Ritter Engel
Ritter Engel
A young Helmut Berger
A young Helmut Berger as Ritter Engel
Name Ritter Engel
Status Alive
Age 25
Occupation Watch Handler
Place of Origin Berlin, Germany
Date of Birth 1987
Player Silverblue
Timezone Melbourne, Australia
Notes Notes for Ritter Engel

Ritter is a Watch Field Agent from Berlin, what often gets termed a 'Handler'. Handlers are sometimes assigned to Watch members who are experiencing stress or difficulty with their powers - in his case, his own abilities are simply to quell or enhance other Touched powers. While he has a fair knowledge of what strange energies and powers are available due to exposure, he has none specific of his own - he's entirely a reflector. Sometimes Ritter gets 'cross wired' and his abilities and his agent's swap - he gains theirs temporarily, and they his. This is seldom a pleasant experience for anyone involved, as both Handler and Agent end up somewhat exposed to each other's emotional experiences with the Gloom.


Ritter was a perfectly average (if anarchic) political studies student in Berlin, with an interest in social welfare and the far ranging impact of policy decisions on marginal groups. He took his interest with him on field trips, and chose to go on one to the F├╝hrerbunker. Unfortunately for Ritter, the Watch in Germany had not yet managed to get the place sealed off, and he was Yet Another mortal lost to the Gloom of the place.

The Watch was continuing it's cordoning efforts when Ritter crawled back out of a disused tunnel, unable to recall much save a constant nervous edge of perfect tension and the desperation of a falling regime. He was convinced it was what he called 'The Fifth Reich' and that the Nazi state had continued on into the current era. Perhaps in some strange part of the Gloom, it always had. Ritter had changed from a fairly easy going and attractive young man to a high controlled, desperate professional who was certain that if he did not help everyone adjust themselves correctly they would be executed with prejudice. He was an Enforcer Because Otherwise Everyone Would Die. He could remember no other details whatsoever, but the personality shift was irrevocable.

The Berlin Watch took Ritter in and provided him with a considerable amount of counseling and, upon discovering his abilities, training. Several years gradually eased off the panic, and Ritter joined the Watch full time as a Handler. He has no cover identity save 'Bodyguard', and he tends to spend any time he is not IN the field training for BEING in the field. For Ritter, weekends are a time you catch up on briefings and starch your collar.

The general view in Berlin can be summed up as: This man needs a hobby.

The general view in London could be represented as: Ritter is a man who feels that other Germans have too much fun on holiday.

People who know him closely have noted: When he loses control, he is utterly _useless_.


Berlin agents used to say behind Ritter's back that he'd had a personality-ectomy. The man is controlled, polite, distant, and either 'flat' or 'intense'. He is highly conservative and rules bound, a good description would be 'inflexible'. Occasionally a sense of humour has been spotted, but reports are it is likely alone and the last of its kind.

Ritter likes this. Ritter likes it when things are predictable, and have clear rules. This is someone who, being pulled into the gloom once more, would be quite anxious if his socks were unlabelled and he had to wear the 'Tuesday' pair on 'Wednesday'.

He is, at least, highly reliable, and highly effective. Unless he is suffering the extreme manic end of an 'intensifying' use of his powers - then, essentially, working with him is rather like working with a rabid raccoon - hilarious in theory, honestly terrifying in actuality.

Paranormal Abilities

Ritter is a reflector - when close to other Touched, he can either intensify or dim their powers. Often this is very useful for those suffering from distress, and he can enable people to achieve control. Sometimes it is a weapon in and of itself. The handler finds it easier to work on the consenting, but can force his way through in extremis if he is willing to suffer the consequences.

These abilities are emotionally linked - when Ritter is dimming powers, he becomes depressive. when he is enhancing them, he becomes manic. He often has greater success if he has ingested uppers or downers prior to action.

Occasionally something appears to go wrong and the Gloom ties what Ritter thinks of as a 'circuit' between him and his agents. The agents gain his quelling and enhancing abilities (likely with little control) and he gains their powers (also likely with little control). During these periods of error, empathic leakage has been observed - personality traits might cross over. These errors are more likely to happen if Ritter is forcing an unwilling agent.

Trying to alter the abilities of Others rather than the merely Touched creates this circuit every time, with subsequent catastrophic effects on Ritter's psyche (and possibly on the Other's, but who can tell?). As a result, Ritter considers this a last resort.


Ritter is a good shot with a rifle or Glock, and can be relied upon to conduct himself with complete politeness at black tie events. He keeps himself fit with a regular regime of martial arts, swimming, and running.

The handler is quite good at dealing with hysterical or panicking people through sheer lack of damn at being yelled at, and by displaying predictable and sensible behaviour.

Or by putting them in a headlock and punching them.

Ritter is to light conversation and bonhomie as an alligator is to a field of baby rabbits - he often has the urge to interact, but the results are never pretty.

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