Padiril Venkatesan
Padiril Venkatesan
Sendhil Ramamurthy
Sendhil Ramamurthy as Padiril Venkatesan
Name Padiril Venkatesan
Status Alive
Age 37
Occupation Architect
Place of Origin York, England
Date of Birth January 18, 1975
Player sndwurks
Timezone EST
Notes Notes for Padiril Venkatesan

A father who has lost a wife and daughter to the Gloom.


Vijay and Pratha Venkatesan wanted a better life for their children than they could afford in India. Like many in the mid to late 20th century, they left their home in the Tamil region, and moved to England in 1978, bringing with them their daughter and two sons. They settled in a suburb of York, Vijay working with a local construction firm and Pratha finding employment as a teacher. They drove their children to succeed, and with their second child, Padiril, they succeeded.

Padiril always had a bit of an artistic talent, but one that was not found in the abstract. With a keen eye and a sharp mind, he found a calling in architecture and engineering, bringing his mind to the task of designing buildings that served their purpose and were pleasing to the eye. He worked most of his way through secondary school, and was able to afford university with only minimal support from the government and his parents. He studied engineering at the University of York, and graduated with a Masters Degree in civil engineering and design.

Hired by a prominent firm in London, Padiril moved to the city when he was 25. It was on one of his first assignments for the firm that he met Allison Marigolt. Examining a condemned building for his firm, he was surprised to find her there with a camera, taking photographs. When he did not initially call the police, they found a connection in their love of old, unused buildings. What started as a simple connection turned quickly into love and marriage. By the time Padiril was 28, they had their first, and only, child, Maya.

Unknown to Padiril, Allison had been a member of the Watch for a decade before he met her. A Sojourn in the Gloom had left her Touched with spirit photography, and she did what she could to combat the Gloom while keeping her family in the dark. Even when she fell ill after encountering an Other which stole her breath, she did not reveal the organization to her husband. The doctors diagnosed her illness as an inoperable form of asbestosis, and Padiril was helpless as he watched his wife die a slow, painful death. Even on her deathbed, she only ever gave him one hint as to the truth of her malady, making Padiril swear to keep Maya away from "where the shadows gather".

The death of Allison hit Padiril hard, but he had their daughter to raise. Making Maya his priority in life, he thought it was only the imagination of a child missing her mother that made her see "the dark woman" in the streets, and hear her mother's voice calling to her. He grew concerned as the incidents became more and more common, causing Maya a great deal of stress. When Maya vanished after staying late at school, Padiril felt his world begin to tear apart about him.

The police told him a simple story. The teacher who had been helping his daughter heard a woman's voice calling her name out in the hallway. When she went out to investigate, she found no one. Returning, she discovered the door locked from the inside, with the lights off and the shades drawn. When she finally got inside, Maya was gone without a trace.

Padiril sought out the teacher, to hear the story for himself. When he played a message for the teacher from his voice mail, his worst fears were confirmed. The teacher had heard the voice of his wife who had been dead for two years.

It was then that the Watch stepped in. They explained what they could to Padiril, making him aware of the war his late wife had been involved in, and what they believed happened to her. An Other had been responsible for her death, and very likely, had taken their daughter into the Gloom. The Watch knew exactly what Padiril's response would be, and welcomed him when he asked how he could help.


At one point in his life, Padiril had everything. He was a successful architect with a major, well-received firm in London. He had a loving and lovely wife, and a beautiful and intelligent daughter. He was able to afford living comfortably, if frugally, and set money aside for his daughter's education. The future was bright, if boring.

The man that Padiril is today was born in the fires of deep, personal tragedy. The death of his wife hurt him. The disappearance of his daughter nearly broke him. If it was not for the intervention of the Watch, he might very well have strode clean into the Gloom himself without a clue of what he was going up against. They knew better than to lose such a potential asset.

Now, Padiril is a man driven. His daughter is somewhere in the Gloom, and he will stop at nothing to get her back.


Educated and determined, Paridil is exceptional in a few areas.

Architect / Civil Engineering - Paradil makes his living as an architect and has a MA in Civil Engineering. He is very skilled at looking at buildings, seeing how they are put together, and how they are falling apart. He is keenly aware of his surroundings usually, and notice subtle details and small changes with ease.

Languages - Paradil speaks both Tamil and English fluently, and has had study in French, Spanish, Italian, Mandarin, and Japanese. While he is not fluent in those, he is capable of reading them with little difficulty, and can speak and understand them slowly.

Credentials - Not necessarily a skill, per se, but Paradil does work for a leading architecture firm in London. This gives him the interpersonal contacts and a reason to be walking around abandoned and ill-kept buildings at strange hours without being arrested.

Photography - Since the death of his wife, he took up a hobby of photography to keep her memory alive in his heart. While barely more than a skilled amateur, he is familiar with most cameras, developing techniques, and photographic tricks.

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