Phoebe Loring
Phoebe Rafaella Loring, PhD
Ruth Wilson
Ruth Wilson as Phoebe Rafaella Loring, PhD
Name Phoebe Rafaella Loring, PhD
Status Alive
Age 30
Occupation Biochemist
Place of Origin London (Mayfair), U.K.
Date of Birth March 4, 1982
Player McJunkin
Timezone Eastern Standard Time (US)
Notes Notes for Phoebe Rafaella Loring, PhD

Phoebe R. Loring underwent a horrifying experience as an undergrad at Cambridge, pulled into the Gloom from a shortcut alleyway on the way to class. A week later, she fell through a mirror in a London cafe. The Watch brought her in, helping her to gain control over her new mirror-themed powers. They also gained a valuable resource as she went back to school and eventually earned her PhD in biochemistry at Cambridge. Her "day job" is at a bioscience startup in Cambridge town, her night job is in the Watch, and her obsession is discovering just what makes the Touched tick. All the while, she tries to not listen to the Voices, which have their own agenda...


Phoebe Rafaella Loring was the younger of two girls born to a London investment banker and his wife. The family lived in well-to-do Mayfair, with all the amenities and advantages that such a life entails. Phoebe and her sister Rose spent the summers with their great uncle Vivian in Marlow, Buckinghamshire. Phoebe gained her interest in biology and chemistry from Great Uncle Vivian's many books and his collection of oddities from around the world (including a stuffed alligator and a dog foetus in a glass jar). While Rose became a typical posh girl, earning an English degree and marrying a CEO, Phoebe's path was stranger, and eventually darker.

Phoebe's intelligence, ambition, and connections led her to Cambridge (Great Uncle Vivian was a Cambridge man), where she planned on pursuing studies in Biochemistry. A few years into her undergraduate work, she was taking a shortcut through an alleyway on the way to class when she was pulled into the shadows of the Gloom. She remembers little to nothing of the experience, save for the dreadful sound of voices, many voices speaking out in the darkness. She escaped the Gloom a week later, falling through a mirror into a London cafe. Naked and dirty with mud and blood, she was quickly taken to a hospital and declared physically uninjured, save for multiple cuts and scratches. The mirror was undamaged.

The Watch approached Phoebe not too long after she returned to Cambridge and found her to be an eager recruit. They helped her to gain control over her mirror based powers, and she became a field agent. Years have passed, and Phoebe gained her bachelors, her masters, and finally her PhD in Biochemistry. Her role in the Watch has moved to the background, as she now does research into the biological makeup of the Touched and the Others. In the meantime, she has her day job at a bioscience startup in Cambridge town.


Phoebe is reserved and rational, pursuing her work with strict use of the Scientific Method. But she is also ambitious and curious to the point of being demanding of both herself and others, driving some to call her a 'bitch'. She comes across as creepy to fellow Watch members when she talks about the Gloom, the Touched, and the Others, discussing such subjects in an intense yet detached manner.

She is unabashedly posh but with no pretentions as to how much she deserves her class status.

Paranormal Abilities

Mirror Travel:
Phoebe can travel from mirror to mirror, entering and exiting as if through a doorway or window. There are, of course, conditions.

The mirror has to be big enough for her to walk or crawl through. No pocket mirror travel.

The speed of the travel has nothing to do with how close the entrance and exit mirrors are. Going to the mirror next door might take hours. Going to a mirror miles away might take minutes.

She can travel with one other person, but they have to be in physical contact with one another. Lose contact, and the other person is on their own.

Mirror Travel requires going through the Gloom, with all the dangers that implies. Mirror Travel is exhausting. And something might tag along for the ride when one exits at the destination.

Mirror Vision:
Phoebe can look through a mirror and see the view through another mirror. The target mirror has to be one that either she's seen before or traveled through. So, for example, by looking through her bathroom mirror she can look through the mirror in that London cafe into the cafe proper. She can only see what is in the mirror's line of sight.

Mirror Vision gives Phoebe a massive headache. Sometimes she only gets a vision of the Gloom. And sometimes, something might leap out of the mirror.

When Phoebe looks into a mirror her image is that of the infinite images seen when a person stands between two mirrors, spiraling down into the darkness. Some of the reflections might move or make faces independent of Phoebe. Some don't even look like her.

When the Touched look at Phoebe, they see that her eyes are mirrors, quicksilver orbs that reflect perfectly.

One downside of Phoebe's powers is that mirrors are gateways to and from the Gloom. Others can sneak out whenever she uses her abilities.

The other downside is the Voices. When she was pulled into the Gloom, she was haunted by the sound of voices. Whispers, murmurs, yells, shrieks. Cries of passion, anger, joy, and pain. Strangely calm statements about insane thoughts. Recipes with twisted ingredients. When she left the Gloom, the Voices left with her, haunting her still. Loud music can sometimes hold them at bay, as can recordings of white noise. But they always return. Maybe the Voices are trying, en masse, to tell Phoebe something. Are they the voices of those trapped in the Gloom? Or the Gloom itself, perverting her to its own purpose?


Biochemistry: Phoebe has a PhD in Biochemistry, so it is expected that she has an understanding of the field.

Research: She's a good researcher, with the patience to plow through data to discover what she needs.

Laboratory: She knows what equipment she needs for a lab, and how to set up said lab to achieve her results.

Computer: She's no high level hacker, but she can write code, usually to aide in her laboratory work.

Phlebotomy: This just means that she can draw blood for her samples in a clean, sterile, and presumably painless manner.

Firearms: She knows how to clean, load, and fire a pistol with practiced ease. This is for Watch purposes only, of course; this /is/ the United Kingdom, after all.

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