Jack Mitchell
Jack Mitchell
Tom Hardy
Tom Hardy as Jack Mitchell
Name Jack Mitchell
Status Alive
Age 28
Occupation Mechanic / Watch Field Agent
Place of Origin Hackney, England
Date of Birth October 17, 1984
Player JacksSmirkingRevenge
Timezone GMT
Notes Notes for Jack Mitchell

After a hard knock life growing up on the streets, then having his only real family taken from him, shadow-Touched Jack has devoted himself to the Watch. Street thug, joy rider, mechanic. He'll get you there at high speed, then do his utmost to put down anything that gets in your way.


He who fights with monsters might take care lest he thereby become a monster. And if you gaze for long into an abyss, the abyss gazes also into you. Nietzsche.

It’s a bit fuckin’ late for that, mate.

Ryan and Daniel Evans, brothers and troublemakers on the streets of east London from a young age, trawling neighbourhoods with gangs of ill mannered youths that would have made Fagan proud. Being dropped home by the rozzer so many times started the habit of them both getting seven shades of shit beat out of them by their old man upon return, whether they’d been in trouble or not. That drunken bastard cared little for them and by the time they were eleven he’d convinced their mum to put them out on their ear; there were no other close relatives nearby who they could bunker down with and so they were left to fend for themselves. Of course mum cried when the moment came, tried to take back her consent but after losing another tooth for her trouble she turned away and never looked back.

The twins bounced from place to place, finding squats and hangouts with the other dispossessed ne’er do wells on the streets. There’s plenty of abandoned places in London, and plenty of easy marks and tourists to pilfer from although as soon as he was big enough to reach the pedals, joy-riding and car theft were always Ryan’s favourite past times and he’d hang out at the chop-shops, watching the people work with a keen eye. It was during a bad month, when a bunch of kids had gone missing that they were cleaned out of the local squat and the best suitable place they found was much storied; ghosts, hauntings, poltergeists, even amongst the hardened street youths the building was avoided. Ryan was having none of that though and overruled Daniel’s objections to set up shop there. Three uneasy days later, Daniel had vanished.

No one had seen him, nor heard tell of him, and after hunting and hunting, Ryan finally gave up hope. With his last tie to his parents gone, he also decided to take a new name. Always good to have a fake name, cockney tradition in avoiding the law but more so to distance himself from his past now that he was truly alone. He continued his solitary existence; violence and knife fighting to stake out his claims, car theft and moving from place to place. For a time he made a home for himself in one of the scrapyards, building upon his fascination with the chop-shops by poking at discarded vehicles for himself, thieving tools and manuals and increasing understanding with painful slowness.

It was ultimately through his visits that he’d find himself a new home of sorts. John Butcher ran one of the small illicit shops although mostly doing repairs, and he hadn’t failed to notice the young Jack’s curiosity. Starting with testing the kid and building up a rapport, the old man had no children of his own, nor wife, and eventually took him on as something of an apprentice. There were conditions, that he give up his more obvious illicit activities and practice his reading and get some real education. It seemed like a fair trade, especially given the relatively warm bed he got at the back of the small shop.

He continued here for a couple years, and while he gave up on stealing cars and pilfering from tourists he couldn’t quite give up the fighting and put down his knives. The simmering resentment perhaps of the hand he’d been dealt, even now while finding some semblance of home and purpose. Such things never last in these tales though, do they?

Jack had been out, running some errands to pick up parts. John was getting on, not quite so willing or able to leave the shop any longer and leaving a lot of the work to the young man he’d taken on. A lot of the under the table work had stopped, becoming more legit for convenience purposes more than anything. Avoid trouble. When times are hard however, criminals get pushy. Wanting more money than they’d been offered, a trio had thought to have one over on the old geezer and accomplished it successfully. The heart attack during the roughing up wasn’t expected, and by the time Jack got back it was already too late. Seeing someone their own age and entirely more suited to standing up for himself, the group fled and a chase began.

Two of them were easy pickings, coming to their end with throats slit in dingy alleyways where no one would find or report them for days, and likely no one would actually mourn them. The last was a faster lad, taking to abandoned properties and dark side streets. Unfortunate coincidence perhaps that Jack would have recognized the last building he chased him into, had he been more cognizant of his surroundings. Perhaps he would have had second thoughts, slowed down, given up. It would have been so much easier. Instead, he plunged headfirst into that same house from which his brother had vanished.

The memories of what happened afterwards are indistinct and not readily handled; all sharp edges and even so many years later they still cut like broken glass. Best to skip ahead. Wake up again. Somehow, he’d made it back to the shop. To home. To the stiff body of the closest thing he’d had to a father. Things had all changed and would never quite be the same again. Funerals, impending business dealings, trying to figure out bills, all just icing on that cake of having your soul mangled.

