Nasreen "Naz" Khan
Nasreen Khan
Nargis Fakhri
Nargis Fakhri as Nasreen Khan
Name Nasreen Khan
Status Alive
Age 21
Occupation Mechanic
Place of Origin London
Date of Birth September 30, 1995
Player tigerchild
Timezone Pacific US
Notes Notes for Nasreen Khan

Naz works at Devil's Hogs (bike shop front of the Devil's Court Motorcycle Club) as a mechanic. She's also a medium.


Nasreen Khan was born to Usman and Seeta Khan in London. Usman was a taxi driver in London, and had lived there for nearly 10 years before travelling back to Pakistan, marrying, and bringing his new wife back with him. Nasreen’s older brother Faiz was born in short order, and Nasreen followed 6 years later. Faiz carried the weight of the family’s hopes and was pushed to excel. Nasreen was the apple of her father’s eye and frankly not a little spoiled by both parents. She loved to “help” her father maintain his cab, a source of delight to her because of the time she got to spend with him uninterrupted; a rarity as he was constantly working to support his family.

Her world changed when she was 8, and Usman was murdered in his cab while working. Seeta did not speak English, and the family quickly fell into financial dire straits. They moved out of their working class neighborhood and into the infamous Broadwater Farm. Faiz continued his high achievement, and tried to take over the man of the house role, but Nasreen spun into full acting out. She was soon running around with kids up to no good at the Farm. She was still attracted to cars and bikes, perhaps as a lingering way to feel close to the father she so painfully missed—except for now instead of just repairing them she was acting as a lookout and then helper to older kids stripping and stealing them. Luckily for Nasreen, she never got caught directly involved in the escapades, but she was well on her way to ending up in the Young Offenders Institution for girls until another radical shift in her life.

When Nasreen was 14, after Faiz was dragging her away from yet another party that he’d finally found her at, she witnessed him being dragged into the gloom while she was helplessly inebriated. He protected her—or so she thought—and vanished. In actuality, she was briefly in the Gloom, and perhaps Faiz did keep her from staying long. For a while in the local media there was interest in finding the promising young man from The Farm, now a student at Imperial College, but like any news story it died down, leaving Nasreen confused and heartbroken and Seeta nearly catatonic with grief and loss.

Naz tried to clean up her act. She also…started seeing things. Brief images of things not there, voices that nobody else could hear—she worried that perhaps she was going crazy—and sometimes she still does, until her abilities started to manifest a little more and she realized that she was seeing ghosts or spirits. She has connected it to her vague memories of Faiz disappearing and was frightened of her powers, always worried of the day she anticipates seeing her brother amongst the dead. She’s never told anyone about her abilities, assuming (foolishly, but not too out of character for someone of her age) that she was the only one. She stopped partying because of how much it distressed her mother, and because not drinking or getting stoned at a party was just…not as much fun. But she still helped do vehicle jobs on the side. She got interested in motorbikes in particular, since they were a lot easier to customize and outfit without a need for a huge space.

Naz started looking for a more above-board job once she left school. Her contacts led her to a bike shop run by the Devil’s Court Motorcycle Club. She was hired when she was 19, as first as a glorified receptionist for the “legitimate” front of the business. But it wasn’t long before her love of the machines came through and she even started showing up some of the regular mechanics; after a rough bit, where she proved her ability to deal with the boys’ club and give out the verbal barbs as well as swat them down, and most importantly her intuitive and excellent skills as a mechanic, she was accepted as part of the crew—two years later she's one of the boys. She's recently started building her own custom bike, though she’s been busy enough to not have completed it yet. Over the last two years she's developed a friendship with Christian Hammons, being one of the few people he allows to work on his bike, and through his recommendation she’s worked on many bikes for the club. The money hasn't been bad. Not enough to move out of the projects yet, but enough to keep her and her mother in relative comfort there.


Naz is saucy, and can be as crude and rude as the men she’s used to hanging out with at the garage. She doesn’t take anyone’s shit, though she handles it more with sharp retorts than physical violence. She’s also very good at what she does (motorcycle repair and maintenance, and some street racing cars), and she knows it. She’s small, and cute, and looks like she could clean up very well as a lady—but that’s pretty much shattered the minute she opens her mouth.

She does have a softer side, however. She's close to her mother, and always takes mummy's calls (like 5 times a day) and still lives at home. She likes bringing in treats for the guys at work- as long as they don't tease her about it (and they don't, because they want to keep getting the treats). If someone she knows falls on hard times or needs cheering up, she'll try to do it (anonymously). She loves holidays, especially ones where you're supposed to give presents to people. She's not an observant muslim, but she does take her mother to friday prayer every week—because it's something that makes her mother happy.

Paranormal Abilities

Naz can see dead people. Not just the type of dead people that are laying around on the ground, either. She can see ghosts. She isn't the most sensitive medium typically, for whatever reason she blocks most but the strongest presences out, excepts for snippets here and there (she might see a brief flicker of something at the edge of her vision, or catch a sound). When she drinks or indulges in other substances that lower inhibitions, however, she gains her full ability and can see/hear/interact with ghosts fully.


Multilingual: English, Punjabi, Arabic

Mechanic: She likes to work on/custom build/repair/pimp out things that go fast. Especially motorcycles and illegal street racers.

Riding (Motorcycle): She doesn't just work on them, she has a need for speed too. It's *not* just for the boys.

Cooking: If you like tandoor cuisine and naan, you might want to be her friend. She learned to cook Punjabi-style at her mummy’s knee.

Painting: Of the spray paint/vehicle variety, doesn't do much good to repair if you can't blend paint and make things look as good as new. Want some cool looking designs for your ride? She can help you with that too.

Singing: She doesn't like to do it in front of people really, and she isn't a professional, but she's got a good amateur voice. Get her drunk enough and take her to karaoke and she might get some genuine applause.

Small Blades: Naz has hung around some pretty rough people, and has been honorary little sister to some of them too. She knows how to use a small knife, at least so she can damage someone enough that she can try to get away.

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