Rose Hawthorne
Agatha Rose Hawthorne
Keira Knightley
Keira Knightley as Agatha Rose Hawthorne
Name Agatha Rose Hawthorne
Status Alive
Age 26
Occupation Hunter
Place of Origin Scotland
Date of Birth March 15, 1986
Player RoseHawthorne424
Timezone EST
Notes Notes for Agatha Rose Hawthorne

Rose has never been to the Gloom, per se, but her family's been dealing with it for generations. Much like the fabled lines of Winchester and VanHelsing, the Hawthornes have been aware of the Gloom and the Others for centuries. Working with other random hunters and the occasional, ill-fated organization of yesteryear, the family has been exposed to the Gloom's influence long enough to develop an innate sixth-sense for the supernatural, though most have remained 'un-Touched' themselves. Rose is human, pure and simple, but far from helpless, with a car-trunk arsenal and a fair amount of lore, both inherited and experiential.


The Hawthornes are a big family, sprawling across continents, every one of them in the family business: hunting the things that come out of the Gloom. They don't tend to have reunions unless their paths cross on the job — it's safer for everyone involved if they travel in the smallest possible units — but their loyalty to one another is fierce. If a pair of Hawthorne third cousins, twice removed can pick out a common ancestor in the Big Book (they're a family heavy into genealogy, and each family unit has an ancestral folio), they might as well be twins separated at birth from that point on. This means Rose has close kin almost everywhere. It also means she's lost more family than any one person should in a lifetime.

Ruth's mother, Elda, met and married Drake Hawthorne, her father, while studying abroad. The free-spirited young woman was the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter in a long line of Appalachian hoodoo women — and there was nothing that was going to frighten her away from her man. She'd seen a fair bit of shadows in the New World, and knew a thing or two of her own. It wasn't a match made in Heaven, by any stretch, but it was a strong partnership between two folks very much in love.

Love can be a liability, however. Like most young people, Drake and Elda accepted this without really understanding what it would mean. Some years and a dozen or more too-close calls later, however, retirement seemed like an attractive option. And then Elda got pregnant.

Suddenly, it didn't matter that no one they knew, no one they'd ever heard of, had gotten out of the business alive. They might be the smart ones. The lucky ones. Love, surely, would find a way. No more jobs, no more favors, no more family — they'd disappear in Scotland, change their names, and live normally ever after.

It worked. For a while. First came Marco, then Brennan, then Agatha, who her brothers and father always called Rose. The children grew up hunting — not monsters, not demons, but partridge, ducks, geese, and deer. Rose was a tough, rough-and-tumble child, determined to do anything her older brothers did one better, and invariably indulged in her efforts. Their life was rural and isolated, but it wasn't really lonely. The children had each other and, after the nightmare of years before, Drake and Elda had a near-idyllic life.

They say the Gloom never forgets, and that it's as patient as it is eternal. It was never about to let Drake Hawthorne and his hillbilly bitch go, and Drake could never entirely put his loyalty to his extended family out of his mind. Disappearances and strange happenings in the paper and on TV, coded ads in the classifieds, he saw the signs everywhere. His family was out there, fighting the Good Fight. Finally, he couldn't stay away.

Rose was ten when things from the Gloom first found them — she blew a homunculus of twisted shadow and black ichor to smithereens with her father's shotgun — a gun that happened to be filled with salt and holy water. Lucky for her. Drake and Elda were already eviscerated in their bed by the time the children were awake and scrambling to defend themselves.

Rose and her brothers fled in their father's heavily modified VW microbus. A long, grief-stricken while later, they were able to piece together what happened — or the gist of it. In that vehicle, which would become their base of operations and mobile home, was the collected lore and arsenal of two young hunters, the people their parents had been before they came along.

The Hawthornes try their best to take care of their own, and just because Drake had left the business didn't mean they weren't looking out for him. The coterie of hunters that realized Drake was a target arrived too late for Drake and Elda, but just in time to hunt down the things in pursuit of the fleeing children. Uncle Ferris, his boys Tim and Henry, and cousin Jasper took in the newly orphaned children. Years later, after the caravan was decimated, the siblings set out on their own.

That was Rose's life for a good dozen years. Never in one place for long, sleeping with one eye open and a shotgun by her side. Marco died a few years ago — whatever killed him reanimated his corpse, nearly manipulating Brennan and Rose into killing each other before they caught on.