Jack hadn’t expected it, but John had made provisions for this kind of eventuality. His lawyer was all prepared to sort out the inheritance, giving him that shop and a small amount of savings all clear and above board. Given that he’d never really been ‘on the grid’ so to speak, the man was also prepared to do something about that, set up an identity to keep things legal. Some good news helped provide something to focus on while trying to wrap his fractured mind around what had happened and the changes that had been wrought upon him. Going through the motions remained something detached and robotic, travelling with the flow and not entirely thinking about it.

Another thing that was unexpected was one of the regular customers giving him the look. The recognition from one broken soul to another. So it was that Jack got drafted into The Watch. The physical nature of his powers made him a perfect candidate to be a field agent, while his skill with driving and fixing cars provided added value. Learning about what he’d experienced and the Gloom and devoting himself to more physical training and mastering of his so called gifts gave him yet another distraction to not have to mentally deal with all that had happened.

Six years have passed since then. Jack still runs the shop, although he no longer sleeps there. Paranoia has made him a more cautious sort, and he’s secured himself a little corner of the shut down postal underground to claim as his own. He’s experienced more than he’d ever have imagined, put the dots together and worked his arse off to excel as a front line agent of the Watch. He may not be the most well educated, diplomatic, nor occult-savvy of the locals but he can drive you to the scene of the incident and then provide a beating to anything that shows up to take one.


Jack has issues. Like most of the Touched. Life wasn’t kind to him, and in retrospect he still carries around blame for his brother’s disappearance. He overruled and took to that house. It’s perhaps fitting then that it was also his doorway to the Gloom and the tortuous reconfiguration he received there. Similarly he feels that he was partially at fault for John’s demise. Had he only been there. Things may have been different. There’s always so many ‘what ifs’ aren’t there? He takes out most of these frustrations with violence and on the punching bag that hangs at the back of the shop.

He’s careful with who he lets get close, in case something awful should happen to them too. His circle of friends is small. It goes both ways though; people have to earn their place. If he can get others screwed up so easily, then surely others can do the same to him. Self preservation has been ingrained in him from his time on the streets and it’s something that cannot easily be removed.

It’s unsurprising that he’s occasionally prone to bouts of depression; dealing with the Gloom and the insidious activities of the others and having to look at his reflection every morning would wear down any soul but he tries to keep it bottled up; snark, bad taste humour, sarcasm and occasional straight out insults are a method of dealing with these feelings as they arise.

He’s seen a lot, witnessed terrible things and has in some ways become quite desensitised to it; at least on the surface. There’s few people in the world he’d admit to that anything bothers him. There’s that carefully crafted persona that has life slipping by like water off a duck’s back. He tries however, to find things that will allow him to keep a hold on his humanity, to let him believe that he’s not the monster he sees when he looks in the mirror. He has few of them, aside from keeping the shop and John’s legacy going forward, yet he keeps searching for an anchor.

Paranormal Abilities

Shadowstep - Jack is able to collapse in on himself, evaporating into a cloud of shadows and then reforming within a hundred yards instantaneously. This makes him quite the unpredictable combatant, popping in and out of place seemingly at random. Generally he will only move in line of sight. It’s possible to move through objects, but generally unwise. Reappearing on the opposite side of a door is simple enough but there’s the possibility of serious injury should he attempt to move through a wall and find a solid block on the other side. His reforming will generally push aside objects that could be easily moved by an adult but more solid scenery will cause injury; the only time he’s slipped enough to try this resulted in a broken arm. While silent, suddenly exploding into a cloud of darkness and reappearing nearby is not at all subtle when there are people watching. Jack can perform this trick repeatedly, but once he gets started, more conventional travel becomes difficult once he finally stops moving. If he stops moving and stands in one place, then for a minute per jump made his shadow will cling to his heels, making it impossible to run or move faster than walking pace.

Shadow Limbs - After teleporting, Jack is able to manifest shadow tendrils that are approximately five feet in length and seem to grow from the recesses of his clothing. While they look ephemeral, they are as solid as any other body part and are fully prehensile. He’s able to control them without thinking about it, as though they were extra arms and commonly uses them in combat to wield knives. They are not at all subtle and will only manifest immediately after he shifts location (although they do not have to manifest), however, once they have been brought into existence, removing them is not quite so easy. The shadowstuff is loath to be put back in the box, so to speak. It takes at least a full minute of strict concentration to gather up the will to dissipate the additional limbs, during which time Jack can do little else as he fights mentally with his own being to repress that part of himself. The struggle generally leaves him tired and drained for the following half hour and as though sulking, the tendrils will not agree to come out to play again for an hour after that.

