Nathaniel Valentine
Nathaniel Valentine
Rufus Sewell
Rufus Sewell as Nathaniel Valentine
Name Nathaniel Valentine
Status Alive
Age 29
Occupation Real Estate Investor
Place of Origin New Orleans, LA (USA)
Date of Birth January 15, 1983
Player Zuiderduin Rio Zuiderduin
Timezone CST (USA)
Notes Notes for Nathaniel Valentine

A real estate investor dragged into the Gloom while exploring the attic of a house he bought, hoping to fix and sell it. New to all this “paranormal stuff”, Nathaniel is relatively clueless about the nature of what’s happened to him. But it’s a sure bet he’s going to learn really quick. Hopefully not in a way that’ll get him killed.


Nathaniel was born in America—more specifically in New Orleans, Louisiana—to a middle-class couple. His childhood wasn’t particularly hard or stressful, his parents were normal, his upbringing relatively mundane. No strange sounds. No history of relatives seeing horrible things and telling him about them. His childhood was far from idyllic, but hey… he grew up with things others didn’t have, and parents who didn’t mind splurging every once in a while.

Perfect? Nah. But it was normal. And that was all that mattered.

School went normally. Life went normally. He went into business school, and discovered a couple of things about himself. He had a talent for numbers, as well as having quite the flair for negotiation and fast-talk. But he also had rather good negotiation skills. So he had some career choices coming out of business school. Car salesman? No, that was an obnoxious trade. Insurance salesman. No, he didn’t like the thought of bilking people while playing with protection for the people and things that clients cared about.

Then he heard about it. Real estate investment. Buy a dilapidated property, fix it up, and sell it for profit. That was a satisfying thought—buying eyesores, helping the community by fixing them up, and helping another family by putting them inside a house that could become a home!

That actually worked pretty well for Nathaniel. He did this for a number of years, eventually deciding to take his show on the road, so to speak. He traveled to London, and found a nice house there to move into. It wasn’t long before he happened to catch wind of a property on the outskirts of the city. Upon closer examination, he realized the place was practically a gold mine. If it could be fixed up, which didn’t look like it would take much, this might be the score of his career. The kind of job that dreams were made of.

Nathaniel bought the house at an auction, and once it was in his possession, he went to the place, to look it over. So eager was he to take stock of the place that he ignored the creepy feel of the place. He told himself it was just nerves. It was easy to do—there were no flocks of carrion birds in the trees, no creepy animals hanging around it, no weird old man warning him to stay away. Perhaps there should have been. Sadly, real life doesn’t work like that most of the time.

He started going over the house, assessing what needed to be done. Everything seemed relatively normal until he reached the attic. In that attic, there seemed to be some strange, dark corner that the light of his flashlight wouldn’t part the darkness of. It put him ill at ease, but he paid it no mind. Until he heard a sound come from that corner. Foolishly he approached the corner, and saw yellow, slit-pupiled eyes. A cat, he figured. So he got closer, intending to get the cat out of there.

Except he found the darkness itself reaching out to grab him, and it pulled him into that dark corner where no light could pierce. What followed after that was like a long nightmare. All he remembered was that it was horrifying and terrible.

When he woke from it? He soon discovered that three weeks had passed. Where had those weeks gone? What had happened in that time? Where had he been?

All he really knew was it started with that house. And that he could not, in good conscience, sell that place without getting whatever was in there, out first.


There are a number of things one might notice about Nathaniel upon meeting him. The first would undoubtedly be his charm and civility. Due to his job, he has learned to act in a manner that is polite without being either too friendly or too distant. He has learned to read people rather well, as he needs to know how much is too much where friendliness is concerned.

While not what one would call a social butterfly, he is nonetheless able to converse with someone fairly easily, and can manage small talk as well as more important chatter. His organizational skills are exceptional, and he tends to be able to motivate groups to work when morale is down. Of course, he also knows how to motivate said group to work for less than they normally do as well, silver-tongued devil that he is!

Though there is another side to his personality. He is plagued by hazy nightmares of his time in the Gloom, made worse by the fact that he has no idea what happened—since his imagination builds on these vague, unclear recollections, to build them into true night terrors. Since returning from the Gloom, caffeine is quickly becoming his best friend.

Paranormal Abilities

Nathaniel’s time in the Gloom bestowed upon him a number of abilities. He can communicate with felines, and to a limited degree, control them; he has the natural grace, agility, and balance of a cat in any of his forms; he can shape-shift into one of two forms besides his natural human one—a normal white housecat, and a tricolor cat with two tails.

Strangely, he also has the seemingly unrelated ability to manifest ghostly blue fireballs from nowhere. These fireballs give off no heat, but they can be used to light up an area. They also possess actual physical mass, so even if they don’t “burn”, they can still be used for attack and defense.

In the mirror (or when other Touched focus well enough), Nathaniel's eyes appear feline—the iris takes up almost the entire area of the sclera, bright moon-yellow, and with slitted pupils, like those of a feline. The color is bright and vivid enough to catch attention if seen.


Negotiation: Nathaniel does actually have quite skillful negotiation abilities, arising from his tendency to pay attention to who he’s talking to, to get to know them, and to read his conversation partner correctly. In this way, he can generally tell someone what they want to hear.

Business: Having put himself through business school, Nathaniel is rather good at keeping a business running. He knows how to balance a company account, make executive decisions—he can not only keep a business running, but make it prosper.

Handyman: While he’s not certified to do framing, insulation, wiring, or any such task that requires that things be done to code, Nathaniel can paint, do cosmetic woodworking, paint walls and trim, or any other task in a house that might be considered “cosmetic”.

Silver Tongue: One of the other things he learned was how to tell people exactly what they want to hear. It requires that he pay attention to his conversation partner(s), and read them well. He uses this both to negotiate deals for houses and contractor work, and also to encourage those who are working for him to do their best. Those practiced in keeping their expressions unreadable may make this more difficult for him.

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