David Kincaid
James Gandolfini
James Gandolfini as David Kincaid
Name David Kincaid
Status Alive
Age 31
Occupation Criminal
Place of Origin New York
Date of Birth October 3 1981
Player KincaidGloom
Timezone Central
Notes Notes for David Kincaid

David Kincaid was a criminal - until he disappeared into the gloom for ten years. A one-time small-time player in a low-level organized crime family in New York, he's now adrift and unconnected in London.


David Kincaid ended up in organized crime the same way most people did: his father was in it. He did what he was supposed to do, followed the rules, and rose in the ranks until he was making some respectable money. He did what he was supposed to do and got married, had a kid.

Then he did what he wasn't supposed to do, and fell through into the Gloom and disappeared for ten years - assumed dead. Now he can't go home; if he did, it'd be assumed he'd spent the time in jail or witness protection, and uncomfortable questions would be asked, with potentially lethal answers.


Kincaid projects a rather tough exterior. Organized crime can be a lot like a pack of barely-civilized wild animals: you are safe only until you show weakness. He maintains a casual, even flippant attitude toward cruelty and immorality and a disregard for the basic human rights of those he doesn't see as "his": his friends, family, and associates.

Paranormal Abilities


Kincaid's powers manifest through electromagnetism. Control electricity and you can manipulate magnetic fields; control magnetism and you can generate electricity. This force channels through his body, generated inside him and projected outward either as generated fields or to control already-extant energy. He's also intrinsically immune to the deleterious effects of outside electricity or magnetism; if he's electrocuted, it will hurt but he'll survive. This power is affected by his emotions - when he's in control, the power is controlled. When he's not? It isn't.

Strong emotions also increase his power. On a small scale, when he's calm, he can exert fine control - moving small ferrous objects with dexterity and precision, generating stable, usable electricity for small devices, sending arcs of electricity a few feet away or through touch.

On a large scale, when he's upset or angry, he can exert more powerful influence with considerably less control - frying all the electronics in a building, flipping over a car with no heed for where it goes afterward, blowing every transformer on a block.

The Catch

Using his power? Hurts. It hurts more the more energy he channels, and pain can create strong, unfocused emotions like fear or anger. More strong, unfocused emotions make his power less controlled and more powerful, which leads to more pain and strong emotions…and you see where the danger lies.


It's Just Business

The primary skills that David Kincaid possesses are his vast suite of rationalization tools. Kincaid's had a lot of time to hone these, and they're incredibly useful in letting him do just about anything he can label as "necessary" or can fit into the "rules" he lives by.

…But Seriously, It's Business

Crime pays, and when crime pays, you have to pay taxes on it. Money laundering, investments, running an actual business? These are things Kincaid knows how to do. The day-to-day of extortion, theft, fencing goods, gambling, black market trading? These are Kincaid's bread and butter, but just by virtue of necessity he also knows how to run a legitimate business.

It's a Rough Business

While he's not Ali or Tyson, Kincaid has thrown a punch or two in his life. Whether it's showing someone who's boss with a backhand or a knock-down drag-out fight for your life, Kincaid knows how to fight, fight dirty, and use whatever's at hand. He's used fists, baseball bats, tire irons, chairs, broken bottles, and - on occasion - guns. Guns are hard to get in London, and he's no crack marksman or sniper, but general proficiency and comfort go a long way with a handgun, and Kincaid has that.

It's A Tough Business

Kincaid's a tough SOB. Even before he went through the Gloom, he'd had a hard life. Now? Now he deals with chronic pain every damned day, and it's increased his tolerance. A lot. It takes a lot to slow him down.

Gloom Appearance: In the Gloom, Kincaid's body is covered - all over - with slightly luminescent, blue Lichtenberg figures. These are the spreading, fractal-looking tree-shaped scars that one gets from being struck by lightning. His eyes are filled with blue electric fire, and when he gets angry, it tends to spill out of him in every direction.

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