Griffin Tully
Griffin Desmond Tully
Adrien Brody
Adrien Brody as Griffin Desmond Tully
Name Griffin Desmond Tully
Status Alive
Age 35
Occupation Ex Soldier, Translator
Place of Origin Highgate, London, England
Date of Birth March 8, 1977
Player SunnyDeluxe
Timezone EST
Notes Notes for Griffin Desmond Tully

A former translator for the British military, Griffin Tully went through some extremely tragic experiences during the war in Iraq, resulting in a discharge for his hardships. To make matters worse, he came home to a divorce. His time in Iraq left him scarred, both mentally and physically, and coupled with the loss of his marriage, he was a perfect target to be lured into The Gloom. It also left him with enough fight (and fear) to ensure his escape back home, but changed even worse. With some strange form of telekinesis and a touch of telepathy, along with a case of insomnia and an inclination to lose control over his ability (with awful results), Griffin is trying (not so successfully) to reintegrate back into some semblence of a normal life…


Life wasn’t always such a mess for poor Griffin Tully. He wasn’t always a veteran, and he certainly wasn’t always in the terrible shape he is in these days. Things started out fairly nicely for Griffin, even; he was the oldest of three children, son of a Lawyer and a professor, with a brother (Garrett) and a sister (McKenzie). He was born and raised in Highgate, London, England, in a rather large flat and a number of vacation homes. Growing up, he was an average boy, with exceptional ability to learn other languages. French and was his favorite. He obtained decent grades in school, mostly excelling in foreign language courses, though he did enjoy sports. Rugby was a favorite, despite his mother’s protests and his frequent injuries.

Much to his mother's chagrin (and his father's pride), Griffin decided to join the British Royal Army, enlisting as a Translator. He served quite nicely for a good ten years, picking up several languages (Arabic, Chinese) at the beginning of his career and doing his best to continue adding to that list to add to his value as an officer. Early in his career, he decided that he would be in for life if he could help it.

He met a particularly wonderful woman in France, Maelie Delaine, and the pair hit it off spectacularly well; they were married in 2001, within a year of meeting. Perhaps it was a bit rushed, though, and Griffin's travel for the military put a strain on the young marriage. Despite this, it lasted fairly long.

It all truly began to fall apart when Iraq happened. Griffin's knowledge of the Arabic language made him an ideal candidate for deployment. In 2008, six months after his first tour in the country, he was deployed again. He left with his marriage on the rocks, and Maelie was pregnant with their first child, but he could not say no.

That's when the fateful day happened. He was shipping out to another base, and one of the passengers had taken ill. Griffin took his spot in the Humvee in order to expedite his travels. Unfortunately, the spot he took was an important one; the man was a mechanic, and a group of terrorists had discovered as much. An attack was made on the caravan, and Griffin and his travel mates (including a few civilians whom were being transported) were captured. And it only got worse from there. After two solid weeks of having frustrations taken out on them, demands were made. Griffin had been mistaken for the mechanic, and they wanted something to be fixed. At first, they only beat him and cut him when he tried to explained that he couldn't. That was traumatic, but something he could have lived with well enough.

Then, they started sending members of his traveling party into a mine field, making Griffin watch. The two civilians and his fellow officer died as a result, and in a gruesome way. It was fortunate for Griffin that American troops had been patrolling nearby and heard the explosions, and had come to investigate, for just as they were pushing Griffin toward the minefield, he was saved. Sadly, this did nothing to save him from the intense grief and guilt he felt for not being able to save those who had died. He was honorably discharged for his hardships, and sent home.

To make matters worse, he returned home to a wife who had already left him. Maelie explained that she had been in an affair since two years prior, and had decided to be with the other man instead, citing Griffin's absence as the reason why. This began a spiral downhill for Griffin, who was now faced with a divorce and an immensely traumatic experience. It didn't matter what everyone said, those people were dead because of him.

Griffin took to drinking an exorbitant amount when he did not have his daughter Amelie, born April 30 of 2009, in his custody. The brief moments every weekend when he got her were the only moments of joy he truly had, and he lived for the little girl.

That was taken away, as well, when Maelie moved to America with her newfound man, taking Amelie with her when the child was only three. Without his daughter as a grounding force, Griffin dropped further and further into a well of depression, one which no friend or family member could truly pull him out of. This is what drew the Gloom toward him. After a night of heavy drinking and debating with a German man, Griffin stumbled into a dark alleyway with a strong urge to investigate what his alcohol-addled mind thought to be a good toilet.

He turned up two weeks later on his parent's doorstep, disheveled and exhausted. Unable to offer a rational explanation (and unwilling to tell what disturbing things he did remember), he was labeled as having PTSD, and sent on his way with drugs. But he knew better. The alcohol was easy enough to remove from his life, as it made things worse.

Things being the monstrous creature he saw in the mirror, or the fact that he could hear the thoughts of others within a certain radius of himself. Not to mention the sudden ability to use The Force.

