Levi Ambrose
Levi Ambrose
Marco Dapper
Marco Dapper as Levi Ambrose
Name Levi Ambrose
Status Alive
Age 30
Occupation Detective Inspector, AFO; Senior Watch Field Operative
Place of Origin London, England
Date of Birth November 1st, 1981.
Player tigriscaesius
Timezone EST
Notes Notes for Levi Ambrose

A cowboy Detective Inspector in London with a very busy schedule of fighting crime, dealing with the Gloom, and not going batty with phone calls from his very Jewish mother: "Why aren't you married yet!?"


Levi was an accident between a young American marine on leave in London, and a PhD candidate visiting from Oxford. The two married only out of Judeo-Christian religious necessity, but an odd warmth slowly grew between them despite the father's occasional deployments and fierce patriotism, and the mother's exceedingly rational and studious approach to life. Together, they made the marriage work, shuffling Levi fairly equally between London and Texas.

With both parents quite busy, Levi developed an independent spirit, further fostered by various boarding schools and nearly every summer, which was spent roaming the wilds around his father's family ranch in southwestern Texas. Ultimately, Levi spent time in both British schools and American schools, learning to make friends fast and brushing off their loss when being forced to move somewhere else. It made him very likeable, but often inwardly inaccessible to anyone but his extended family.

Time on the ranch and the bustle of London were naturally very different. Ranch-life consisted of competition with cousins and siblings, be it athletics, fighting, or firearms, days complete with early morning stable-mucking and late-night stargazing. Also, church. London was a whirlwind of language and history lessons from his mother, cultural enrichment, synagogue, and a complete broadening of his global perspectives. They were nearly two different lives, and how his mother and father made the marriage work, he never quite understood.

However, when it came to finally deciding his citizenship - his father on one end pushing him towards the US Marine Corps, and his mother on the other pushing him towards some degree at Oxford - Levi rebelled and refused either, instead taking one of his father's fixer-upper cars (which he had fixed, himself), and hitting the road without giving anyone so much as a phone call of notice.

He took odd jobs on the road - waiter, auto mechanic, …escort - among other things. Money was saved, odd contacts and networks made, and he learned how to really connect with people. But more importantly, looking from the bottom-up gave him a certain perspective, calling on values long-instilled he hadn't much given thought to: Injustice sucks, btw. But before he could find any real outlet for his rising disgust, he found himself back on a plane to London. His mother had taken ill. Cancer.

It would be just like his mother to get sick and manipulate him into coming to help take care of her, and even through the chemotherapy, continued to insist he should go back to school. So he finally settled on a dual/British citizenship and did: Forensics. Unfortunately, this didn't last as long as his mother would have liked, as dedicated studiousness did not sit well with Levi when he could do so much more actually being out on the streets… so he joined the Metropolitan Police, instead.

Levi was a natural for Authorized Firearms training for Specialist Crime & Operations (or so he felt), though it took him some time to gather the level of clout necessary to achieve the approval from his superiors to begin that process, and began his career as a Uniformed Constable. Rising up the ranks over the years, it was in the pursuit of a particularly hostile criminal when Levi found the Gloom, having chased his quarry right into it.

He woke up in an alleyway some days later, having much to explain to his superiors, and changed in ways he barely discussed even which the Watch, who found him shortly thereafter. He still does not enjoy discussing the extent of his abilities, lest someone insist that he use them.

Levi has just recently returned to London after being loaned to the Watch in the States for a series of fairly harrowing missions. (But also to visit his family in Texas). As he's been in the Watch for several years, and the MET for longer, his is an easy name to know around London. (Often as, 'that weird cowboy'.) however, his promotion to Senior Field Operative is a recent development (thanks to his work in the States).


Levi is a confident, affable fellow who has many qualities of the typical southern gentleman: He is polite, hospitable, (well-dressed, of course) and always tries to make himself willing and available to help his friends and peers. He communicates well, and generally finds a way to identify with most people, being typically described as 'charming', 'caring', and 'fun'.

However, the man is also extremely driven and spontaneous, often to the point of impatience, so while he entertains social niceties with abundant smiles and sunshine, he remains forthright, direct, and is typically unwilling to tiptoe around an issue when he can get straight to the meat of a matter—physically, if necessary. No time like the present.

This is particularly the case since his return from the Gloom, now painfully aware that there is always more truth to be found, people to save, and justice to be done—and never enough time for the lot of it. Good humor and a positive attitude deflects the disquiet and anger Levi keeps bottled up, but it's bound to come out eventually.

Paranormal Abilities

Levi is a manipulator of electrochemical energies. This has the potential for very broad applications, but also an abundance of caveats. The following is an exhaustive list, just in case.

Related Abilities

- Memory. These can be read, sorted through, edited, or erased. Granted, more than a glance or erasing an immediate memory is going to take time, and more than just a casual swipe; the deeper Levi has to dig, the longer it will take, and the more obvious the power will be (as a long, intense stare is not likely to go unnoticed).

