Father James Fawkes
James Wilder Fawkes
Gerard Butler
Gerard Butler as James Wilder Fawkes
Name James Wilder Fawkes
Status Alive
Age 42
Occupation Anglican Priest/ Watch Safehouse Operator
Place of Origin Glasgow, Scotland
Date of Birth January 19, 1970
Player MadEye
Timezone CST
Notes Notes for James Wilder Fawkes

An ordained minister, that was Touched. Now he serves as an ever eerie sheep dog to several flocks


James Fawkes, was your average young lad. His father served in the Navy, and his mother had friends that'd stay over when dad was away. He lived in Glasgow-till Dad found out about mum's visitors. That's when young Jamie was sent to live with his Grandmother along the coast. He'd go hunting with his grandfather, and made right of a nice time of it.

When he was old enough, at the age of eighteen he joined the army. His career began with a posting in Ireland-though several months in, he was said to have gone AWOL from his guard post. And was found several weeks late on the other end of the Island dazed and by the coast. And missing an eye.

His own recollections of the events had him drummed out.

Afterwards, in order to cope that which he had seen in the darkness, he came to know Christ and the light that the Lord and church provided. His faith grew, and soon enough he was pushed through to college, by his local priest-and from there to Seminary.

His own contact with the watch, came in his early thirties, when he was contacted about an Exorcism. When his own story came out, he was accepted in, and spent some time as a Field Agent, before finally being made a Safehouse Operator-once given the small church of St. Bartleby's in London.


Fawkes, is often viewed as slightly irreverent, but a warm fellow. He embodies the christian ideal of loving others. Though his love and encouragement, can come through inapproriate to gallows humor. And counsling over a dram of whisky.

Paranormal Abilities

Penance Stare: Fawkes has the unique ability to stare down someone, and make their own sins come up before both him, and the one he is staring down. However in order to do this, both of the Father's eyes need to be locked (Which means removing his eye patch.) This can be interrupted if eye contact is forcibly broken (By means of someone intervening)

The downside in this is, that when he looks into a mirror his own short comings and faults are magnified tenfold. As well as his failures to either help a Touched, or stop the monsters in the night

Balefire Eye: With the removal of his eye in the Gloom, one of the curious quirks that has developed is a shadowy flame that will spark in the missing socket. Usually this is sufficiently hidden behind his eye patch, and thus cannot freak folks out. The fire does not burn anything as much as it swirls about.

Shadow Blot: Like an octopus, when in danger- Fawkes can make a blot of shadow to blind his opponent-or hide himself in a cloud of of thick shadow in order to gain an advantage or to escape.

Strong Arms: as a squid's own tentacles are abel to subdue and sometimes hurt it's prey-so are Fawkes. As such his arms and tactile strength is greater than a human who works out on a regular basis. This doesn't mean he can lift cars with ease, but he is certainly a match for things that go bumping in the night

However if his arms are bound, much like an octopus or squid. He won't be able to use the strength to his advantage. Instead, he will be, rather helpless.

Predatory senses: His normal senses of touch, and hearing are above normal. Where as his sense of smell is just barely above average. And his sense of sight, due to his missing ghost eye-is that of any normal one eye'd man.

Cats Hate him: As such Cats hate him, and he for the most part, hates cats. If there is a cat somewhere, it will go out of it's way to stare and hiss him down.

Reflection: Were he to look in a mirror, His lone green eye, would be big, much like a squids, where as from his back, and around his face on his beard, would there be several shadowy "feelers"


Shooting: Fawkes has grown up with guns, and has gone hunting. Add in his time with the Watch and the Army, and we have a man who can effectively use pistols, and shotguns with ease. A regular hunting rifle he is a veteran with. However, to assault rifles and such, he is only adept. He has a preference for small arms.

Languages: Fawkes is well versed in Latin, Greek, Hebrew and a smattering of Gaelic and french.

Hand to Hand: Fawkes can brawl, though his own fighting style is a mash up of streetwise, and military training. He is by no means a jason bourne.

True Faith: As an ordained priest, Fawkes is a true believer of Jesus Christ. As such he can perform blessings and exorcisms.

Have a Cuppa: Fawkes has a counseling and encouraging heart. As such he can usually help with most moral problems in some manner

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