Ruth James
Ruth James
Skylar Grey
Skylar Grey as Ruth James
Name Ruth James
Status Alive
Age 25
Occupation Laundromat Employee/Watch Field Operative
Place of Origin Brent
Date of Birth 9/30/86
Player RuthJames
Timezone PST
Notes Notes for Ruth James

Ruth is a relatively new addition to the operatives of the Watch, discovered late last year after a few… incidents. Learning control has been something of a struggle, but she's devoted herself fully to the Watch's cause over the last ten months.



Life was always terribly ordinary for Ruth James. Raised up in the London Borough of Brent by her widower father, she spent much of her childhood playing on the floor of his small chemist's shop. She was always a bit bookish—awkward and gangly, unable to truly connect to her peers throughout her school years.

Her father passed away shortly after her twenty-second birthday, a sudden heart attack, and she took over managing his shop for a time. Awkward attempts at socialization were made, anxiety-inducing book club meetings and dates. It was after one such unpleasant failed date that her life was changed. Walking home one evening, bottle of Xanax clenched in her hand, she could've sworn she heard the wailing of an infant in an alleyway, coming from what looked to be an overturned pram. Who would do that - abandon a baby? When she reached for the stroller, something reached for her… blessedly, what followed is all just a horrible blur.


The time Ruth spent in the Gloom - roughly a year and a half, long enough to lose her father's business, her flat, and just about everything else - left her much changed. Gone is the awkward, fretful woman she once was. In her place, a hunter has emerged, something predatory and alien. She can be bitter, paranoid, and sometimes quick to anger. She's a solitary person by nature, more withdrawn in larger groups, sometimes just a little disconnected from the goings-on.

This doesn't mean she's entirely humorless, of course! Admittedly, her humor's a bit dark at times. After all, if you can't laugh at the world gone mad, what are you even doing here?

Paranormal Abilities

Poison - Ruth's veins pump pure poison of varying types; a caustic, acidic substance that smokes and sizzles when exposed to the air, a mind-warping hallucinogen that is both flavorless and odorless, and a cloyingly sweet substance not unlike MDMA. All, in the proper dose, are fatal. A stinger hides beneath the skin of each fingertip.

Silks and webs - Spinnerets nestled beneath her tongue can produce both a sticky web and a softer silk - the latter often used for cocoon purposes. The word 'gross' properly describes the sight of her employing this particular ability.

Exoskeleton - Her skin is quite tough; beneath the soft layer of epidermis is a chitinous exoskeleton that is difficult to penetrate. HOW difficult has yet to be determined, as most of the Watch's attempts to run extensive ballistics tests have been met with a hearty 'Sod off.'

Skitter - She can climb up a wall and skulk along a ceiling at her regular running pace.


Poisonous - Everywhere. Even her blood, sweat, and tears are toxic. Don't touch. She's typically covered from the neck down as a result of this.

Cocoon - While she certainly can, and does, sleep in a bed… it isn't restful. And, at least once every few nights, she has to retreat to a cocoon she often spins in her closet. She sleeps for twelve hours, at the very least, and is nigh impossible to rouse during this time. Without this, she grows sickly. Pale-to-human-eyes skin starts to take on a greenish hue, translucent enough that blackened veins can be glimpsed beneath it.

Light - There's nothing suspicious about someone purchasing a dozen grow-lights, is there? Certainly not. Sunlight's ideal, but not always readily available—much like the need to enter an almost comatose state in a cocoon now and again, Ruth's health and mental wellness depends on sunlight, natural or simulated, and left in the dark for too long she'll not only become ill, she'll lose her goddamn mind. Her flat is rigged with enough light to give most anyone a splitting headache.

Diet - Water, sugar, insects. That's all. Her body can no longer process other foods, and any attempt to consume a regular meal is met with violent and painful rejection.

In the mirror:
Somewhere between plant and insect; human in shape if not in coloring - her eyes are a stark bottle fly blue-green, faceted and often catching the light, her skin a shimmering green marked with broad yellowjacket stripes. Jagged stingers hide beneath the flesh of each fingertip. Now and again, wisps of acrid green smoke curl past her lips and eyelids, dissipating in the air.


Expected skills:
Hunting - Tracking prey is hardly something she had a knack for before, but these days Ruth is rather skilled at it. Her time in the Gloom left her senses sharpened, and she's as adept at urban tracking as she is in the countryside.

Stealth - She can be very, very quiet when she wants to be; moving without making a sound, or simply waiting motionless for hours on end until her quarry comes along.

Grappling - Tackling, restraining, takedowns, once she's locked her limbs around someone to immobilize them, prying her off is rather difficult.

Hand to hand - She's no stronger than she used to be, but far faster. In close combat, if the poisons don't do the trick, she's positively lethal.

Unexpected skills:
Literary knowledge - Spending the better part of your life with your nose in a book has its perks, Ruth is well-read. Sometimes she can be seen skulking around libraries and sitting in on book club meetings - and leaving early.

Chemistry - In her previous life, she was a Pharmacy Technician by trade, working alongside her father up until his sudden death. Medicinal chemistry is still a field of study that interests her, and it's not uncommon to find her fiddling about in the lab.

Painting - What? Girl's got to have a hobby. Ruth's been talented with a brush since she was fairly young, usually working with oil and acrylic paints. Her works, since emerging from the Gloom, tend to be somewhat abstract.

Laundry - It's a living, mate. Ruth works for Tucker at the Whitechapel Laundromat, and is slowly learning how to get all kinds of unpleasant things out of fabrics. Tentacle ichor stains? No problem. Don't ask.

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