Then there were two, and a year or more passed before Brennan was sucked into the Gloom. He was coughed up an instant later, completely broken in mind and spirit. Whatever abilities, save madness, he came back with, Rose has no idea. And he can't seem to tell her. He looks older now, and when she visits him at Bethlehem, all he can seem to whisper is, "Nine years… nine motherfuckingofchrist years…"

Rose is on her own now. She occasionally crosses paths with different family groups. She's always glad to see them, but never goes with them in the end. She can't care for Brennan, but she can't leave him. She's stuck in London, and she knows that means her days are numbered. More numbered than they were, already.

This, perhaps, is why she accepted membership in the Watch. They aren't family, and a lot of them are monster enough that she'd probably have killed him if she met them on the outside… but it's a damn sight better than having no one at her back. Secretly, she holds on to the hope that Brennan will put Humpty Dumpty back together again — one of these days she visits, he's recognize her. Then they can ride off into the sunset once more, and she won't have to die alone.


Carpe diem. That's Rose's motto, and she seizes it hard. Every day, every moment, could indeed be her last — she's long since determined that the Gloom has a hard-on for her branch of the family tree. Maybe it's making up for lost time. She's the last leaf dangling from the last, brittle twig — so what's a girl for do? Live, that's fucking what. Got half the time? Burn twice as bright. If the ride is brief, let it be epic. She doesn't really mind the concept of death — she has a lot of people waiting for her on the other side — but she's not going to take the coward's way out. If she slows down, if she's allowed to lie awake in the darkness, that's when the shadows begin to nip at her heels. So it's full-throttle to the end, baby. Just let it be quick and clean.


Kick-Ass (Melee combat): Rose has been fighting for most of her life, honing her skills under the auspices of young bravo hunters and grizzled veterans, alike. As a result, her fighting style is an improvisational mix of martial arts and dirty pool, relying heavily on whatever happens to be at hand. Rose is not a tank — and she knows it. She relies on being nimble, fast, and having the presence of mind to clock her opponent with the refrigerator door.

Guns 'n' Ammo (Firearms): Pistols, rifles, and shotguns — she knows how to use them, clean, maintain, and in a pinch, repair. Often, the manner of creatures a Hawthorne hunts calls for specialized ammo, and she's become fairly adept at creating custom bullets and shells — in small batches. The workbench in the Mystery Machine isn't a factory. There are only so many silver nitrate/wolfsbane shells. So make 'em count.

Hoodoo/Hunter Lore (Occult): There's a "common" rogues gallery of ghouls, vampires, shifters, and demons that hunters deal with regular, and Rose has these down cold. There's a modest occult library in the Mystery Machine, alone with her mother's hoodoo lore: recipes for minor charms, incantations, wards, and the like.

Family Ties (Contacts): There are Hawthornes just about everywhere in all walks of life — those that don't actively hunt generally aid and abet the family business. That said, she hates to drag family into anything she doesn't have to, and would infinitely rather rely on her new contacts in the Watch for the shady bits of this and that.

Geek/Tech Savvy (Computers): Far from a hacker herself, Rose has grown up in the information age. She has about the equivalent knowledge of an A+ certified technician or an enthusiastic hobbyist — basic networking, basic security, etc. She knows enough to keep her equipment clean, spoof her MAC and IP, and always has a clean SIM card on hand for her phone.

Trivial Pursuits (Academics): Rose stopped going to school when she and her brothers went on the run. There were a few years of well-intentioned 'home schooling' with her extended family in Uncle Ferris' caravan, but the majority of her academic knowledge is a collection of trivia. She could probably test out of first-year university classes in a number of subjects, and outright own on Jeopardy! Her potpourri of learning is largely self-taught, to no end other than it interests her. She's always reading something, paranoia and insomnia providing ample hours to feed her restless mind.

Auto Mechanic: Rose has rebuilt her father's VW bus (rechristened the Mystery Machine when she and her brothers took it over) twice, and is fully prepared to do so again. The vehicle is functionally immortal in her hands. She can rebuild an engine, a transmission, do major body work including welding — as long as we're talking classic machines made of metal and gears. Anything controlled by computers or made from moulded composites is bollocks, anyway.

Karaoke Queen (Music): Rose is a fan of letting it all hang out in song, on stage, and if there's karaoke going on, she's there. She has a fine voice for rock anthems, torch songs, and a thoroughly entertaining stage presence — i.e., little to no shame. More privately, she likes to fiddle around on her brother Marco's old guitar. She's not half bad.

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