Noah Wright
Noah Wright
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Noah Wright
Name Noah Wright
Status Alive
Age 32
Occupation MC Treasurer
Place of Origin Westminster, London
Date of Birth January 18th, 1981
Player Vilheam
Timezone PST
Notes Notes for Noah Wright

"This is your life, and it's ending one minute at a time." Fight Club, by Chuck Palahniuk.

Noah's story isn't about how his father let him down, or any deep seated rage against the system. But, the quote fit his life for another reason. Mainly, it did so for the time he spent hard at work to achieve a job he never really wanted; to spend the rest of his life with that job. So instead, he went to extremes, to the polar opposite of his life as it was, and into crime and violence. He came out a changed man. But what really changed him, even more, was his first step into the Gloom.

His brain is an asset now. To both the paranormal side of his club, and to their associates in the watch. But there's a price to pay for the knowledge he receives, and only time will tell if he will come to lose himself in the process.


By all accounts, Noah's upbringing was clean. He suffered no more abuse or punishment than any other kid in the public school system. And even there, he flew under the radar enough, with his tight knit group of friends. His parents were, and continue to work as accountants for a company dealing with the importation of eating utensils and dishes into the state of New York from Korea and China. With their products rarely, if ever, reaching London itself. A boring, clean lifestyle; for a boring, clean life. And it was with this company that Noah was given his first job, as a mail room clerk. Where he sorted mail addressed to those within the business, and sent out what they needed sending.

After graduating from secondary school, with his abundance of extracurricular clubs under his belt, and with his part time job for funding, he found it easy enough to get granted a scholarship into University for an Accounting program. Which he didn't squander, staying the full length in order to achieve his bachelor's degree. But only barely, at that, with his busy introduction to a lifestyle of freedom and partying offered by the student community. By comparison, achieving his degree in order to return home and start his new job with the same company was the most restrictive, between that and the educational institution that required both his time and his money.

Noah lasted one year and twenty-seven days at his job as the bottom rung accountant for the company. He knows that, because he watched every single minute pass him by. His leave from the company wasn't a quick one though. It didn't occur with him simply quitting, no. What happened, is that his escapism caught up with his professional life. He had been frequenting seedy dives, far outside the realms of his home neighbourhoods, sampling the life of the other side. Drinking, fighting, even some drugs, it all followed him back to work. And, mild mannered employee that he was, it was the 'war wounds' that showed most. It got him a couple warnings, first, but eventually it just got him fired; and in deep with the parents.

His time in those seedy establishments took priority over him finding work. Even when his money started drying up, with his rent backed up two months, and his power long since shut off. And when he completely ran out, he'd made enough friends to couch surf, to drink for free, on occasion, and get into bars without meeting the cover charge or two drink minimum. He was free, but strapped for resources of any sort. A fact that would eventually weigh thin on even the closest of his new friends. And so, a plan was formed.

He managed to nab a few rejected cheques on display from one of the bars that he frequented, altering the name of the bar written just enough to cash it at another on welfare benefit day, without involving his own name or account. It all went smoothly, until he cashed the wrong cheque, and got a member of the Devil's Court Motorcycle Club on his tail. It ended badly, with Noah bloodied and severely beaten. But, offering his services amongst his pleas for his life got him a second chance.

Using his white collar skills to the benefit of the club, Noah managed to cover their collective asses in the fields of tax evasion and money laundering. And in doing so, was able to get a first hand look into their lifestyle. A lifestyle that he grew to desire. He even expressed it, wishing to become a prospect. And while they did accept it, they had figured that their rough treatment of him during this phase, and ceaseless use would wear on him. When it didn't, they routinely increased it, but he didn't quit. He committed violence, when asked to; stole, when asked to; and fetched groceries, when asked to. In the end, he came out of the process a great deal harder, in body and mind; and with a very useful set of skills. It was a long, harrowing journey, but he did eventually get his patch. And a few more years of service got him Treasurer.