Animate Shadow - Jack’s shadow has a mind of its own when he’s not paying attention to it. If he’s mindful, then it will behave but while distracted it has a tendency to not quite copy his movements and make rude and insulting gestures behind his back. This is, obviously, quite difficult to explain. On the upside, with focus and concentration, Jack can detach his shadow from his form and send it off away from his body. It requires he enter a trance of sorts where he’s not at all aware of what’s happening around his body but views the world in black and white through his shadow’s ‘eyes’. He’s able to direct his shadow at running speed to a distance of about three hundred yards; at that point, it becomes difficult to focus and control the shadow. Jack has a suspicion that were he to try and send it further, the link would break and his shadow would be free to cause mischief and mayhem without restraint.

Dark Sight - Jack can see perfectly in the dark, as if it were broad daylight. This has the unfortunate effect of having turned his eyes an unnatural color which he often plays off as wearing special contacts, but it’s still something that makes him noticeable.

Downsides - Aside from Jack’s eyes being the unnatural color, his shadow being incorrigible, his arms not wanting to vanish when they should, and being held down after becoming mobile, there’s also the matter of sunlight. He’s hardly a vampire, and doesn’t burst into flames, but direct sunlight does make him uncomfortable; like an itch beneath the skin. It’s something he can live with, but the gnawing feeling of being in the path of the sun’s rays is wearing. That and the fact that while so (in unobstructed sight of the sun), his exposed skin develops a pattern of faint black lines, like cracks. Missions on sunny days often require hoods and hand coverings lest questions be asked. These markings fade almost immediately once the view is obstructed.

Jack can eat normally at any time, but there seems to be another part of him that’s only satisfied when fed in complete darkness. As though he’s always eating for two, but one of him is far more picky. The meal itself doesn’t matter, only that it’s consumed in the dark. He therefore eats twice as much as a regular person requires, yet these extra meals don’t cause him to gain weight. The calories go somewhere, apparently.

Reflection - Looking in the mirror, Jack always sees the markings of his shadow; black lines that skitter across his face and skin, fractures that lead to some other, darker place and a reminder of where his power comes from. His own eyes seem black and empty, hollow pits opening to some horrific place that’s only hinted at by movement in the void revealed there. His hair seems to have a life of its own, black and wispy and constantly shifting. He looks so pallid in the mirror, gaunt and emaciated with too long limbs that jut at uncomfortable angles.


Fixing - Jack runs a small mechanic shop and has been at this trade for years. He’s got the equipment and the know-how to repair cars, refit them and also how to cut them up for untraceable parts.

Shooting - While not brought up with guns, the six years in the Watch haven’t been wasted and Jack’s trained hard to learn to shoot. He’s particular in that he sticks to pistols, likely some leftover boyhood gangster fantasy kicking in to prompt him to work with two handguns. Sometimes the intimidating look is just as important as the accuracy and while he’s not ambidextrous and the left hand is never a fantastic shot, if you fire enough bullets you’ll hit something or make someone keep their head down. His penchant for being up close and personal makes it easier to hit things too. With his right hand however, he’s got good aim. Rifles, shotguns, submachine guns and other kinds of firearm are all out of his comfort zone however.

Stabbing - Jack’s been knife fighting since he was a kid and he’s never stopped practicing. There’s something about the cut and thrust dance of it all that appeals to him and he’s honed his skills to lethal precision. Fond of longer blades, he’s known to be quite picky when it comes to choosing his weaponry and tends to stick to a pair until they wear out, although he looks after his weaponry just as carefully as he looks after his cars. Commonly these days, Jack wields his knives in his extra shadowy appendages, leaving his hands free to hold guns which makes for a deadly combination.

Driving - While not having many hobbies that aren’t work, driving is something that Jack just loves. He understands the vehicles, and is adept at high speed driving which was initially picked up from joyriding and avoiding the police yet now has more productive uses when it comes to watch business.

Stealing - Jack is quite capable of stealing a car with little trouble. When there are reports on the telly, talking about how savvy individuals can break into even the newest cars in a minute or so, they’re talking about Jack.

Education - Jack is not well educated. He left school at 11, and while John taught him a few things and he’s made some progress on his own since joining the watch, he doesn’t have a degree or any qualifications at all.

Computers - Jack doesn’t do computers. He doesn’t understand them. Windows are something that cars and houses have. The internet is a mystery to him and he doesn’t have the patience to sit down and figure it out. He has to rely on other Watch members to show him the latest hilarity from YouTube and still buys newspapers to catch up on the latest stories.

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