Grail Lindworm
Grail Lindworm
Zita Johann
Zita Johann as Grail Lindworm
Name Grail Lindworm
Status Alive
Age Unknown
Occupation 'Talent Agent'
Place of Origin Unknown
Date of Birth Unknown
Player SecondArchetype
Timezone CST
Notes Notes for Grail Lindworm

Lindworm is a 'Talent Agent' - she finds jobs that need doing, and matches them up with people with unusual abilities that can do them.

It could be argued that she exploits others for her own profit, or that she helps the Gloomtouched to fit in with the larger world.

Either way, her wealth and power and greed make her a presence in the supernatural world - and while she doesn't usually pick fights, she has a reputation for getting revenge on those who renege on their deals with her.


Grail Lindworm, or at least someone with the same name, has been around for a while. At least a hundred years, if not longer. What or who exactly she is is unclear, although it's clear that she seeks wealth and power, and often does so through the realm of interacting with the Gloomtouched and finding profitable work for their unique abilities while taking a cut of the proceedings.

Most recently, however - in fact, just back in the 1950s - a novel thing called The Watch was instituted. Lindworm helped fund it with a generous grant, and has continued to do so over the years. She tries to keep tabs on them and their personnel, and sometimes tries to recruit them or hire them for onetime jobs. The Watch is, of course, aware of this, but her funding of them and friendliness towards them has kept them from taking too much umbrage - so far.

The Watch is aware that the one known as Grail Lindworm hasn't aged since the Watch was founded, and has some kind of power to prevent people from lying to her when they look in her eyes, as well as impressive physical abilities. They're also aware she often deals in shady business, but only the kind that can't be tracked legally due to the special powers of those involved.


Lindworm has a sort of relaxed arrogance which comes from her deep belief that she's better than everyone around her.

Treating her with respect means she'll treat you with just a trace of it in return. Treating her without respect doesn't make her so much angry as dismissive - you must not be very bright if you're not kowtowing to her, she figures.

Betraying her isn't a personal slight, it's foolishness that must be punished as an example to others - thus, the more public the betrayal, the more punishment is neccessary.

She's generally open and honest about things which most people wouldn't be, which gives her the illusion of honesty, but she's not afraid to lie - she just doesn't think you'll be believed if you lie too often.

She has a greed for wealth and power that exceeds that of a normal human.

Paranormal Abilities

  • Ambiguous Form - In the Gloom, Lindworm is a dragon, but reflects as a human in mirrors and senses as an Other to people with such abilities. In the normal world, she is a human, but reflects as a huge dragon, and senses as a normal Human rather than a Gloomtouched or an Other.
  • Draconic Power - In the Gloom, Lindworm is as strong and tough and armored and winged and clawed as a large dragon (12 feet high, 30 feet long, I'm not going to bother calculating wingspan but it's large) would imply. Out of it, she's merely incredibly tough and strong for a human, jump improbable distances, and climb and claw things with her toes and fingers. She can breathe fire in either place, but the amount she can breathe at a time is proportional to her size.
  • Hypnotic Gaze - When looking directly into Lindworm's eyes in the Gloom, one can't speak unless one is honest and open. While looking directly into her eyes in the real world, one merely has to not lie.
  • Mental Prowess - When in the real world, Lindworm has eidectic memory and can do complex calcluations in her head instantly. When she's in the Gloom, she merely has a good memory and can do simple calculations(addition, subtraction, multiplication, division) in her head instantly.
  • True Sight - When seeing something, Lindworm can immediately tell if it's from the Real World, or the Gloom, or a mixture of the two(like a Gloomtouched). She can also see places where it's possible to go between the Gloom and the real world. In the real world, she can see these places between even through other objects if reasonably close to them. In the Gloom, she needs direct line of sight.
  • Hunger - Lindworm needs to eat roughly what a dragon would eat, no matter which world she's in. In human form, this means she needs to eat a heck of a lot.
  • Human Frailty - While as physically tough as a dragon, Lindworm is only as resistant to diseases and viruses as a normal human is, even while in dragon form. She's more resistant to narcotics and poisons in dragon form than a normal human would be, but not to the extent that a huge dragon should be.
  • Dragon's Hoard - Lindworm can't sleep unless she's on top of a pile made out of valuables, although she can sleep perfectly comfortably on a pile of gold and jewels and cash. The amount it takes to allow her to sleep slowly grows over time.
  • Stuck In Time - Lindworm doesn't age, and if given enough years, will eventually heal any scar or other normally permanent damage.


  • Martial Arts and Athletics - Lindworm has achieved the basics of boxing, and a number of other martial arts, as well as a variety of athletic pursuits. With her inhuman strength and stamina, she can get amazing results out of these basic moves, but she looks like an amateur to a professional.
  • Mathematical Genius - Lindworm can do all math.
  • Business Management - Lindworm is well aware of business, investment, management, and all that jazz.
  • Business Languages - Lindworm can speak English, Spanish, French, German, Russian, Chinese, and Arabic with varying degrees of proficiency.
  • Esoteric Knowledge - Lindworm has been alive for a while, and thus can remember a bunch of ways to do things that are no longer relevant to most people in the first world - shearing sheep, making soap, sharpening swords, etc. She might not be great at them, but she knows how.

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