Lex Sun
Alex Kai Wen Wei Sun
Alexander Lee Hom Wang
Alexander Lee Hom Wang as Alex Kai Wen Wei Sun
Name Alex Kai Wen Wei Sun
Status Alive
Age 23
Occupation Accountant/camera guy
Place of Origin Hong Kong
Date of Birth June 3, 1989
Player LexGloom
Timezone CST
Notes Notes for Alex Kai Wen Wei Sun

Bodysnatcher with potential.


Lex grew up knowing he wasn't going anywhere. His dad was a maintenance guy, his mother was a woman of virtue who disappeared about once a week for the entire night and occasionally came back with bruises, and there was no way he was doing /anything/ that wouldn't end in a hatchet in someone's head or a knife in his own back.

They lived and worked in the Wei Sun building, a tall tower not far from Sun Bank, which was primarily occupied by employees of the Wei Sun Conglomerate, a massive banking institution known for its questionable morals and taste for large accounts and open stock markets. Mr. Wen, as Lex's father was called, handled everything from the toilets to the management of the nightly cleaning - all told, it was a prestigious position for one whose father had been a mere fishmonger. Things got darker still when his mother died in an automobile accident on one of those "nights out" when Lex was nine. His father dissolved into drink and stopped giving a damn what happened to the boy, leaving Lex to handle the day-to-day living and Mr. Wen's boss to repeatedly threaten termination yet never quite go through with it.

With this august background behind him, Lex was amazed to learn, as he exited high school with a mere pile of A's rather than A+ in everything, in addition to two serious offenses and two minor ones, which ought to have disqualified him from pretty much everything, that he'd been somehow granted full coverage by the Tran Wei Sun Memorial Scholarship, created by the Tran Wei Sun Foundation - /if/ he completed financial courses at the University of Hong Kong. He hadn't even signed up to be considered for a scholarship, yet he found himself judged as the "most promising student" of his class.

His father actually woke up out of his delirium long enough to order Lex to go. He'd hear no argument, and he actually called the foundation while Lex was out to let them know that his son /was/ accepting the scholarship.

The name of the scholarship caught Lex's attention and he did a bit of research. Tran Wei Sun, indeed related to the same Wei Sun Conglomerate which employed Mr. Wen, was, it turned out, the only son of Chan Wei Sun, Director of the Conglomerate. He'd passed away recently, three months ago, in fact, in a motorcycle accident. The foundation and scholarship had been set up less than a month later, and he was its first official recipient. The only information available on the internet was a pair of fluff press releases; his name hadn't even made the papers.

The privacy didn't last forever. By his second semester, he found himself in an interview room with a lawyer after a minor altercation in a small bar that had spilled out into the street /right/ in front of a police car. Calmly, pleasantly, and with iron beneath his words, the lawyer explained that this particular scholarship came with a morality clause. In addition, Lex would kindly refrain from embarrassing his father - his /real/ father - or he would find himself and his family, such as it was, subject to misfortune.

Papers were filed. Lex's name was legally changed under threat of his father's termination. He found himself set on a career course that was defined for him not by his own desires, but by blackmail and deceit. He still went by Wen, but when he looked in the mirror, on occasion, he found that he didn't recognize the man looking back at him.

Four years of this would wear on anyone. He rebelled, of course, but in small ways - he couldn't risk the father he loved for the pleasure of angering the father he didn't. He grew withdrawn and distracted. His chosen career grew by sheer requirement - and by the small legion of tutors Mr. Sun Wei hired to see to it that he comprehended the lessons. The lawyer became a regular companion and drinking a regular solace - literally a solace, for he couldn't risk letting the reason for his discontent slip out in a drunken rant. Publicly, he lived as a distant relative of Mr. Wei Sun's. Privately he went by Wen. And deep down inside? Lex wanted to die.

It was late one night that he got the urge to walk. That walk lead him to a dark building with a tall balcony upheld by white pillars covered in graffiti - and it was there that the Gloom took him. It held him for a year. In that year, his concept of self was changed and tested, twisted and re-formed. What came out the other side in London one night was neither Alexander Kai Wen nor Alexander Kai Wei Sun.


