Jai Sinha
Jai Sinha
Jimi Mistry
Jimi Mistry as Jai Sinha
Name Jai Sinha
Status Alive
Age 33
Occupation Touched Watch Investigator
Place of Origin Manchester, UK
Date of Birth November 7, 1979
Player kls81
Timezone US EST
Notes Notes for Jai Sinha

Touched Watch Investigator, a medical dilettante. Minor abilities to shapeshift along the identity-theft lines, which are currently sapping his own identity. Careful, practical, but with a dash of adventurer at the core he tries his level best to deny.


Ordinary Mancunian middle-class existence: rowhouses, three siblings, school uniforms, and Hindu celebrations that his grandparents' generation were the last to put any effort into, as far as his own family was concerned. Jai was a good student and serviceable athlete, but only because he was the oldest, and he had his family's reputation to uphold. He was, in a way, a nonentity — few friends, though nobody explicitly disliked him, good marks in school but not so spectacular as to stand out. His life had already been planned for him from the start, and he knew it.

Jai felt pressured to conform. He would be a doctor. His parents were sure of that and, for a while, Jai was too. He was good in math, better in science, and placed into the Manchester Medical School, doing his clinicals at Salford Royal. But it was purely mechanical. It wasn't an interest. And, during the last holiday before he was set to obtain his MB ChB, something snapped. He couldn't do it anymore.

He left Manchester, fleeing for London, and set up a quiet existence, aiming to disappear rather than hide. Though he held no university degree, he knew he needed money, and he quickly got a job at the Boots in Bayswater, filling chemist's prescriptions for fairly ritzy customers near Whiteleys before taking a long Tube ride back to a bedsit in Newham.

It was just as bad as being in Manchester. He was on the line back home one night a year or two into being in London when he discovered, however, that things could be far, far worse. The 'Way Out' sign that glittered in the Tube led to far more than he had ever imagined. He had no identity, as far as the Gloom was concerned — so he would take others'. And, if he wanted to be a nobody, the Gloom was determined to make sure that he would have to be.

Everything that was a twenty-two-year-old Desi was stripped away, as identities shifted and placed themselves on him, and then tore away when they wouldn't fit. A week later, he was thrust out of the Gloom in the shadow of a council estate — wearing someone else's face. Believed to be a local dealer, he spent a night in jail, completely puzzled until he looked in the mirror — and realized the face looking back at him was not his own. It lasted for a few hours, until the police discovered that they had picked up the wrong guy, and Jai regained his own identity.

The next day, he changed again — but at the Boots, into the appearance of the customer he had taken into the side room to demonstrate medication to. She fainted; he called the ambulance and dashed out the back.

With such a public glitch, it didn't take the Watch long to find him. It took him longer to decide to work for them — less out of antipathy than out of apathy. He truly didn't care — but as the Watch taught him how to control his abilities, and how to try to target the mandatory change for when he was sleeping on most days, he discovered that he did care. It was a purpose. He'd never had a purpose before.

A decade later, Jai is now a field operative for the Watch, dabbling in research where his medical knowledge might be of some help, but mainly concentrating in covert operations. Given his ability lets him take on others' appearance, he's useful when it comes to deception, and he's become a half-decent actor and mimic. He's even developed a bit of personality, which lay dormant for the first two decades of his life.

When he looks in the mirror, Jai sees… nothing, really. It's humanoid. It has two eyes, two ears, a nose, and a mouth, but everything else is patchwork, whirling voids, clothes hanging awkwardly off an ever-shifting frame. At times, he can make out particular points — but they never seem to be the same twice.


Most people who knew Jai before he took off from Manchester might answer this with "What personality?" In all ways, Jai was a nonentity: neither too religious nor too overtly disbelieving, smart but not overwhelmingly so, nice enough but with no real friends. He's not so much a blank in the memory as he is just a gray area.

After the Gloom, however, he's got a few adjectives to his name. Most people who know him outside of the Watch would describe him as similarly underwhelming, but those within the Watch who know what he can do would use words like 'clever' and 'cautious' to describe him. Only a few, who really know him well, would note that he'd very much like to be less practical, hemmed in as much by his past as by the caution he has to exercise with his powers.

He's a Man U supporter, obviously, and he has had a few relationships, although the girls always seem to drift away after a while.

Fellow Watched and close acquaintances who know the drawbacks of his ability — the way he has to spend time as someone else each day (something he mostly manages to time to an erratic sleep schedule, if not used in investigating) and the way that, if he imitates a fellow Touched, he'll take on their drawbacks at an increased cost — can't really blame him for being low-key, all things considered. He wouldn't be around if he weren't.

Paranormal Abilities

Abilities: Jai can take on the physical appearance of people he's seen and people he hasn't (inventing whole personalities). He is limited to wholly human form, and changing whole physical parts of himself as opposed to mere appearance takes considerable effort: He can't just imitate Vincent van Gogh, missing ear and all, at the drop of a hat, and sometimes his ability isn't fully working: he's not a hundred percent accurate all the time. The appearance changes do give him voice changes and the like, but he does not inherit others' memory or voluntary tics: he'll inherit a stammer but not the fact that someone bites his nails. This has made him a careful observer of people.

He also can only stay shifted for a 48-hour period before requiring a few hours' rest in his own form. His power works without study, although it is easier for him to adopt the looks of someone he's seen, and he needs to maintain at least minimal focus, about the level of walking and chewing gum. Being inebriated or high will dull his abilities, for instance.

Drawbacks: The Gloom requires him to spend a few hours not being himself each day. While working with the Watch has meant that he can mostly predict this and burn it off while sleeping, that's not always the case, and very occasionally the changes come on in uncomfortable situations, such as shifting while he's stressed or over-tired; if he hasn't had the opportunity to meet this limit already during the day, it will catch up to him. If he mimics someone with physical weaknesses, he will inherit the same — no matter if the weaknesses are visible or invisible.


Observing/Mimicry: Jai is both a careful observer of people and a good mimic of them. Some of this is down to his natural quickness, but some of it is also because of the time he's spent with the Watch, honing his abilities. He notices a lot about people and stores it away quickly, and he can manage good imitations of many people — sometimes to their surprise.

Medical Skills: Jai was going to be a doctor, though he didn't really want to be. He almost got there. Between that and working for a while in Boots, he's got a pretty decent swath of practical first aid and medical skills, although no paranormal abilities in this arena.

Athletics: Jai's a half-decent athlete, serviceable even if he'll never make his beloved Man U. This extends to practical use of his athletic skills; he's not quite Harry Houdini, but his reaction times are good, and between that and his natural alertness, he's quick at getting himself out of situations.

Levelheadedness: Jai is a clear, quick thinker and has a good deal of common sense. Given his ability, it's as much of a learned as a natural skill.

Culture: Jai's comfortable in Desi London as a whole and with the greater London world as well. He has inroads in both the Indian and Pakistani communities, and speaks passable Hindi.

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