Mairwen Blevins
Mairwen Enfys Blevins
Amanda Crew
Amanda Crew as Mairwen Enfys Blevins
Name Mairwen Enfys Blevins
Status Alive
Age 27
Occupation Fashion Designer
Place of Origin Talgarth, Wales
Date of Birth May 23, 1985
Player kiasyth
Timezone CST
Notes Notes for Mairwen Enfys Blevins

Mairwen is a Welsh native that's lived in London since she was a young teenager. Her older brother vanished into the Gloom when she was fifteen (and he was 21) and, after being missing for seven years, has reappeared: Touched. It's been five years since her brother came back from wherever he vanished to and something has been stalking her. She's never seen whatever it is, but she's scared and doesn't know who to turn to.


Born in Talgarth, Wales, Mairwen is the youngest of her parents' two children. She has always looked up to Ianto and followed him around from the moment she could walk, even though the boy, six years older than Mair, didn't really like having his baby sister hanging around all the time. By the time Mairwen started school, she could swim and climb as well as any boy her age.

School was pretty normal for Mairwen with her never really being at the top of her class, but never failing any classes, either. Her family moved away from the only home that either of the children had ever known when Mair was thirteen, but even that didn't effect her as badly as her brother's disappearance would.

It was shortly after her fifteenth birthday when her brother's fiance woke up to find that Ianto, now twenty-one, hadn't come home from work. It was even more puzzling when, upon police investigation, it was discovered that he never clocked back in from lunch. Mair was devastated! The brother that she loved with all of her heart, the man that she still worshiped because he was her older brother, was gone and no one knew what had happened to him. There was an extensive police investigation and a missing persons report filed, but no news ever came; not even when her family hired a private investigator to search for him.

Life does, no matter how much we might wish otherwise, go on, however, and so it did for Mairwen. A couple of years after her brother's disappearance, she started dating someone, herself, though it wasn't destined to last. One thing about Bennie that would influence the rest of her Mair's life: He introduced her to, and got her interested in, the SCA. What started as a way to release pent up anger and aggression from her brother's disappearance, became a lifelong passion for the young woman. She knew she didn't have the bulk to last in heavy combat, so, instead and with her parents' consent, chose to take up rapier, or light fighting.

She attended her first tournament when she was eighteen, though she didn't participate until she was twenty. The first time she fought on the field of battle, she was soundly beaten in the first round. Mair sulked for a month, but quickly forgot her disappointment when, a month after the tournament, Ianto walked through the door of her family's flat in Camden. He looked worn and like he'd walked through hell and back, but her big brother was back.

Unfortunately, things were never quite the same after Ianto returned. He was distant and avoided contact with the family as much as possible. What Mairwen and their parents didn't know was that Ianto was being hunted by Others. The monsters of the Gloom wanted to get their escaped prey back through any means necessary. Once again, he disappeared, but this time, he at least told his family that he was going away for a while and would contact them when he could.

Ianto's second vanishing act, going into hiding in a Watch safehouse, though he didn't tell anyone that's what he was doing, struck Mairwen hard, though she had outgrown being angry at the world and learned how to channel her emotions in a constructive manner by now. She was, by this time, well old enough to legally drink, so, to give herself something to do in moments when she wasn't going to school for fashion design or practicing with her rapier, she took up brewing; making mead of her own both for personal use, to sell when she went to tourny, and to give to friends and family.

Eventually, Mair did graduate from university and got a job at a small London fashion house where she started trying to distance herself from the more geeky things she had done. She kept going to SCA practices and started practicing at home more. She moved out of her parents' flat and got a small place of her own, renting a climate controlled storage unit to age her mead in, and started trying to make friends outside of the kingdom she belonged to; models, designers, even attempting to cultivate a friendship with a local fashion reporter for the paper. Her truest friends, however, would always be fellow SCAdians and a couple of gamer friends from high school that she still talked to a couple of times a month.

Everything was fine for a few years, Mairwen got a bigger place with a small garden and decided to plant some herbs, even going so far as to research healing herbs that her SCA persona might have known. This inspired her to do a little research into what the mystical properties of those same herbs might have been thought to be, such as red anemones for protection and catnip for luck.