Moody, alternating between cheerful devil-may-care and off-putting dissolution. Lex has his father's tendency towards alcohol and other addictive substances. He can be combative and is not the sort to give up - he values his own life less than he values what little face he feels he possesses. This leads to difficulty on occasion when he chooses not to back down. That sort of thing is rarer since the Gloom broke him, however - these days he's as likely to simply attack from another angle on the grounds that it was the most practical thing to do - there is a certain sociopathy to him which may or may not fade as he becomes used to being Touched. He prefers to be seen as a vibrant and wild creature, always in charge of himself, lawless and free… but the illusion is difficult to maintain, and often falls.

Paranormal Abilities

Lex is a bodysnatcher. He is able to spiritually leave his own form and hop into another, leaving his own body vacant and ready to be inhabited by an Other. There are, of course, restrictions on this ability.

- Whatever Lex jumps into must be large enough to contain him. With testing, this mass has been determined to be roughly a third of a meter, cubed, of water. He cannot simply hop into a single insect and fly it off - the attempt would backfire and give him a tremendous headache, and might kill the insect.

- If the mass of Lex's target is larger than he is capable of controlling, he could jump into it, but he wouldn't be in charge. More on this later. For practical purposes, the upper limit of Lex's "control" is a large human being - he will not be driving elephants through the center of town.

- How the target experiences this loss of control depends on the target's degree of association with the Gloom. If the target is perfectly normal, it is likely to rationalize the contact or completely shut down. It might remember nothing of the entire experience, having gone essentially unconscious for the ride. If the target is Touched or Other, the target could very well be quite aware of what was happening, and might even be able to communicate via a sort of telepathy - Lex perceives his target's body as his own, so his target's thoughts, physically speaking, would be his own as well, though not initiated by his own 'mind'. A target skilled in mental control could easily eject him by convincing his instincts that the body had died or was no longer a suitable host, though figuring out that that would work should take longer than a mere "I don't want you in my body zap."

- Power use: Lex is capable of using intrinsic powers within an Other or Touched that he has taken control of, such as claws and teeth, with his own level of skill (unless the Other or Touched in question is cooperating with him and uses the ability on its own behalf). If the ability is an inborn ability of the form he is occupying, he can use it. If not, only the true owner of the body can use it. Said owner might very well be able to use the ability without Lex's consent if the owner is conscious and the ability does not require body movements.

- If a body Lex is possessing dies, he is immediately ejected as a ghost. It is an incredibly unpleasant state and he will immediately inhabit the first form he comes in contact with. If his own body dies, a similar effect will likely take place.

- If Lex's own body is killed he will have no 'permanent' home. He will be able to use his powers, or continue the intensely uncomfortable state of being a ghost. Permanent possession may have a very deleterious effect on his target - it is likely to go insane from imprisonment in its own body, and if it is conscious, might create a very unpleasant living environment for Lex, mentally screaming at him or trying to throw him out until it figures out how. It's likely to make him rather uncomfortable. If he manages to find an unoccupied-by-its-normal-inhabitant body, such as a coma patient, he will have to fix any physical problems with it and boot out any other current inhabitants before he can take over. It might present a solution for him, however, if worst comes to worst.

- Even when without vision, Lex can see things he is able to possess. The world appears in a grayscale, faded manner to him, with targets he can get into highlighted in a manner similar to infrared. The range of this vision is the same as Lex's normal vision, without being dependent on light level - anything he could see in full daylight conditions is a potential target, assuming it meets the necessary conditions. Lex cannot possess something he cannot see but knows is there, and he cannot see through objects with this vision. Seeing even a sliver of a being would be enough to allow him to overtake it, but he could not posses it upon seeing its shadow from around the corner.

