Jude Sonnenschein
Jude Sonnenschein
Joel Kinnaman
Joel Kinnaman as Jude Sonnenschein
Name Jude Sonnenschein
Status Alive
Age 36
Occupation Drug Dealer
Place of Origin London, England
Date of Birth November 4, 1976
Player Ephemera
Timezone PST
Notes Notes for Jude Sonnenschein

Jude Sonnenschein, AKA "Saint" to those looking for a bit of illicit pharmaceutical magic, is what might appear to be a typical small-time drug dealer, but the truth is rarely what it seems. A series of bad breaks and hard falls has led Jude to what seemed easy money, but it's turned out to be a bit of a Faustian deal: His supplier is a Touched with vampiric abilities, and Jude is addicted to his bite; he can't break away from his boss, the trade, or the addiction without fear for his life.


Life was never easy for Jude Sonnenschein. His earliest memories are of his parents fighting and his mother drugged, drunk, or both. He remembers his father leaving in the middle of the night with a duffel bag, ignoring the small boy’s pleas to take him and his sister along. And then there were three.

Jude and Edith were rarely fed enough or clothed well, and became the brunt of jokes at their school. He did his best to protect Edith from their classmates and his mother, though very slight for his age. Between fights with peers and the beatings from his mother, there was little respite from pain. Unfortunately, when a well-meaning neighbor finally called Social Services, there wasn’t enough evidence to take the children from their mother, and the two children refused to confess their mother’s crimes. It is a decision that Jude regretted more than once.

At 13, Jude started hanging around some of the older, tougher kids in the neighborhood. Accepted at last, he did what he could to impress them — which usually meant something illegal. At first it was small stuff like stealing a candy bar; later, he stole from his own mother’s stash of drugs. If he could stay at their flats, he would, as often as possible, despite knowing his sister needed him at home. The police dragged him home more than once for trespassing or suspected theft, but nothing stuck, and the brutal punishment from his mother was worse than a day or two in jail would have been. He still carries some of the scars to this day.

When Edith told him she’d been befriended by ravens, he took it for a pretty daydream. He wasn’t home the night the Gloom took her, and when his mother told him what she’d seen, Jude blamed her drugs for the insane story and for the abduction of his sister. Without Edith to protect, he returned to the flat less and less, and his visits were short as they always ended in a fight with his mother. After a couple of weeks of couch surfing at friends, Jude returned home one day to find his mother three-days dead from an overdose. When the man he'd known as his father was located by Social Services, the man requested a paternity test before agreeing to take the troubled boy in — for a long time, he had suspected that Jude, a touch fair to be his child, might have been another man’s son. He was right, and Jude was truly an orphan. He did his “time” in a group home until 18.

Once out and an adult, Jude got a legitimate job as a labourer, but an old friend to whom he owed a favor asked him for help selling off some prescription drugs; once again, Jude found himself in the criminal life. It was much easier to sell a few bottles of oxycontin, codeine or temazepam than toil all day, after all. His street name became simply “Saint” and he joked that he was simply helping the ill and the weak — it’s not like he was selling meth or heroin, after all (or so he told himself). He didn’t know the supplier who fronted the drugs — his friend was always the middle man… until the day Jude was mugged and robbed of a freshly-replenished supply.

It wasn’t long before someone came looking for the profit. When Jude didn’t have the cash, he was dragged to the supplier, a powerful and rich man with a much larger operation than Jude knew. Terrance gave Jude a way out of his five-thousand-pound debt — it seemed an odd request, but Jude figured the guy was just a bit eccentric and that it was a small price to pay for his life. He agreed to let the man drink his blood.

What Jude didn’t know was the man was Touched and had a vampiric nature; worse for Jude was that Terrance’s bite was intoxicating and immediately addicting, both emotionally and physically. Euphoric and invigorated, Jude enjoyed it, but didn’t plan on going back. After the two-day high and eventual crash that followed, he found himself more than merely crashing — he was trembling, sweating, ravenous, exhausted, despondent and despairing all at once. Other drugs did nothing to relieve the intense and painful withdrawal symptoms. But then Terrance arrived, knowing full well what state Jude would be in. Jude was no newcomer to drugs, but the immediate relief that came from another bite was almost miraculous to him in nature. A symbiotic “friendship” was born.

Eventually, after a few failed attempts to break the cycle, Jude gave in to this life. Terrance began to manipulate him, having Jude handle more of his unsavory business, like taking out the competition or collecting from the other sellers when they were late; the threat was ever present: if Jude said no, his drug would be cut off. Terrance has never explained to him why or how it works, and Jude is still in the dark about the Gloom. He knows that Terrance has other abilities because he’s seen many strange things he can’t explain, but he looks the other way and enjoys the benefits. There is plenty of money, sex, and drugs, so it’s not all bad — or at least that’s what Jude keeps telling himself.


On the surface, what you get when you encounter Jude depends on many things — especially where he is in the high-crash cycle that’s become his life for the past decade. On a good day, he plays up the role of the rakish rogue, using humor and banter to attempt to come off as likable; he can seem cocky and sure of himself, but underneath it all, he doesn’t particularly like himself. He can be restless and quick-tempered, though he’s not inherently cruel or malicious. On a bad day, especially if he’s in need of a fix, he can be belligerent or broody, lethargic, irritable, and self-serving.

Resentment and guilt are powerful forces, and both color his actions and his moods. The symbiotic relationship Jude has with Terrance is one he often resents, especially when he’s coming down from a high. But, like any co-dependent, he’s just as likely to defend Terrance, and, when he’s in a good mood, he actually cares for his “boss” and the source of his addiction. Jude also resents the generally crappy hand that life has dealt him from the beginning and so doesn’t feel bad breaking the laws he does. He feels guilty regarding the disappearance of his sister, and in his darker moods, grows rather melancholy; anything that reminds him of her can throw him into one of these depressions.

He’s no hero; while he feels guilty about Edith’s disappearance, there is a selfish streak and a disregard for laws that allows him to do what he does without feeling guilty; the hedonist in him is happy to reap the rewards and vices of the criminal life. Personally, he doesn’t tend to get close to people because the few people he’s ever loved have abandoned or hurt him. The relations he has are shallow, fleeting and dangerous ones, much like his artificial high.


Drugs: Jude has spent more than a decade of his life involved in drug dealing; he deals mostly in illegal prescription drugs (Oxycontin, Vicodin, Ketamine, Adderall, Ritalin, Valium, Codeine, Morphine, Xanax, etc) rather than the “traditionally” recreational drugs (though he knows where to find those if he needs to).

Observation: He’s (usually) careful about who sees him conduct his business and he (usually) pays attention to his surroundings. He knows how to look for clues that someone is a narc or a cop.

Streetwise: Jude grew up in the city and knows its streets and byways well. He knows what areas to avoid at what times, which shopkeepers and pub owners to trust and which to avoid.

Contacts: He’s been involved with criminal activity since he was 13 years old; he knows many people in both low and high places, and has a few buddies from the group home to call on if he needs help.

Self-Defense: Having a gun can add years to a sentence while the possession of the drugs might result in mere months. Because of this, Jude usually does not carry a firearm, though he does know how to use one. A hidden knife or two can usually be found on his person, and he can fight fairly well. His long reach and quick reflexes are his assets in a fight.

Swedish: Jude is a fluent conversationalist in Sweden; while he sounds like a native, his level of vocabulary and diction is that of an uneducated native speaker, as he learned most of it as a child.

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