The reality of it all came the night a month ago when he was jogging in the park in the dark. A pair of men decided that his possessions would be much better fit as their possessions, and jumped him in order to take said possessions. Instead, they were rather brutally torn limb from limb by the angry Griffin, all without ever touching them. The police have since been baffled by this crime, and the lack of evidence to figure out what even happened.

Now, Griffin is faced with the prospect of attempting to earn himself some form of a normal existence. Easier said than done…


At one point in his life, Griffin was a fairly cheerful guy. He had a good job, a beautiful wife, and a baby on the way, as well as a loving family and good friends (he still does, but he has distanced himself from them since returning from Iraq). At one point in life, Griffin was a pretty great guy to be around. That is, of course, until he returned from his last tour in Iraq, was discharged from the British Royal Army, and his wife divorced him. Not to mention his trip into the Gloom.

These days, Griffin is a quiet sort of fellow, more than content to keep to himself and to keep away from others. His newfound abilities have left him withdrawn in the presence of others, more happy to sit in a quiet corner than being in the center of it all. He has the very definition of a cold outer shell, preferring a quiet nod of consent or a shake of his head for dissent to actual conversation.

If one can breach that shell (certainly not the easiest task), however, they will find a warm man with a bigger heart than he would prefer to let on. Those who are allowed close enough to see this side of him are generally regarded as close friends, whom he would defend to his last breath.

He has many deep scars in his psyche from his experiences in Iraq, and all that has happened after the fact, and he is plagued by nightmares and an inability to sleep (possibly a side effect of him being Touched). He should probably be going to see a psychiatrist as well as taking his antidepressants.

Paranormal Abilities

Telekinesis: Griffin has a rather peculiar form of telekinesis. While most simply manipulate space with their thoughts, Griffin's takes the shape of eight tentacle-like arms that have a reach of roughly 20 feet. These arms are visible when summoned forth: they are transparent, though it is as if one is looking through a curved pane of glass, distorting the view around them. When summoned, each arm can lift roughly his weight (somewhere between 185 and 200 lbs.), and this can accumulate up to roughly a ton. These arms can be 'put away' as it were, when not in use. The drawback to this ability is, the more he attempts to do with these 'extra' limbs, the more likely he is to develop a rather splitting headache and a fairly nasty nosebleed.

This ability can be used for many different means. He can 'fly' by way of using his 'tendrils' to swing himself along. This can also be used to conceal himself in an area one would not think to look, or to escape a seemingly unescapable situation.

Telepathy: Another side effect of his time in the Gloom is his ability to hear the thoughts of those within about five to ten feet of himself; this is not something that he can turn on, but instead something he must turn off with concentration. It makes going in public difficult, and tightly knit crowds are a nightmare (and a headache, and possibly a nosebleed). Occasionally, he will brave these when he's feeling stronger, but generally he avoids too many people.

Downsides: As with most Touched, Griffin's advantages are countered with a decent set of disadvantages. Sleep does not come easy with his abilities, especially in a flat like he currently inhabits; he tends to dream the dreams of others, or be awoken by what seems to be loud conversation, only to find nobody in the room. It leaves him fatigued quite often. Using his powers too frequently also drains him, and can have effects such as headaches and nosebleeds.

The worst part, however, is the fact that his ability seems to react poorly to a foul mood. This is how the two would-be robbers were torn apart in a rather graphic way. If Griff does not watch his temper, bad things can happen, which are completely out of his control. What is more, the more angry he becomes, the more visible his ability becomes; when angry enough, he resembles a shadowy version of his mirror shape, with his normal shape partly visible; this grants him claws and teeth, and turns him into quite the intimidating creature.

In the Mirror: In his reflection, Griffin appears as a slimy black-skinned beast with the head of an octopus, and one with glowing yellow eyes, no less. His fingers are tipped with razor-sharp claws, and a tail tipped in (more) tentacles. Upon his back are a pair of small, useless wings that, when his 'arms' are out, become a wriggling mass of tentacles spreading from his back.


Multilingual: Griffin is fluent in English, French, Arabic, and Chinese, and has been working most of his life to learn more. He can hold VERY basic conversations in Russian, though this is by no means fluency.

Firearms: While he is no expert marksman, Griffin certainly does know how to handle a gun. When focused, he can (mostly) hit a target, though this is not to say he doesn't miss from time to time.

Combat: By no means a fighting soldier, Griffin is not much of a fighting type. That does not mean that he can't fight, however. His reactions are quick and he has enough training that he won't be taken down without a good fight.

Survival: Having gone camping as a child and done several tours in less than hospitable conditions, Griffin knows how to survive on his own in unfavorable circumstances. He can hunt, fish, build shelter,cook, and build his own fires as well.

Diplomacy: As a translator, Griffin has to figure out how to ensure that what he says in various languages comes out diplomatic, so as not to offend either person he is translating for. As a result, Griffin can think of the (mostly) right thing to say in a conversation so as not to come off as too idiotic.

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