Michel David
Michel David
Ralph Fiennes
Ralph Fiennes as Michel David
Name Michel David
Status Alive
Age 40
Occupation Doctor
Place of Origin Bordeaux, France
Date of Birth 11 January, 1918
Player GodRain
Notes Notes for Michel David

An emergency medic and general doctor for the Watch, Michel is a French transplant who leads a pretty quiet life despite the people with whom he associates. Rumour has it that his time spent in the Gloom lasted literal decades, and there isn't much more information available about what he can do as a result.

He owns a corgi.


Born in 1918, Michel David was raised by his grandfather, his widowed mother, wife of a dead soldier, passing away when he was too young to remember her. Living in a remote, rural part of southern France, his grandfather was a family doctor for a small village, and, more secretly, an occultist. Having brushed with the nightmare world that lurks beneath this one early in his life, the senior David made it a point of personal study. If he worked with anyone, Michel never knew about it, although he can recall written correspondence, odd visitors with odder stories. Michel was taught some basics, fiction mixed in fact, but remembered that should he ever feel compelled to enter the darkness of a forest, or a shadowed alleyway, or a hidden cellar, to stop, make the sign of the cross, and turn the other way.

It seemed at odds with his grandfather being an otherwise scientific man, and for Michel, lent him more credibility. He never really disbelieved in the supernatural in the same way he has (or had) a belief in the Catholic God.

Meanwhile, he attended school, and proved to be a bright student. When he was a teenager, his grandfather succumbed to an illness, and passed away after a long and lingering battle with death. Michel wound up selling his property and possessions, and used the money to move to Bordeaux to continue his studies. He pursued medicine, with the aim to become a surgeon.

By now, the rumblings of World War II to were rolling around. He was 22 when France sectioned off submission to the Nazi regime, and like many Frenchmen, saw this as a tragedy to the integrity of his country. He never completed his medical education when he wound up joining resistance movements that simply took up too much of his time, and participated in acts of terrorism against the Germans. His broken education was used for the purposes of acting as a medic but as well as treating families and citizens who were afraid to visit hospitals or couldn't afford treatment, but soon, he took up guns as well, and learned skills needed to participate in guerilla tactics and warfare.

But Michel never saw any real battlefield, or even the end of the war.

He had been carrying out a romance with another young man his age, something kept secret and simple. Until one day, like so many do in increasing numbers since the beginning of war, he disappeared when the shadows took him away. Michel never witnessed this, and his comrades were convinced that his friend had been taken, arrested, possibly never to be seen again, dead or alive. Call it a gut feeling that Michel thought better, old superstitions playing at his suspicions, and the circumstances and patterns around them feeling far too strange for it to be anything earthly.

Against all reason, he went looking. Some strange heroic notion clashing at odds with the lessons of his upbringing that maybe he could reclaim his partner, the idea of leaving him in some nightmare world, confused as to what it was and unable to escape, too unnatural for Michel to do anything else. He went out at night and moved through the most shadowy places, searching for that pull, the one he'd been taught to resist. Eventually, he got what he wished, and was brought into the Gloom. It was 1942.

There he remained for a long time. There was a bargain, he thinks, he doesn't know. It's possible he sacrificed himself for his friend, or maybe that was trickery, or rationalisation. Either way, he was unmade, unravelled. That Michel doesn't remember much is mostly due to suppression than having experienced nothing for so many decades.

The Gloom took its time in restoring him. 1996, Michel found himself on the same street he'd wandered down, at his peak physical health as if he'd been reshaped, and he probably had. Traumatised and almost mute, he lived on the street for perhaps a week before getting hospitalised, where he was fed, seen to, given time to recover. His own resourcefulness saw him through the next few years as he tried to come to terms with what happened, but he did live roughly — he possessed nothing to his name and was completely out of his familiar time, thrown into an age of vehicles and electronics and more modern living than what he was used to. His new found abilities, too, were a source of misery — at first, he had an impossible time in trying to contain them, often needing to move around so as to minimise the damage in a given location.

The Watch finally tracked him down.