- This vision is hazy and would not allow Lex to see details or read books - it exists merely to highlight his targets and is not a substitute for clear vision. If he tried to navigate a house in the dark with it, he'd likely trip. It does work while his eyes are closed, however, and might be helpful against distractions. In addition, the vision is real-time, which means it visually wavers with a being's qualifications as a host. Since being 'alive' is one of the potential qualifications of being a host, if a being is in the process of dying, Lex can tell that, and can even make an educated guess as to how close they are to death. He is not likely to be fooled by creatures "playing dead".

- Suitable targets include lone individuals and groups of similar individuals within the mass limits described above. This covers anything from human beings to a swarm of insects to a small pack of wolves. The target or targets need not be willing, though a willing target would glow slightly brighter in Lex's vision. A target must be animate or alive. Lex could possess a zombie, but not a dead person. Lex cannot, however, tell whether or not a target is already possessed, which could present a problem for him if he tries to take over it.

- Once out of his body, Lex's form is empty and unoccupied, and acts as a beacon to non-corporeal Others. It's a free body they can hop into and get up to all kinds of mischief. If he's gone for more than a minute, his body should be presumed to be occupied by an Other, though the signs might not be obvious. Some Others might merely want to contemplate "their" toes or enjoy the act of breathing for a while; others might crave the taste of human flesh. In Gloom-infested locations, the duration before occupation is likely even less - it could easily be mere seconds.

- If Lex's body is unoccupied, he can hop back in by 'going ghost' briefly and re-entering it. If it is occupied, however, he will fail to possess it and will be immediately bounced to the nearest habitable body.

- If the body is occupied, Lex can't get back in except by bringing the body he's occupying close and touching the original body. At this point his spirit is forcibly transferred back in.

- A fellow body-snatcher could easily repel Lex from a body he's trying to take over - he can't very well take over in a single glance if there's already someone inside. In that case, touching the target would likely result in a war of wills. This would come down to a story decision or a random roll if no consensus could be reached. This might come up if demon possession comes into play.

- Lex is especially vulnerable to effects that will knock him out of his own body - he is easier to possess. By the same token, he is Touched and more likely to know how to deal with it.

- While Lex is possessing someone else, if a Touched catches sight of him in a reflection, they will see his Touched reflection.

- While someone else is possessing Lex's body, their Touched reflection will show up rather than his.

To the Touched who dares take a full look, Lex looks insubstantial and hacked, somehow. His face doesn't quite fit together, as if it'd been shattered and repaired badly with glue. He seems human enough - if seen through a crack-crazed mirror - save for the insubstantial feel to him - he could easily be mistaken for a man already dead.


Handyman: Lex expected to take after his father's line of work. Accordingly he knows how to fix everything from a clogged toilet to a stuck elevator, and how to handle various building-related emergencies. Given the wrong tools, he could probably jury-rig things back into working order, and given the right tools, he might even be able to effect a repair.

Accounting: Lex did complete all the courses required to graduate as an accountant in Hong Kong's business climate. He knows Hong Kong tax law fairly well, and the tax law it was founded on is British. This knowledge is probably not directly one-to-one applicable to UK taxes, but it might be handy while preparing the yearly taxes, and Lex could be of use to a financial institution willing to train him.

Math: Lex does figures in his head like a snap. The ability comes from a minor amount of natural talent and a whole lot of repetition.

Cameras: Lex had a minor infatuation with cameras in his youth which he will be parlaying into a minimum-wage job at a camera store. He knows what lenses are, how to clean them, and why pixel size is important (and why you ought to prefer film over digital unless you can afford an awful lot of pixels). This was not a large part of his life, but will hopefully become one as he learns more in the course of time.

Street smarts: Lex went through a long stage of quiet rebellion, and that lead to frequent brushes with the law - and the wrong side of it. He was, for a while, "in the scene", and could easily slide back into it in London. He knows where to find drugs, how to take them, and what to do to avoid being caught. He knows how to recognize the guys you don't screw with. This knowledge probably doesn't translate directly, but it is certainly enough to get him started.

Cantonese: Lex speaks and writes Cantonese as well as English, particularly the dialect called Hong Kong Cantonese.

French: Lex had secondary school French instructions. He's forgotten a lot of it but might be able to fumble out an awkward conversation if forced to use it.

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