Evelyn Morgan
Evelyn Rosemary Morgan
Stana Katic
Stana Katic as Evelyn Rosemary Morgan
Name Evelyn Rosemary Morgan
Status Alive
Age 31
Occupation Real estate agent
Place of Origin Mucking, Essex.
Date of Birth February 22, 1981
Player Crowface
Timezone EST
Notes Notes for Evelyn Rosemary Morgan

"The Raven's house is built with reeds,-- Sing woe, and alas is me! And the Raven's couch is spread with weeds, High on the hollow tree; And the Raven himself, telling his beads In penance for his past misdeeds, Upon the top I see." -- Thomas D'Arcy McGee, The Penitent Raven

Evie Morgan killed herself. She died, descended into Hell and there dwelt among the sinners in torment and despair. Salvation came on sooted wings and now she can't escape them. But she's alive, and that's what counts.

"Keep calm, and carrion." -- Not Her Majesty, that's for damn sure


Evelyn Rosemary Morgan was born in Mucking, Essex. Technically it was Tilbury, but it pleased her father to joke, when she was a child, that they lived in "one-letter-away-from-something-rude, Essex", and it's something that's stuck with her into adulthood— although Evie tends to swap out the M for the F and leave it at that.

She moved into London proper at 23 and made a modest living as a real estate agent. She dated off and on, and never settled down with anyone special, despite her mother's increasingly-insistent urgings to 'find a nice young man and settle DOWN!'. In the winter of her discontent, after a particularly bad breakup, Evelyn started drinking and come the particularly discontented spring, her mother's incessant nagging cemented her alcoholism.

Because that's the way of things, her drinking slid from occasional through manageable straight down into out of control, and on her twenty-sixth birthday, gin bottle in hand, Evelyn climbed up onto a London bridge and fell down. The river carried her straight to Hell.

Evelyn considers her time in the Gloom time spent dead. Being a suicide, she reasoned, of course she went to dwell with the sinners. Her time there occupies a very dark, very deep space in her own mind, like a nightmare recalled not by detail and facet but by sense and feel: horrifying, desperately lonely, inspiring of visceral dread, but not actually remembered.

Since her return, she has resumed her work in the real estate market, and taken a top-floor flat in an ancient apartment building.


Evie is alive, just as hard as she can be. She's been given a second chance, and she is determined not to waste it. She can't be accused of being a Polyanna, but on the surface, she is cheerful, friendly and warm.

Layered under that is a hefty dose of insecurity squared off by a significant helping of hard-won determination. She is insatiably curious and hates a mystery, and will pick and pick and /pick/ at a question until she finds its answer. She is occasionally maternal, occasionally socially oblivious, and always, always grateful to be alive.

Paranormal Abilities

Evie doesn't look in mirrors much. She doesn't like what she sees there, and what other Touched see if they dig past the surface: eyes too sharp, a body far too thin, seeming hollow-boned and fragile. Sometimes, to her horror, there are feathers on her hairbrush.

Crowspeek: Evie, like Edith, emerged from the Gloom in tune and communication with the corvidae. Ravens, rooks, crows and magpies: the trick for her isn't so much hearing and understanding as shutting the clamoring, cawing, scraping voices out for long enough to think or sleep.

Bird's-Eye View: If she concentrates, Evelyn can see through the eyes of a single crow and, to a point, direct its flight and movements/activities.

Quoth the Raven: Again, with significant concentration, Evelyn can speak through that same crow. Her speech is limited to monosyllabic words, but those can be strung together into complete phrases.

What Evie's come to realize, for these last two skills, is that the crow through which she sees and speaks is the same crow, every time, and it is the crow she followed out of Hell.

What Evie doesn't realize is that she can do this because the crow is part of her, severed and separated in the Gloom. She's not borrowing another creature's head; she's briefly reconnecting with herself. The danger, of course, is in spending too much time there and getting stuck. And what dreadfulness might occur if something were to happen to the crow…?

Perish the thought.


Realtor: Evie's a real estate agent, and deals with a lot of conveniently empty property. She's even got the keys. Need a hidey-hole or a temporary safehouse? Evie's got you covered.

People skills: part of being a realtor means working with people, and this is something Evelyn's very good at. Being friendly and open makes it easy for people to talk to you; if people find it easy to talk to you, they wind up telling you things. Even if they don't know it.

Puzzles: Evie is staggeringly good at crosswords, word games, pattern recognition and other mind-teaser type puzzles.

Cook: She can do it passably well. Iron Chef isn't going to be knocking down her door, but she can make a grilled cheese sandwich without burning it, and she brews a mean cup of tea.

Maps and navigation: Even before the Gloom-given affinity for the birdly set, Evie had an unerring sense of direction. She can find her way around just about anywhere, given some point to orient against.

Music: She listens to it. She does NOT sing. Not even a little. She's not the singing type, not the singing type, she's not she's not she's not the singing type…

Drive: She doesn't do that either. Evie will take a bus, a cab, a train, a bike, or walk, but she won't drive a car.

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