He didn't get introduced to the supernatural side of the club in this time, though. No, he was primarily associated with the mundane criminal side. That is, until he found the Gloom, entirely by accident. As he'd been running from police, scattering out into the night with a number of drunks, all fleeing the same bar brawl gone too far. Hopping a few fences, even beer bloated, he managed to put some distance between him and the cops. But one corner into a dark alleyway too late, he got further away from them than he ever wood have liked.

Flashes of macabre autopsy tools and collections of dusty tomes colour Noah's all too hazy memories of what went down, on the other side. The dissection of beings most strange, and even, perhaps, a turn on the table himself. And pages fluttering before his eyes, instilling the potential for its knowledge deep within the man. When he emerged, he emerged touched; with a vast collection of knowledge at his disposal, within himself, whenever he might find himself willing to pay the price. And since then, he has fit with the MC's association with the Watch, for his own strange abilities.


Noah is laid back. Perhaps far more laid back than he should be, for all that's in his head and on his shoulders, respectively. Yet, still, he finds enough balance in himself in order to remain calm, and to find the humour in situations where there likely shouldn't be any. That is, when he's not forced into the ceaseless grind of menial work. For that, is when his dour demeanour comes out, accumulating the stress of frustration of however long he spends at it. Usually, though, he can find a 'secure' outlet for such build up, but secure doesn't mean safe or healthy.

He's outgoing, when he has the time to be. And something of a thrill-seeker when he has the means, and even just a little booze in his system. His penchant for trying new things may have gotten him into more trouble than its worth, but he always returns to it in time. Also, while his duties for his club may include targeted violence among other crimes, Noah isn't a sadist or sociopath, and generally doesn't enjoy those sorts of things in his spare time.

As a holdover from his old life, Noah remains something of a bookworm. This ranges from collections of of fiction, with a wide selection of genres, to non-fiction; the latter, usually of a variety relating to philosophy or cultural studies. This hobby is something all too known by the club, and has gotten him his share of ribbing; along, likely, with numerous other reasons for the extended length of his previous prospect period in the club.

Paranormal Abilities

Necronomicon?: Noah has an encyclopedia of the Others in his head. Once he uses it to identify a particular kind of Other, by appearance or abilities, he can than access it further for additional information; such as habits, and biology, which each may contain hints as to their weaknesses. And not only that, but the contents also include information on the Gloom itself. Though, this latter addition is highly specific, requiring Noah to actually already know a bit about what he's searching for; and holds a much higher price.

Insufficient Memory: These prices, in kind, are modules of space for the book. Operating on a capacity, with his brain, and held knowledge, the encyclopedia requires that memories be deleted in their place. The price for knowledge on the others is set, well enough, as it asks for a day of memories in return. But that day has to actually warrant Noah remembering it, for some reason or other, holding at least a minor significance or unique happening. While those more in depth searches, for the details of the Gloom itself take entire months, or more, depending on just what it is that Noah seeks. Coupled with the value of his ability, this cruel flaw makes it all too easy for Noah to literally lose himself inside of his studies.


Friends in Low Places: Noah can easily network with his former kin. No, not his actual family, they don't even send Christmas cards. But with the drunks, dead beads, welfare bums, and low end criminals, Noah can usually find an in to get some gossip. Even if it might cost him a drink or two, or even some smokes.

Higher Education: Noah made it through University, despite the distractions offered by booze, drugs, and partying. And this not only extends to his skills as an accountant, but also to his general academic prowess; especially where his research abilities are concerned. With foundation courses concerning essays and sourcing set deep into his mind, he can seek out the more mundane kinds of strange knowledge without the help of his abilities. He's a biker with a library card.

Outlawing: While not as skilled in matters of violence and biking as most of those born into the life, Noah is more skilled in these areas than the general public. He knows how to operate a gun, even under high stress. He isn't a professionally trained fighter, but he fights cheaply enough that he remains a danger in a scrap, regardless. And he doesn't fall off of his bike all that often. At least, not lately.

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