Eugene Roberts
Eugene Roberts
Martin Freeman
Martin Freeman as Eugene Roberts
Name Eugene Roberts
Status Alive
Age 37
Occupation Doctor (GP)
Place of Origin London
Date of Birth February 23, 1976
Player MysteriousEm
Timezone Central US
Notes Notes for Eugene Roberts

Retired GP fresh out of hospital after being sectioned. Recently moved to London to escape his ruined reputation in his rural community. Oh yeah, and he can totally make you normal if you upset him badly enough. For a little while, anyhow.


Eugene's childhood was fairly uneventful. There was really no reason for him to be as /nervous/ as he was… Unless it was simply that, having never encountered trouble or triumph at an early age, he lacked the emotional tools to handle any excitement outside of the most mundanely monotonous existence.

A normal childhood turned into a normal adulthood without any of the usual trials or tribulations generally associated with this phase of life. Eugene transitioned smoothly from high school to medical school, married (as people are apt to do), and eventually settled into a comfortable, unexciting practice in the country, where he and his wife lived in a smallish, unexciting little house.

Maybe his wife was a little bored. Maybe he was a little uptight. Maybe his marriage was a bit strained over their inability to conceive a child, but it was a fairly typical life.

That was when the trouble started. One day Eugene just… disappeared. Those who knew him and his love of strict routine feared the worst.

From Eugene's perspective it was years. Decades. Or maybe just minutes. He's really never quite sure, and the details of the event are hazy in his mind.

The only fact that is certain is that three days after vanishing, he returned to his home, raving about demons and angels and claiming that he had spent the missing days locked in a battle with Satan.

Needless to say, Eugene spent some time in a hospital. He wasn't sure what to think, but it became quickly clear, once the initial shock had passed, that insisting it really happened wasn't going to get him anywhere. Unassuming and anxious as he might have been, no one could ever accuse him of being stupid. After six months in hospital, Eugene was released with a prescription and orders for regular appointments.

It was a short stay, but the result was catastrophic to his so-carefully built life. By the time he was released from the hospital, his practice was in shambles, with no one in the tiny rural town they lived in willing to trust a doctor who had been sectioned. His wife had to seek employment to support herself. The marriage held together for a little while, as Eugene professed his mental wellness and attempted to rebuild his life, but his heart wasn't in it. A part of him would always be convinced that he'd been kidnapped by demons, and the necessary lies he told to try and put his wife at ease drove a wedge between them that eventually ended in divorce. (The occasional 'hallucination' fits probably didn't help.)

Left standing alone in the wreckage of his life, Eugene did what any normal, slightly anxious, generally reasonable man would do.

He got incredibly, incredibly drunk.

Luckily for all concerned, he doesn't have the constitution to become a proper drunk. After becoming violently ill, he spent several days miserably considering his situation, contemplating a more final solution that he wasn't really courageous enough to pursue, until finally he bored of that and his black mood lifted. He knew what he needed to do.

Soon, the unexciting little house was sold and he moved back to the city, where he could live in relative anonymity and attempt to rebuild some kind of life.

And that is how a highly educated, mild-mannered, and only slightly twitchy GP ended up working as a supermarket janitor in London.

His presence in London is no doubt likely to eventually draw the attention of the Watch and potentially more unsavory types, but he has yet to meet them or even completely accept the reality of what has happened/is happening to him.


At first glance, Eugene seems to be rather phlegmatic. Laid back, even. Maybe a /little/ uptight sometimes, but nothing serious.

It's the little things that reveal an inner anxiousness that he hides beneath the tightly controlled mask that he shows the world. The twitch of a hand that drops a plate. A flick of the eyes to avoid eye contact. A little too much attention to detail, and a growing obsession with cleanliness.

He is, in fact, a bundle of nerves, and he doesn't appreciate things that come along and spoil the careful order he's attempted to impose upon his world.

Paranormal Abilities

He doesn't understand it yet, but Eugene is Touched.

He returned from the Gloom with a set of powers that is deceptively subtle. Eugene has the ability to effectively neutralize any and all effects related to the Gloom within a certain physical distance from himself (a sphere about the size of a smallish house).

This power is completely involuntary on Eugene's part, and will remain so for the foreseeable future. It is triggered when he is pushed to the absolute limits of what he can tolerate in terms of fear, anxiety, or any negative emotion. It's not easy to set him off, but when it happens, any creature originating from the Gloom that is within his sphere of influence is banished.

Those Touched who are unfortunate enough to find themselves within the sphere of his influence will find their powers temporarily neutralized. The length of the effect varies depending on their proximity to him at the time he goes off and the strength of their powers. This may be more or less obvious to the Touched in question depending upon the nature of their power, since it essentially just makes them temporarily like a normal human. It can last anywhere from 10 minutes to several days.

This experience is not a pleasant one for Eugene. In addition to the fact that it is triggered only when he is in the most extreme of distress, the act itself is accompanied by a blinding pain. More often than not he passes out, and he always ends up with a debilitating migraine for hours or days, depending upon the strength and nature of what he neutralized.

Obviously, he cannot do this more than once in succession. He requires a significant period of time to recover afterwards.

For some reason related to what happened to him in the Gloom, Eugene seems to be something of a Gloom-critter magnet. If there's an entity originating from the Gloom in the vicinity, it will feel compelled to seek him out. Whether it responds to this compulsion varies wildly depending upon what type of creature it is. The Touched tend to just feel a little tug saying 'look here' that they may easily ignore, especially if they are distracted by something more important. Nevertheless, it does tend to make him rather more visible to critters and Touched alike.

Of course, if a creature from the Gloom /does/ seek him out, it probably succeeds only in scaring the shit out of him and getting itself banished to who-knows-where. Given that, one could see him as a rather effective walking spiritual bug-zapper… But Eugene would probably not appreciate the analogy, given how distressing the experience is for /him/. At the moment, he believes these events to be hallucinations.

Finally, because of his power, Eugene is able to spot other Touched and possessed people/animals somewhat easily. It's not a visual cue, but an instinctual aversion that he currently finds rather distressing. He has self-diagnosed these events as panic attacks and tries to ignore the feeling until he can find a polite way to retreat to somewhere quiet where he can recover in private. Once he learns what the feeling is, he will probably learn to cope with it much better.

Eugene's reflection does not appear in mirrors to other Touched. It's as though he's invisible.

If another Touched looks directly at him, he appears to be blurry and out of focus.


Medicine: Eugene is trained in medicine and practiced as a GP for five years or so before everything fell apart. He'd be darn useful to have around when someone is in need of emergency medical care on the down-low, though he doesn't officially practice at the moment.

Organization/Cleanliness: Eugene is incredibly clean. Like seriously. Some people suspect he's slightly OCD. He's been spotted washing his hands three times in succession.

Board/Card games: Eugene is weirdly adept at board games and card games. Some people suspect he cheats, but the truth is just that in medical school, it was the only entertainment his group of friends could afford, and so he got a LOT of practice. This includes poker, but he rarely plays poker because it makes him anxious and unhappy.

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