Imogen Moore
Imogen Moore
Zoe Saldana
Zoe Saldana as Imogen Moore
Name Imogen Moore
Status Alive
Age 32
Occupation Innkeeper
Place of Origin Chiswick, England
Date of Birth June 3, 1980
Player topoftheheap
Timezone PST
Notes Notes for Imogen Moore

Imogen's early exposure to the horrors of the Gloom and the Others directed her path inevitably to aiding the Watch. Her Camden-based Inn is not only a profitable business, but also a safehouse and armory for the Watch.


Once upon a time, a young girl was born in London. Chiswick, to be exact. She had a normal family, a normal school, a normal house, so forth. She was normal. Her best friend was weird. Conner was a quiet kid his whole life, socially awkward. He stared a lot. The other kids had a lot of theories about him, stories and legends that got bigger and scarier the old they got. Not all of them were untrue. But Imogen liked him. He was deep and intelligent. Insightful. Cursed, maybe. Nothing ever seemed to go right around him. But most of the time, it wasn't anything serious. Just bad luck.

When they were fifteen, things took a turn. He became jumpy and scared, and wouldn't talk about what the trouble was. He tried to pull away from Imogen, but she didn't let him. And because she hounded his steps so he wouldn't walk alone, she got a first hand account of just what is lurking out there. Because she was close to him, they came for her. Demons, she thought then, although she would learn later that wasn't the generally accepted term, invaded her house. Her mother and father were killed violently and messily and she came home to find them there. Not knowing where else to go, she ran to Conner in a panic. She was hiding in his basement when they showed up.

She could hear him screaming, but making her way up the stairs and through the halls to find him became a nightmare maze of claws and ghostly visages and endless turns. She never did find him, and she was left in a dark corner when the screaming stopped.

The Watch found her there. The only reason she wasn't taken herself, she figures. They fought off the Others, but couldn't save Conner from being dragged back into the Gloom. It was possibly guilt or maybe just good timing that they took her in, newly orphaned and completely alone. She was given a place to stay at an inn in Camden, provided she worked for her room and board. Which she did. It was better than doing nothing but wallowing. Although, she was pretty good at that, too.

Slowly, she was let in on the secrets. Very slowly. But eventually, she learned that the Inn she worked was not just an inn, but also a safehouse for the Watch and its allies. And while she never took up working the field, she has often had to defend her place and those within from the Others, and from the authorities. It's known as a good place to go to avoid unwanted entanglements in general, but the Watch know its lower levels for the hidden safety and weapons held within.

And now, at the age of 32, she runs and owns the inn herself, having inherited it from the former owners when they opted to leave the life London's Watch gives. Hawaii sounded better. They send postcards. It all sounds dull to her.


On the surface, Imogen is personable, at least. She may not often be jolly, but she's not often angry, either. Hers is a mellow disposition, taking things as they come and letting things roll off her back. She may not be the most charming and extroverted of folk, but she isn't a hermit, either, holding herself in some sort of easy medium. One thing that trumps all is this endless tiredness that she seems to carry. Someone existing frequently on too little sleep and too much work, perhaps.

However, that tiredness is all she tends to let through of the inner workings of her mind. Trauma in her youth colored her early, taking what might have been a much brighter person and leaving her in a sort of drab palette. She never has been able to let those early wounds heal, partly out of guilt and grief and partly from near constant exposure to the source of it all through her connection to the Watch. She would struggle to get out of bed every morning, if not for the fear of what hides beneath it. So to speak.


Innkeeping: Imogen's been working in an inn in Camden since she was sixteen and has been running one on her own for five years. She knows how to juggle a business, handle finances and please customers well enough.

Lies: With the Inn being a safehouse, Imogen often has to cover the truth or throw authorities off their scents. She's pretty good at appearing to be clueless, but helpful while shuffling the truth under a rug somewhere. Misdirection, a well placed smile and happy customers tend to keep her looking innocent.

Guns: She's pretty good with a weapon. Whatever kind of gun she can grab, she can generally use, with the exception of those with too much kick for her size. But aiming, firing, witnessing bloodshed, she's pretty good at that.

Occult Stuff: While she's never been into the Gloom, she knows more about it and its company than the average London citizen. She knows which of the legends are true, and which are imagination, and how much of those stories are just there to help people feel safe. Garlic, indeed.

Punching: One thing she cannot do well is hand-to-hand fighting. She doesn't pack much of a punch and needs some sort of weapon in hand to do any real damage. Give her a baseball bat, she'll handle herself, but when it's her and her fists, she's in trouble.

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