Once determining that he was not a malicious threat, simply one who had been affected by the Gloom, they offered him help and direction. Michel was resistant, at first, given to distrust, but finally allowed himself an opportunity to learn and control his powers. His medical background was also utilised, at first for simple things, before he committed himself to study so as to be of more use in this way. Better than that find a use in any other way.

And so Michel David has been with the Watch for sixteen years now. In a 180 degree turn around of mental health during this time, he is officially stable and whole, and assists as a doctor as well as an agent, although somewhat recent physical disability has made him less inclined towards the latter. He also studies his abilities, embracing them and their potential, suspecting them capable of more than what he's seen while also remaining reluctant to practice.


Meeting him is to meet a kind person. He is inherently compassionate and exudes a gentle kind of warmth, in the way that people who are also deeply sad at their core can. Michel does not have any kind of normal existence behind him, but nor does he feel like he's suffered compared to others as a result. He tends to be more preoccupied in the hurts of other people, with an instinct to help or soothe or patch over, and his maturity lends him an ability to do so for all that it isn't a natural talent. The sanctity of life is something he believes strongly in, and views murder and pain as wasteful and unnecessary.

This also tends to make him a bit judgemental. Although Michel has faith in the good of people, if people choose not to agree with him via their actions and choices, he is prone to some dismissal and snap judgement. He suffers, also, from a certain amount of arrogance. He has a habit for lying for what he might feel is the good of other people, or being passively manipulative. Being condescending is a fault he is aware of, at least, and sometimes tries to curb.

He's also probably slightly crazy.

Naturally given to being controlling, this can cross over into interpersonal relationships too. He will fuss if he feels like he is at the mercy of someone's whims, and be possessive about those who are close to him. There is probably a root to this that is due to all the things he has been through and the reasons behind them, but it's also just who he is too.

That all said, he has a good heart and good intentions and wants good for others, and that is the front most people see from him.

He is no longer Catholic.

Paranormal Abilities

It's difficult to define succinctly what Michel can do. At its core, his ability pertains to the thinning of reality between the real world and the Gloom. It is a highly volatile power and something that he doesn't use often, risking his physical health each time he puts it to application. The way it affects reality around him has some off-shoot advantages or quirks.

Its true purpose is to split reality enough for things of the Gloom to come through, or for things from our world to enter it in turn. This is not anything he does with regularity, if at all. But in the hypothetical event that he does, it generally induces a vicious lightning storm and other atmospheric irregularities, and so it often pays to execute this ability inside. He can actually uses this side effect to his advantage to create a hostile environment, both with the danger of wild and frequent lightning strikes and the presence of malevolent energies, although there is no guarantee that he'll be protected himself, just a better chance than that of others in the vicinity in that he has a little bit of control over the immediate area.

He can also use his ability to augment the abilities of other Touched people as long as they are within the same area. The effect can be blanketing and wild, or more focused on one individual (that said, this is a thing he is still learning).

There are some physical drawbacks. His human frame goes through a lot for his abilities to be effective. In the aftermath, he suffers from a condition that means that some days are better spent in a wheelchair, or with the aid of a cane. During when he is actually executing his abilities, he's never been healthier.


Medicine: Michel has a broken education in emergency medicine and surgery, but has since honed his skills for all that he lacks official and modern qualification. He has a passing knowledge in current medicine (medication, tools, etc.) but could not operate more modern medical machinery, which speaks more of his lack of experience in a hospital than it does of his willingness to update his knowledge base. But for the purposes of the Watch, he's reliable.

Languages: Michel's first language is French, and prefers it to all else. By now, his English has surpassed his Spanish; he can read in it, write in it, hold conversations in it all with relative comfort. The latter is passable but not natural for him.

Occult: Though his childhood does not lend him any current and relevant advantages in this area, Michel makes a point of being well-read when it comes to matters of the supernatural. This is both in practical experience as well as theoretical.

Combat: He can shoot (and maintain and look after and identify) guns and participate in some hand-to-hand combat. The latter years have seen a physical decline, but Michel makes a point to stay as fit as he can in order to retain his mobility as much as he'd like to. Those who are physically proficient as a notable skill will probably not see competition in him, but he may not be as easy a mark as imagined.

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