Freddie Shaw
Alfred "Freddie" Shaw
Burn Gorman
Burn Gorman as Alfred "Freddie" Shaw
Name Alfred "Freddie" Shaw
Status Alive
Age 28
Occupation Metro Police Sergeant
Place of Origin London, UK
Date of Birth October 31, 1984
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Timezone AST
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Freddie is a Metropolitan Police Sergeant (a beat cop.) His brother disappeared into the Gloom a few years back, and over the course of searching for him, he ran across the Watch. He is not a Watch member, but he has been known to help them out on cases, if they help him out with information pertaining to his lost brother.
By virtue of what he knows, he also tends to stick his nose a little too far in to supernatural situations that most mundane people would dismiss. He is also a former Olympic gymnast.


Freddie grew up the son of a successful restaurant manager and an artist. His mother (the artist) came from a well-off family. Freddie spent a few years as a Public schoolboy. He spent two years at Harrow on his maternal grandfather's dime (supplemented by his parents), but the rebellious young man declared, as soon as he was able, that he wanted no part of it. His friends were all working class kids, and going to Harrow made him feel like an outsider. His parents caved to his wishes, which turned out to be rather advantageous.

Freddie had a real talent for gymnastics, and living at home again (without the ridiculous tuition) allowed money to go to his training. He was very driven, and actually quite good. His parents (as some parents are apt to do) put rather a lot of pressure on the boy. He narrowly missed qualifying for the 2000 Olympics in Sydney, Australia. He did not miss the second time, though. When he was nineteen, he traveled to Athens to compete for Team GB. Although he did not win a medal, he set several personal bests and scored respectably well. His brother Colin, was always his biggest fan and took a few bruises at school from the boys that teased him for having a brother that wore spandex.

Freddie's performance at the Olympics was enough for him to secure a scholarship to Liverpool John Moores University. He packed up and left home and enrolled in the Criminal Justice undergraduate program. He trained hard and pushed himself, but another Olympic run was not in the cards. He injured his wrist a year after moving to Liverpool. It healed well enough for most normal use, but he risked further injuring it if he pursued his gymnastic career any further. So, he resolved to retire from competitive gymnastics at the age of twenty-one.

He finished his university degree in Criminal Justice and moved back to London. His parents had hoped he would apply himself in law or public policy, and they were rather disappointed when he chose to join the Metropolitan Police. His reasoning was that he couldn't sit behind a desk after so many years of being an athlete. He needed a job that would get him out on the streets.

Freddie did quite well as a PC. He was solid, reliable, and a hell of a good lad to have in a foot chase. Despite his small stature, he had a knack for being intimidating, though he lacked the soft touch that helps cops in interviews. He liked walking the beat and getting to know the people in his neighbourhood.

Life might have continued quite ordinarily for Freddie Shaw, were it not for a storm in 2009 - a storm in which his brother Colin, disappeared without a trace. Colin was an artist like his mum, and kept a cheap flat in a rather dodgy area of London. Being a cop and a concerned brother, Freddie had to investigate. During the course of it, he ran across Watch agents who had been monitoring strange goings-on connected to the Gloom in the basement of Colin's building. They didn't want to tell him anything at first, but his doggedness and persistence eventually caused them to explain what the Gloom was.

Knowing what likely happened to Colin was no real comfort to Freddie. He had most likely been taken by the Gloom, and might never come out again, or may not come out anywhere near the site where he was taken. What's worse - he might come back so different that he'd barely even recognize him.

Still, the protective older brother wasn't about to give up on Colin. Freddie learned everything he could about the Gloom, and chased down reports of anyone fitting his description who had turned up. He traded favours with the Watch - occasional police assistance in exchange for intel on his brother. Once Freddie's eyes were opened to the truth of the world, he noticed things most people wouldn't. It meant he chased down supernatural cases where most ordinary people would just dismiss it.

This insight into the supernatural actually helped Freddie close a few difficult cases. In the summer of 2012, he was promoted to the rank of sergeant. He has considered going after his detective certification, but for the time being, he's content to walk the street, keeping an ear out for any sign of Colin - and any other creature that might be going bump in the night.


Freddie is an incredibly driven and disciplined person. His career as an amateur gymnast meant the discipline began young and spread through his teenaged years. He has a poor relationship with his parents, in part because of how hard they pushed him. He's a man who likes to see what his limits are and enjoys testing them. It's occasionally driven him to do foolish things, but for the most part it's leaned more towards the heroic. He trusts authority perhaps a little too much and does fall back on the book more than he trusts his gut.

He is more of a force than he is a gentle touch. His people skills and investigation skills need work, but he is a physical marvel. His agility plus the time he's put into training means he's a good man to have around when things go sour.

Freddie has a cocky and arrogant streak, as well as a certain bitterness and cynicism. He's good at what he does, and he knows it. He's also seen enough in the city and in his line of work to know firsthand how ugly people can be. His protector instinct is strong, but sometimes he lets his hotshot nature get the better of him.

He tends to be defensive and to get up in peoples' faces when he senses a perceived challenge. His short stature and his chosen sport of gynmastics meant he was the subject of a good deal of grief in school. That combined with the conflict in his family has meant he is very quick to be offended. He's also just as quick to snap off a quick joke to break up a serious moment. He has a wry, dry sense of humour that's tinged at the edges with bitterness.


Freddie was on-track to becoming an Olympic-level gymnast before a wrist injury prematurely ended his career. Still, he's kept up his training out of love for the sport and also because it helps greatly in his job as a police officer. His best events were floor, pommel horse and the uneven bars.

Police Training
Freddie is a trained cop who excelled at the physical parts of his training. He lacks tact, so his reviews constantly mark him down on interpersonal aspects of policing. He is learning investigation techniques, but is currently better suited to being pointed in a direction and told to chase someone down. He scores slightly above average when it comes to firearms. He holds a degree in Criminal Justice, which gave him a strong theoretical base.

Although Freddie wasn't trained specifically in things like parkour, his gymnastics training lends itself naturally to it. He has developed a style of applied gymnastics that allows him to use his environment and navigate it at a higher skill level than most people. He's also a very strong runner and a strong swimmer.

Freddie grew up in and around his father's restaurant. He picked up more than a few things. He's a hell of a cook. In fact, had he failed as a cop, going to culinary school was his back-up plan.

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