into her fantasy world until the day she decided never to come back.

Middleton Psychiatric was a small enough institution, but it was a place for 'lifers'. People who would probably never leave. The staff were either dispassionate or else outright cruel, and just as many professional lives went there to 'dead-end' as the patients there did. So one blustery night, when a storm came, and the Gloom bubbled up to claim it, there were few who likely would've been surprised. The morning before, after a three-year period of catatonia, Emma was recorded by her physician as having said,"It's coming."

There were almost no survivors, but for young Emma who wandered into town, drenched in blood and looking mildly shocked. After a brief period in jail, while they determined that an 'inmate riot' had rocked the asylum, she was sent to a newer institution just outside of London, where she was found to be much more alert. Her periods of catatonia had completely ceased, she was eagerly helpful, and very responsive to medication. Like some sort of miracle, she was soon deemed ready to live on the outside.

Soon after, the Watch collected her. It hadn't been hard to track her. In the jail and last institution both, there were reports of 'haunting' activity going on. Odd sounds, objects moving on their own, doors opening and closing of their own accord. Reports which always stopped shortly after Emma left the premises. It took a long time of interviewing and testing her to figure out exactly what her ability was. Even more time to figure out that the Gloom introduced a bizarre 'clarity' to her mind.

As she needed something to keep her mind focused, she was sent along to work as a desk clerk under Mr. Bevan while they pondered the peculiarity of her relationship to the Gloom. If anyone asks, though, she'll tell them her own theory: The Gloom is cruel. When my mind is gone, I can't feel its cruelty. So it 'fixes me'. So that I understand what it's trying to do to me.


Emma is actually an irrepressibly chipper person most of the time. Thanks to a combination of good medication, and a generally positive outlook, one wouldn't know that her sometimes scatter-brained or absent-minded manner is an indication of mental illness, in fact. Said medication, and regular therapy keeps her on an even keel with the rest of the world, though.

When exposed to an area permeated with the Gloom, she becomes oddly sharp-minded and focused, and exceptionally goal oriented to the point where she may even seem cold. A near 360ยบ from her normal mannerisms. It is also in this state that she is most easily unhinged.

Only in the most dire situations are the more unhinged elements of her personality ever apparent. At all times, she is concerned with hierarchy (who's in charge, etc), and orderliness, though not to such a degree as to be immediately obvious. When her home is threatened, whatever that be at any given moment, she can develop a vicious and even bloody temperament towards those violating its sanctity. When she has a set task, though, she is happiest, and does not suffer mental fatigue from tedium.

Paranormal Abilities

When in a home she is 'linked' with, Emma is able to do things normally relegated to haunting entities. The simplest and most obvious of these powers are moving things around and activating/deactivating appliances, tools, etc. But it can also achieve a wide multitude of effects. Lower the temperature enough that breath mists, or raise it so that it becomes uncomfortably warm (though never to outright lethal or immediately harmful levels). Create any number of sounds from seemingly nowhere. Even create transparent apparitions (of shaky qualities). A deeper link can be formed to houses she's spent more than two weeks in. In such places, if she wills it, doors can be made to open into the wrong room, hallways can be made to loop back around on themselves. She can even re-orient herself to cling to walls and ceilings. What's more, in such a house, she's able to 'see' and 'hear' almost clairvoyantly almost anywhere on its grounds unless specific occult protective symbols are scrawled on a room's entry way. This does not mean she is, however, constantly aware of all places at once (she has to be concentrating).

Any house she isn't linked to means she is forced to 'commune' with it for an hour before she can get any utility out of it. Even then, all she can manage is moving things around. What's more, when she's deeply-linked to a residence, being away from it causes her intense anxiety and a growing desire to flee it. Damage to the house causes her true physical pain, and an equal amount of anxiety. What's more, the more that she uses the more physics-bending aspects of this power, the more psychologically unhinged she becomes (which requires a proportionately larger amount of rest to recover from).

When she looks in the mirror, she sees her own blood-drenched self, laughing maniacally.


One would think that having spent most of her life in an institution, she wouldn't have developed many skills, but in fact, she's picked up a few. She knows how to pick a lock, and she's wicked good at sleight of hand tricks and the lick (stealing keys, opening doors, and palming pills at the institution has its benefits). Art therapy (when she wasn't catatonic) has also made her into an accomplished painter and a somewhat less accomplished pianist. Ironically, she's also, now, well-familiar with the underpinnings of basic practical psychology.

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