Reagan Morrigan
Reagan Niamh Morrigan
Ruca (AKA Sarah Fulk)
Ruca (AKA Sarah Fulk) as Reagan Niamh Morrigan
Name Reagan Niamh Morrigan
Status Alive
Age 28
Occupation Tattoo Artist / Model / Celebrity
Place of Origin Waterford, Ireland
Date of Birth June 30, 1984
Player SunnyDeluxe
Timezone EST
Notes Notes for Reagan Niamh Morrigan

You know that one famous tattoo reality show on TV? The one with that hot tattoo artist who owns her own shop that happens to be one of the highest rated shops in London? That would be Reagan Morrigan. Born in Ireland, she has worked her way up into the spotlight in her 28 years, not only as a tattoo artist, but as a model. Six months ago, she disappeared for three weeks after losing her mother, turning up in her home town of Waterford, Ireland with a confused look upon her face.

Something happened while she was gone, but that wasn't something she cared to explain to her fans, who all begged to know why, along with spreading rumors. The explanation was offered as a spontaneous trip into hiding, away from the public eye as she mourned. Life went on for Reagan, her show continued, and the publicity poured in all the more for the woman. Yet there is something different about her, something off...


Reagan was born to a very loving family in a town known as Waterford in Ireland, a beautiful place to behold with classic architecture and scenic beauty. From the start, she was an artist, drawing wherever and whenever she could (including on the walls and furniture) as soon as she was able to lift a pencil.

School was difficult when she would rather be drawing, but she struggled through somehow. Her grades weren't perfect, but she managed to get herself into a college in London for her artistic skills, with a minor in business management. This she did well at, due to her plan. On the side, she modeled and began an apprenticeship with an experienced tattoo artist, flourishing under his watchful eye. After graduation in 2005, she continued under his tutelage for another two years, all the while building her own customer base and reputation as an amazing artist. Some even preferred her over her teacher.

After working with Duncan for four years (and obtaining many tattoos in that time), she decided to put her degree to use. Procuring the necessary venue for her plan, Reagan started her own tattoo shop, Royal Ink, and slowly began her crawl to recognition. It was slow at first, but momentum quickly began to build; she hired on two other talented tattoo artists, and her business began to thrive.

Eventually, in 2010, the reality television world's eye landed on Royal Ink, and Reagan in particular. Her personality, her spectacular artwork, and her youth put her on the map, and she cheerfully signed a contract. Paid to let people film her doing work that she enjoyed? There couldn't be anything wrong with that deal. It was wonderful. And so, for a time, things were good.

Then, her mother passed away. This deeply effected Reagan, putting her out of work for two weeks while she mourned her loss. It was while she was in this mourning period, drunkenly stumbling her way through the streets of her home town, that she wandered too far down a dark alley, and into a place she had never seen before.

The Gloom had her, and it kept its claws in her for a good long while. Years seemed to pass in the cruel claws of the darkness, and it would be difficult to begin to speak of what she experienced. She remembered all too well, but words could never explain what happened there.

When she clawed her way free of that horrible place and back to reality, she was at home, her clothing frayed and ripped nearly to shreds; though it had seemed to be years for her, only three weeks had passed. She was welcomed back to her old life with open arms, and despite feeling off, and others noticing the same, she managed to slip into her old life with a bit of effort. She was always good at hiding things away, and she managed to hide the fact that there was something terrifying staring at her in the mirror.

She even managed to hide the fact that her tattoos somehow managed to come to life on their own, from time to time. Thanks to her ability to bottle things up, she managed to spare others the terror of seeing the terrifying snake within her back piece slithering out of her clothing suddenly, or one of her many birds suddenly flapping off of her arm.

Life goes on for Reagan; her show is back on the air, her modeling career is going nicely, and her tattoo shop is thriving thanks to the publicity brought by her show (and her disappearance). But who knows how long she can keep up the charade…


Outwardly, Reagan has been described as spunky. She is generally able to display a rather optimistic outlook on life, though she is also unafraid of speaking candidly. She's generally a fun loving kind of girl, but it has not been strange to see her yelling at customers who warrant such treatment. Generally, however, she is a pleasant person to be around, lively and charming. There's more than one reason she is on national television and has stayed there; she can generally be likable, with enough controversy to her character to keep things interesting.