It was around the time that she planted the anemones and catnip that things started getting… weird. Not at home, but anytime she would leave the flat she couldn't shake this feeling that she was being watched or followed. It wasn't that anything really happened, but she couldn't shake the feeling of there being something—something with ill intentions following her.

The last couple of months have been spent looking over her shoulder and jumping at every shadow or unexpected noise. Mairwen's even gone so far as to purchase a large maglite to carry in her purse anytime she leaves the flat.


Mairwen is a very happy young woman, most of the time; according to her brother, she's annoyingly happy. She tends to come across as very shallow, only seeming to care about fashion and what's popular at any given time. She can be fickle, changing her mind any number of times before finally settling on something, usually whatever her first choice was. Deep down, she's a very caring and passionate person. She has very few real friends, but she is extremely loyal to them (everyone else, she'll pretend to be friends with, then turn on if they do something, no matter how minor, that pisses her off). She is a closet geek and enjoys role playing games and comic books, typically Yank comics, but doesn't like to admit it. While she pretends to be dumb and not know what's going on, most of the time, she is quite knowledgeable about certain periods of history and is a member of the SCA, focusing, mostly, on brewing and rapier combat.

The last couple of months being hunted, or maybe haunted, by something that she just can't explain or make sense of have made Mairwen jumpy and easily excitable. She's not the kind of girl to get scared, though: Instead, she tends to get mad and lash out at those around her. Upon returning from the Gloom, she has developed an intense fear of noisy machinery: She cringes away from heavy machinery and loud cars, and the sound of a garbage disposal will send her running from the room, screaming.

Paranormal Abilities

No longer as solid as a normal person, Mairwen is now a half-liquid creature in human form. She is able to shape her extremities into any shape she wishes, from clubs to keys, and is able to flatten her entire body thin enough to be able to slip through a crack in a wall or under a door, though it takes a great deal of concentration to hold her shape. With a great deal of pain, as though she were cutting off a limb with a rusty butter knife, she can separate up to 20% of her body mass and control it just like the rest of her body for a distance of up to 15', using it to spy or perform simple tasks that require two people.

She has to maintain a constant level of concentration to keep even her normal shape; if she gets distracted or stops paying attention, she will start to lose form. She is most comfortable looking like herself and is unable to perfectly mimic another's face, though she is able to make slight alterations to her own appearance. She has a constant prickling pain in her skin, like tiny shards of glass permanently embedded in her skin.

She is vulnerable to extreme temperatures; extreme cold, temperatures below -5C, slows her down, making it difficult to move and making her feel lethargic. Extreme heat, temperatures above 35C, cause intense pain, worse than a third degree burn, as she starts to evaporate.

Her reflection, when viewed in a floor length mirror, is that of an inky black pile of goo that shifts and moves of its own accord. It stands no more than 12" in height. She can not be seen in a mirror where the floor where she is standing isn't visible.


Brewing - Mairwen has been a member of the SCA for ten years and has been brewing mead (and making wine) for the last six. While her mead doesn't always turn out good, she makes it in small enough batches that she doesn't have to worry about having more than five gallons of something that didn't work.

Herbology - In the last year, Mairwen has begun studying 1200's medicinal uses of common herbs. She still considers herself a novice, but can at least cure a hangover.

Fencing - Mairwen has been practicing light fighting in the SCA ever since a high school boyfriend got her interested in the organization when she was 17. She can wield a rapier and main gauche with little difficulty and is learning how to fight with twin rapiers and a rapier and buckler. She practices alone for an hour a day, and has practice fights with others for about three hours once a week. Her fighting style is practical, or as practical as sword fighting can be, rather than for Olympic style competition.

Costuming - While she doesn't make most of her own costumes anymore, Mairwen has been known to make a few things for herself and others that are mostly historically accurate replicas of fashion dating from before the 1600's.

Fashion Design - Inspired by her experience making costumes, Mairwen attended university to learn fashion design. She did moderately well in school and was employed at a small fashion house in London upon graduation. She has yet to make a name for herself, but tends to, inspired by her experience as a light fighter in the SCA, incorporate armor into most of her designs.

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