Jonathan Lynch
Jonathan Micheal Lynch
Liam Neeson
Liam Neeson as Jonathan Micheal Lynch
Name Jonathan Micheal Lynch
Status Alive
Age 44
Occupation Senior Field Agent
Place of Origin Dublin, Ireland
Date of Birth December 21, 1966
Player Kimmers
Timezone PST (Pacific Standard)
Notes Notes for Jonathan Micheal Lynch

Ireland born, former military and a long time member of the Watch as one of their more senior field agents. Brought in when he wife became one of the Touched. He's a loyal member of the watch. While not Touched himself, there are some that feel that his continued involvement in the Watch has changed him. Maybe it's his stoic nature, or maybe it's his need for vengeance after his wife's supposed death. Quiet, brooding and intense, yet seems to exudes calm no matter how bad the situation is. Maybe it's his willingness to jump into the fray without much thought to himself.

What some people don't know, is he thinks he's seen his wife among the Others. Is it a trick of the evil that is brought on by a stubborn spark of hope that she isn't dead?


Lynch had a typical childhood, growing up with siblings and being an all around good son. (Or that's what parents tend to say about kids, blocking out the rest.) The important thing is that there was a girl in his life at the time. They grew up together and even married shortly after Lynch came out of basic training for the British Army right after completing his schooling.

Time in the Army didn't last long. Especially, after his wife had their first child and they decided they just wanted to settle down. Once his commitment was up, he left the Military Police Force looking to join a civilian police force somewhere. That didn't end up happening, as his wife disappeared one day on her way to pick up their kid from school.

It was weeks before some mysterious stranger showed up at the door to tell them that she was alive. It took everything in Lynch not to throttle this person and demand where she was. The woman they brought to him, wasn't like the woman who he had married. Something was different and strange. Haunted. The explanation he was given seemed too wild and far fetched. The Gloom? He also didn't like being told that his wife couldn't return to the life as they knew it, as she was now one of the Touched. They would go on to explain that he and their child were in danger of these entities finding them as well, but they also mentioned they could use someone with his skills to help with their cause.

That was their real reason for revealing his wife's condition, he just knew it. They played the perfect card, as he couldn't leave his wife alone in the hands of these people. He agreed.

The Watch seemed made for him and he fell into the life easily, moving himself and his kid to the safehouse his wife was, moving only when she was given charge of one of her own. Eventually, his wife would show little bit of that woman he loved and grew up with, moments where the haunted look would leave her eyes. Those were the few good times in the darkness of life.

Being in their line of work, those moment never last. Today, it's been ten years since his wife was asked to help on a mission, using her paranormal ability to assist in a matter. Lynch had been away on his own, else he might have protested his wife being asked to help. They told him later that she had been killed, but had no body to bring back to him. He had to be pried off the man that took his wife into danger and sedated.

When he finally came to, he threw himself into his work with no regard for his life. He became a quieter man, more thoughtful and showed less emotions. Her loss made Lynch feel like there was almost nothing left to hold him back from eventually joining her. Only the child they created together kept him from completely giving in.

People often wonder how it is that he's lived so long. Twenty years is a long time to be facing down the Gloom and paranormal, especially being un-Touched. The Gloom changes you. Changes you, like making you think you see the face of your supposedly dead wife among the Others.


He is a man that has seen a lot in his life time and that at times leaves a person kind of hollow. When he's on a mission he can kind of fall into a zone of no emotion. It leaves him free to do what needs to be done.

This helps with Lynch's ability to appear and sound calm in a tense situation. People will pick up the emotions of others in their body language and tone of voice. So when others might be showing fear or panic, Lynch's voice and demeanor remains for the most part calm. Not to say he isn't in a panic on the inside or worried… but he tried to be the calm in the storm when he can. If provoked enough, he has a fiery temper.

When a person first sees him he just seems rather sad, like a man with a lot weighing on his mind. He's a rather quiet man despite the rumbling of his voice that could carry across a room without trying. He's very serious about his job when he has one, not one for shirking his duty if he can help it.

When it comes to friends and family he is loyal and fiercely protective. Especially when it comes to his only child. Since the supposed death of his wife, he's not been afraid to throw himself into situations that threaten his life. Especially, to help someone in need or someone he cares about.

And despite all his seriousness, the man does know how to smile and does so on occasion, tho it's more then likely those closest to him that see it.


Watch Related: Lynch has nearly twenty years of experience with the Watch. So he is very familiar with all procedures and protocols, related to being a senior field agent.

Observation: He's been trained to be aware of what it going on around him at anyone time. His eyes are always on the move, watching and studying people, placed and things. He's always watching for something to be off, for something not to seem right, something that will try to kill him. It's kept him alive this long.

Firearms: He isn't the best shot in the world, but he can hit the target and that's what counts. He might not be able to put all the bullets at center mass, or put a bullet in someones head with barely any effort, but he can get the job done. He's been trained in hand guns, grenade launchers and various assault rifles.. Things taught to him over the years.

Military Police Background: Beyond the typical police training that comes with being an MP. He knows a thing or two about weapons, hand to hand and various types of combat. While he's a better shot with a gun, he can at least hope to survive other combat. He still carries a collapsible nightstick on his person. Never know when you'll need it!

Driving: As a military police officer, he has had plenty of training in defensive driving. Meaning he has learned to handle a car in a high speed chase. He's also known to refuse to let others drive if he's in a car. Nothing personal.

Gardening: This was his hobby and one he enjoys. He is pretty good at growing vegetables and roses. He knows all the tricks to keeping the unwanted bugs at bay and the best way to fertilize his plants. Even if he finds it all bland and boring at times, he has pride in what he's grown. It's not unusual for him to have a UV lamp and a couple of plants in the colder weather. It helps keep him sane.

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