Inwardly, she bottles things up quite often, typically storing her negative emotions until she can unleash them on her own, though occasionally she can overflow before she gets a chance to do so, though this occurs infrequently.

Reagan's loss of her mother has effected her deeply, as well as the time she spent in the Gloom shortly after. She's a bit fractured inside, and her 'bottle' is prone to overflow a bit more often than it used to be. This has lead her to shut herself in a bit more often, hiding away when it seems like she's too close to an emotional breakdown. But sometimes, she can't get away quickly enough; while she has avoided a public incident thus far, it can't be said she won't have one.

Paranormal Abilities

The creatures of The Gloom took special delight in the tattoos covering Reagan's body in her time there. Which is possibly why her Touched ability is so…interesting.

Put shortly, Reagan can cause the myriad of tattoos over her body to come to life. From the snake on her back slithering out of her shirt to attack, to the birds on her arm fluttering out, to a ravenous and brutal anthropomorphic Siamese cat coming out for blood, all the way to the boom box and dynamite on her leg, Reagan's tattoos can take on a life all of their own.

To do so, Reagan simply has to focus intently on whichever design she wishes to bring to life, and imagine that it is real (as well as size, etc.). From there, she can control it with her thoughts.

This does not come without its drawbacks, however. Firstly, when summoning her tattoos forth, they leave in their wake a patch of red, aching scar tissue in the shape of said tattoo.

0The longer they are out, the more of a mind of their own they gain; a tattoo left out for more than two hours can develop a mind of its own. This is not so much of a horrible problem for the inanimate objects, but the creatures drawn upon her body can become scarily intelligent; the problem that this presents is that, the more they develop a mind of their own, the less they wish to follow Reagan's will, and the less they wish to return to their spot on her skin. They can be returned with some effort for up to two days, though this can result in bodily harm for those involved.

Also, the longer they are out, the worse Reagan's skin becomes. It starts out as the painful scar, certainly, but after about two hours, her skin literally begins to break down, leaving a very uncomfortable wound in its place that eventually heals into a scar of its own. If the tattoo is returned, the wound disappears, but this can be a challenge in itself; the longer they are out, the more difficult it is to regain control.

Finally, the biggest drawback is Reagan's occasional explosions when stress gets to be too much for her. This can prompt a large amount of her ink to be unleashed all at once, usually resulting in a very stressful time getting them all back into her skin. This is why Reagan often disappears when she finds herself getting angry; who knows what would happen otherwise?

In the mirror, Reagan looks much like herself, but exhausted and starved, with black holes for eyes; her 'true self' shows all of her tattoos with a life of their own, simply stuck to her form. This can be a disturbing sight, with the zombies and snakes and mean-looking birds hanging out on her, typically glaring at anyone who has the nerve to 'see' her.


Tattoos - Reagan is a tattoo artist, and a well known one as well. She routinely dons medical gloves and draws permanent artwork on the backs of her patrons. With spectacular art style, Reagan is one of the top in her field, and intends to stay that way.

Art & Design - Tattoos aren't the only form of artwork that Reagan dabbles in. She often creates more traditional forms of art, from paintings to sculptures, to the occasional piece of jewelry. Her fame has helped her to put on art shows more than once; that same fame has assisted her in selling said art piece, as well.

Photogenic - Even before she hit the spotlight of the tattoo world with her own television show, Reagan was often in front of a camera. Modeling is another forte, and she has become quite good at angling herself for good photography.

Business - Contrary to her typically artistic nature, Reagan knows how to run a business successfully, due to her schooling. Along with her busy life in television and art, she owns and maintains Royal Ink, and does so well. While fame has brought more business to the school, it is her business practices that have kept the place afloat.

Cooking - Reagan can cook. She doesn't often do so, but when she's feeling like making someone like her, she will cook for them. Once or twice, she has even done an impromptu cooking show on her reality television show!

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