Moira Andrews
Moira Andrews
Dakota Fanning
Dakota Fanning as Moira Andrews
Name Moira Andrews
Status Alive
Age 21
Occupation Trust Fund Loonie
Place of Origin London, England
Date of Birth November 1, 1991
Player CharlottesGirl
Timezone Eastern Time
Notes Notes for Moira Andrews

A paranoid schizophrenic with visions of ghosts, spirits, horrific futures and monsters.


Moira's life was normal from ages 0 to 12. Raised by a wealthy family in a posh apartment, she had all the pretty little things a girl could want. Her mother, aunt to Edith Sonnenschein, had broken off with her family entirely and married a respectful, extremely wealthy businessman. Only when Moira was 12 did she accidently wander into the basement of her old apartment building, and find her way down, down into the Gloom. So much for a picturesque childhood.

She came out Touched. She heard voices in the walls (spirits who had lived there previously), she dreamed horrible dreams (evil spirits tormenting the girl with her new-found ability), and she saw creatures walking around (vampires, werewolves, and more were revealed to her). She knew things about people that she couldn't possibly know. At first, her family just assumed she was having social growing pains, going through an awkward phase. Harmless enough. It was an evil spirit that followed her through the Gloom though, that eventually convinced her that to save her family, to save the world, they must be cleansed with fire. The fire eventually killed her family and two other people in the apartment building. She was deemed unwell and too young to be tried, and sent to a Secure Child Home until she turned 21, when she would be released with a sealed file and a new future.

That setup only lasted a year, however. While she came into the center an odd child with nightmares, by 13 Moira's apparent schizophrenia progressed quickly. The Secure Home sent Moira to an institution in order to serve out the rest of her sentence. She was diagnosed there, and began to receive treatment. The schizophrenia was real - a dire consequence of her new-found abilities. She had nightmares of violent events. She saw ghosts wandering the halls - even communicated with them, did favors for some of them to make them go away. She knew things about the patients, the staff - things she could never know, and which she quickly learned to hide. The only escape she had was another entrance she found to the Gloom - an old vent shaft built into the stone in the laundry room. Time and again she would go back into the world she thought was hers - where everything she saw was really real and made sense. Several years of this pattern made her abilities stronger - and the cost more dear.

Eventually, Moira began to respond to treatment (or appear to) with the help of medication and mandatory therapy. She began to see the Gloom, her visions, the monsters all as a part of her sick delusions. But, deemed no longer a threat to society, and per court order, Moira Andrews was released on her 21st birthday.


Moira is a paranoid schizophrenic, and all of the bells and whistles that go with that. Years of torment have made her somewhat cold, cynical and distant. She often has trouble telling her visions and clairvoyance apart from reality. Sometimes this often causes violent fits when Moira becomes too confused.

Having spent most of her life in an institution, Moira is often extremely socially awkward. Behaving in a social situation often involves playing 'pretend'. She tries extremely hard to fit in, often failing.

Also she appears to be stuck in the fashions of the 60s.

Paranormal Abilities

  • Visions | Moira sees things, sometimes before they happen and sometimes after or during. These things are usually violent or evil. They can come in the form of nightmares or in the form of visions.
  • Clairvoyance | Moira senses things. Sometimes this can be great violence around a person, sometimes this can be incoming trouble. Oddly enough, she also senses things about people that wouldn't normally be knowable.
  • Aura Reading | While not exactly able to see auras, Moira can tell if someone is touched, a vampire, a ghost, or something else.
  • Medium | Moira talks to dead people! Sometimes they're friends. And people wonder why she's crazy.


  • Stealth | Moira has spent many years sneaking around an institution, dodging security and nurses. She's a sneaky little one!
  • Occult | Jumping back and forth to the Gloom, watching visions of monsters, communicating with ghosts has given Moira strong insight into the occult world.
  • Piano | One of the few leisure activities on the ward, Moira became extremely adept at classical piano.
  • Medicine | In no way officially trained, spending give years on a medical ward (and spending most of that time highly medicated) has given her a solid basic understanding of medicine, pharmacology and first aid.
  • High Fashion | Not limited to high fashion, but her family had previously enjoyed a very fine lifestyle, and Moira became accustomed to the finer things.

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