Gwyneth Henderson
Gwyneth Johanna Henderson
Maggie Siff
Maggie Siff as Gwyneth Johanna Henderson
Name Gwyneth Johanna Henderson
Status Alive
Age 28
Occupation Med student
Place of Origin London
Date of Birth October 4th, 1984
Player pookalion
Timezone EST
Notes Notes for Gwyneth Johanna Henderson

Christian's Old Lady - Naive med student gone dark.


Gwyneth Johanna Henderson was born October 4th, 1984. She was the oldest of two girls. She had a ‘normal’ life with a ‘normal’ middle class family. Her father worked and her mother was a homemaker. It was a very Cleaver-like story. She was smart, pretty enough, rather charismatic, and was generally viewed as the ‘good’ child. She did well in school, joined lots of clubs, and became a cheerleader. She was always home by curfew, usually by at least ten minutes, and she never got in trouble at school.

Then she caught the eye of Christian Hammons. The older bad boy image was irresistible to the girl who had never done anything wrong. And he had a motorcycle. She still got excellent marks, but she dropped out of most of her clubs and started missing curfew almost every time. But as these things typically go, the flame burned hot, consumed them, and left ash in it’s wake. They parted ways and were out of one another’s lives. Gwyn resumed her ‘good girl’ role and everyone wrote it off as a ‘rebellious phase’.

She graduated near the top of her class in Secondary and went on to start med school. Everything went smoothly enough. Relationships came and went, with boyfriends being unable to handle her devotion to her education and eventually wandering off feeling neglected. Her intention was to become an ER surgeon and things were going very well for her.

Then Christian came back into her life during her first year of clinical training, fighting to save his wife and son. And Gwyn just happened to be on the team who was working on the little boy. He was saved but Christian’s wife was not. It broke Gwyn’s heart and she became his shoulder to cry on. It fairly swiftly became more than friendship, though neither of them planned for it to be anything more than a physical outlet for stress and grief.

But when Gwyn went missing under suspicious circumstances, Christian was the one who saved her, going in to the gloom to find her. She wasn’t gone long, about a month, but it was enough that her clinical training was suspended. She wasn’t mentally or emotionally ready to go back to school after what she’d been through. What it was, she couldn’t say, but she knew it was horrible and she knew there was fire. And she knew that Christian had come for her.

So for her it’s become more than just physical. Gwyn came back with morbid healing abilities, and will use them to help members of the MC. She’s dealing with her ordeal, though she doesn’t remember it, and is getting ready to go back to school, to finish her clinical training, and to finally become a surgeon. The good girl is gone, and she’s still getting to know the woman who remains.


Gwyn is a quiet, serious woman. On rare occasion the old, carefree attitude might shine through, but the gloom has screwed her over as much as anyone else. She's defensive of, and loyal to Devil's Court, and is dating Christian Hammons.

Paranormal Abilities

Gwyneth endured fire in The Gloom. She was burned repeatedly and yet, she came out without a scar. She has somehow become akin to the Phoenix.

Risen From The Ashes: If something unnatural kills Gwyn, burning her body will allow her to be ‘reborn’, so to speak. It isn’t an easy process and it certainly isn’t a pleasant one. The fire must span forty-eight hours without pause. During this time an observer will watch her body burn to ash, leaving an infant made of flames in it’s wake. The infant will rapidly grow over the next day and a half or so, to become Gwyneth as she was before death. But during this time she suffers the constant pain of being on fire. Unnatural covers everything from being murdered to being the incidental victim of a drive-by shooting. If it wasn’t something about her own biology that killed her, this power will work. This doesn’t prevent Gwyn from aging, and at the end of the forty-eight hour cycle, she’ll be the same as she was just before death (though uninjured).

An Eye For An Eye: The universe is balance, even in the Gloom. If you want to help one life, then you have to inhibit another. Gwyn is able to heal people if she is willing to hurt someone else to do it. If someone is dying of a gun shot wound, she could save them if she shot someone else (not necessarily fatally). None of her healing will, in the end, be more than could be done with modern medicine. The hypothetical gun shot victim will still have a scar (perhaps a worse one since there won’t be stitches), but he’ll be alive and won’t have to explain to the police how he got shot. Of course then her second victim, the one she shot herself, would still need medical attention. Thankfully, she’s a doctor! For lesser things she can offer her own blood or agony. She could fix a broken leg by breaking her own finger, for example. For obvious reasons, it’s not something she’s inclined to use unless there’s a very good reason.

Immune to Fire: Though exposure to fire may cause Gwyneth mental and emotional anguish, she doesn’t suffer physically from it.

Gwyn's reflection is smouldering, burned, and charred. Bits still glow red with the heat of some undying, unseen fire, other parts of her skin are melted. Though her hair remains in patches, most of it is singed and clumps of blistering skin are revealed on her scalp.


I’m a doctor! - Gwyn has finished the majority of her medical education and only has 2 years of clinical training (residency) left before she can become an independent surgeon.

Biology - She wants to be an ER surgeon and has seen all kinds of guts in various states. Biology is a special interest of hers, be it human or… Other.

Drive (motorcycle) - Can't really be Christian's Old Lady if she can't ride a bike, can she? That said, speeding around on her bike (whatever Chris told her to get - he knows these things but she doesn't), feeling the adrenaline and danger of it, is what's helped her to learn how to feel again now that she's back. It's her version of cutting, so to speak.

Medical Contacts - Being a doctor, she's got medical contacts! Most of them are ER-related, since that's what she's aiming for, but she can get in touch with someone who knows someone pretty much anywhere in the medical community.

Underground Doctor - Gwyn has an 'underground' clinic where she'll treat Devil's Court members or people they bring to her. She doesn't have state of the art equipment, but she's got a decent little setup.

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