Fu-Chung Lee
Fu-Chung Lee
Daniel Henney
Daniel Henney as Fu-Chung Lee
Name Fu-Chung Lee
Status Alive
Age 31
Occupation Student
Place of Origin Seattle, USA
Date of Birth June 25, 1981
Player robofu
Timezone PST
Notes Notes for Fu-Chung Lee

Fu-Chung Lee is an American tourist traveling across Europe with his parents' money. His plan is to tour all the way to China to see the "motherland", but a woman he met in London delayed his itinerary....

Her name was Penelope. She's dead now.


Fu-Chung is the oldest child of wealthy parents that immigrated to the States from China in the late 70s. He was born and raised in Seattle, but was a constant disappointment throughout his childhood.

Spoiled and undisciplined despite his parents' best efforts, he was thrown out at nineteen when he decided against going to college. Fu-Chung partied the next six years of his life away, often given some money by his worried mother against his father's wishes, and had no career goals in life. He was going nowhere, and he was having a great time on the way there.

It wasn't until he saw a robot dancing in a club with its testers that he knew what he wanted to do with his life. That summer he did some research, moved back home and applied for college. He turned his entire life around over the next two years. The remarkable improvement was one of the factors that helped him get into University of Pennsylvania's robotics program.

Four years later, he received his Master's in Robotics. When he went home to visit his parents, they wanted to show how proud they were by giving him a good deal of money. Deciding to take one year off school before pursuing his Doctorate's, he started to travel the world. Rome was his first destination, and Hong Kong was his planned last.


Open, fun-loving, nice yet teasing, Fu-Chung (or Fu as all his friends call him) has always been a popular guy. While he has a lot of leadership qualities, he also has a penchant for avoiding responsibility. He's usually the first one to volunteer someone else for authority just to avoid it.

"I'm a lover, not a fighter." Even though this is true in Fu's case, he isn't afraid to stand up for what he believes in, or stand against people he feels are being unfair to others. Whether it's at a party or on a bus, he thinks everyone should be able to be comfortable and have a good time.

While he is a romantic and a kind person, he sometimes has trouble relating to people due to a lack of hardship in his life. He's always had the riches of his parents to fall back on, his health and every advantage imaginable. He can be naïve about how people stuck in a rut reached that low.

His horrifying experience with the Gloom and being arrested for the murder of someone he would have done anything for has left Fu in a state of lingering shock. There is now a pall over the vibrant person he is at his core, and there's no telling how long it will take him to recover - assuming he ever does.

Paranormal Abilities

Enliven: Fu-Chung has the ability to give objects life. More than simply giving the object the ability to move, this power gives it intelligence, personality and emotions, or rather, emotion. These objects exhibit intense hatred. This would not normally be something to worry about, but the object is also mutated into a new physical form. This new shape is one that is twisted towards violent purposes, and objects that already had such capabilities either enhance them or ignore them in favor of new ones. The positive side is that Fu-Chung can determine the target or potential target(s) of the object's hatred. The negative side is…

Pervade: Objects that are handled by Fu-Chung many times or on a regular basis slowly fill with the residual energy of his Enliven ability whether he likes it or not. He can usually tell when things are approaching a level of saturation which will lead to animation, but if he allows his caution to drop he can miss the signs. When something Enlivens without him to direct its hatred, it'll try to harm the next person it encounters.

Liquid Porifera: Fu-Chung no longer has a completely solid form. Instead, his body is composed of a dense plasma material. When unperturbed, he appears in every way to be his normal self. If he is struck by a broad force, crashes into a surface at high speeds or is cut in half by a blade, for example, he splashes into a pool of thick goo. He no longer has a digestive, circulatory or nervous system, and how he manages to not be a mindless creature like a sponge is an anomaly. Due to his anatomical nature, he doesn't need to eat and he's immune to poisons and toxins. He will slowly assume his default form after puddling (this can take anywhere from five seconds to five minutes depending on the trauma sustained). The downside…

Exsiccation: Fu-Chung requires many times the amount of water a human needs. Fortunately, he can absorb this out of the air. Unfortunately, in arid settings or near large or hot fires, the air pulls the water out of him instead. While this won't kill him, it will make him anywhere from lethargic to comatose depending on the level of dehydration.

Force Form: While Fu-Chung's body tends to default to how he sees himself, he can force himself to slowly shift his form into another shape with great effort. He can't do anything but extremely simple tasks during this, and he can't mimic another person or thing exactly without being able to see it for reference. He can't change his overall size by more than a few percent, and he can't change his mass at all.


Fu-Chung is fluent in English and Mandarin, and his Cantonese is passable. He knows a smattering of Japanese and Spanish, as well.

He is a skilled but out-of-practice piano player, an excellent dancer and a karaoke star. He can also juggle four to five items at a time.

Fu has an excellent knowledge of engineering, and is skilled in both building and programming a variety of robots. He's studied very high levels of math and science, but also minored in cultural studies.

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