- Thought. Levi can scan a person's thoughts, implant suggestions, fascinate, and otherwise toy with a person's perceptions. Again, at a casual swipe, the ability is limited to such things as glancing at surface thoughts, a brief Jedi Mind trick, implanting simple suggestions, and so on. More invasive scans, thought implants, and what-have-you follow the above restrictions.

- Anatomy. Electrochemical impulses control body function and movement, which Levi can manipulate. He can (semi-)remotely take control of a person's limbs, or temporarily alter a body's function (such as snapping off a person's consciousness, or at worst, stopping a heart).

- Sense. These energies leave a trace, and often have a marker, which Levi can sniff out. Whether it's a remnant left behind on an object, or following a trail, if there's remaining energy to be discovered, Levi can suss it out. Identifying exactly who it belongs to, however, is a more difficult creature if he's not familiar with that particular energy pattern.

- Melding. Related to the above abilities, Levi can temporarily meld the energies of his nervous system with another's, sharing experiences, memory, emotions, feelings, creating a temporary mind-space for them, and so on. The process can be gentle, or it can be destructive, leading to…

- Vampirism. Electrochemical energy can be stolen, and used to empower some aspect of Levi's own physiology (such as physical strength). The drain is always temporary, and the energy will fade from him, and can be regenerated by the victim… provided he doesn't burn out the victim completely, leaving them a comatose, vegetative husk.

- Bestowal. On the flip side to the above, Levi can bestow his energy on others. However, doing so is an exhausting process, and he's just as likely to burn someone out from giving them more than their systems can handle, particularly if he loses control.


- Typically, Levi must be in physical contact with an individual to enact any of the above abilities (easier), or be close enough where he can extend his electromagnetic field to do the legwork (harder). Regardless, proximity is necessary, and he can't randomly scan someone from across the room (unless it's a very small room).

- Any use of this ability drains the victim of some small amount of their energy, typically not enough to be noticed (or if so, leaving the victim feeling slightly tired). However, even that 'taste' is enough to give Levi a slight, drug-like high (or a very profound high, given the amount of energy taken), which is strongly addictive—so much so that Levi is very sparing with the use of these abilities beyond very minor scans or immediate memory wipes, etc.

- The more addicted and 'high' Levi is from the use of these abilities, the more his sense of Justice becomes warped. Suddenly, outright killing the bad guy doesn't seem like such a bad idea, because the system's going to let him walk free anyways. Or, he has the right to kill people, because he upholds the law—No, he /is/ the law. Then he gets more 'high' from using the abilities, goes more wacko, and… you get the idea.

- Messing with this energy is like messing with fire. Manipulating it or drawing too much from a particular person can damage or burn out their neural pathways, causing severe or irreparable damage. Likewise, Levi's own pathways are not immune to trauma… overuse can result in a personality shift (like his sense of justice being warped, mentioned above).

- Finally, the more different from human someone is, the more difficult it is for Levi to use his powers on them. Other Touched are offered a natural defense to this, given they are somewhat more alien. His powers will still work on other Touched, but it takes time and concentration—plenty of time, in fact, for said Touched to just slug him in the jaw and ruin the moment… or simply walk away.


Daredevil Athlete: Levi was that guy in school who could do everything physical, be it rugby, football (either), rowing, gymnastics, wrestling… The man has little fear, and excels at physical challenge of all stripes, having the muscular body as well as the scars and remodeled broken bones to prove it.

Summer Cowboy: Every summer, Levi would return home to work on his father's family ranch in the American Southwest. He's an adept herder, horseback rider, survivalist, and well-rounded ranchman and handyman.

Marksman: Pistol and rifle-play was also a hallmark of his American summers, hunting included. While Levi would never claim to be a sniper-level crack-shot, he remains extremely skilled at the maintenance and use of most firearms.

Fisticuffs: Levi has a high level of proficiency with several styles of fighting, from general brawling to Aikido/joint locks and Jiu-jitsu/grappling, and practices daily… mostly as a hobby, and for the sheer enjoyment of the exercise.

Failed Forensics: Science and Levi had a brief and passionate love affair, which ended when Levi decided he'd rather be actually chasing the bad guys rather than being stuck in a lab for all hours. Regardless, he walked away with a practical knowledge of chemistry and the like.

Gotta Catch'em All: Experienced, dedicated, and relentless in the pursuit of truth, Levi has proven himself a talented investigator and detective… even if he's never been particularly keen on the paperwork… or kowtowing to the bureaucracy. He specializes in homicide and forensics.

Barely a Polyglot: Levi is multi-dialectal in American Standard, American Southern, and the London varieties of English. He defaults to American Southern, which often gets him odd glances. He's also fluent in Hebrew and Spanish, has a passing familiarity with a few Native American languages, and can read Arabic, (classical) Greek, and Latin.

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